Learn How to Speak English Fast and Effectively

Are you trying to learn to speak English? Check out this article to learn how to speak English fast and effectively through reliable online classes.

Indeed, English is a fun language that you can learn. It's considered an accessible and easy language to master. However, the hundreds of words and spelling can be confusing. As such, studying English fast for some people can be an impossible task. Nevertheless, this article will tell you that it's not that hard as long as you know the right strategy. Thus, here are some tips on how to become an expert in English quickly:
Read Everything that You Have
Read everything that you have if it's in English. Read the websites, newspapers, classic literature, paperbacks, cereal boxes, and social media news feed. You can sign up on websites and teach English online. These things are full of words, which would be new to you. With this, it will help you improve your vocabulary. It can re-expose you to the words that you already know and reinforce it in your mind.

Note of the New Vocabulary Learned

Take note of the new vocabulary. Indeed, this classic tip is good and effective. When we learn things, we enjoy the use of one phrase or word that sometimes, forgetting it seems impossible. However, not every bit of information can last a long time.

To solve this issue, make it a habit to carry around with you a notebook or install Evernote on your gadget. Whenever you read or hear a new expression, make sure to jot it down. It would be better if you wrote down the meaning of the word and how it's used in a sentence. This can save you time, and you won't have to ask yourself what is the meaning of that word or expression again.

Subscribe to YouTube Channel or Podcasts

On YouTube, you can find channels pertaining to various topics. You can find channels on cooking, politics, blogging, humor, and others. Make sure to subscribe in a few channels available. Listen to it while driving or waiting in line. Watch the videos during your rest time or during your daily commute to work or school.

At first, you will find it difficult to understand the native accents. But when you stick with it, you will soon understand the things that you hear. Moreover, you will learn many new words from a native speaker.
Additionally, you can follow your favorite English-speaking actors or singers. Watch some interviews they have. Take note of their interesting words and expressions used. The anecdotes, humor, stories, and slang they use will surely give you new knowledge in your journey towards learning the language.

Talk with People

What use is learning a language if you don't use it to communicate with people? As you communicate with people, the language can stick in your bead better than writing or reading it. Talk with native speakers to have an effective exchange of words. You can also teach English online, take courses, or set up meetups.

Travel Abroad

There is no better way to learn English by immersing in the community with native speakers. You can do that by traveling and living in an English-speaking country. You can try the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. Practice makes perfect.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tripod.com. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including IndiaStudyChannel.com, Techulator.com, dotnetspider.com and many more.

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Author: Neeru Bhatt08 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

English has become a globally accepted common language and it is mandatory to learn it if one wants to communicate with others who do not know one's language. There are various methods and ways to learn the English language from self-study to coaching centers but one of the most important things is that the person should have an interest and inclination to learn it and make it an aim to learn in the stipulated time. Learning any language is equally difficult. But in the case of English, we can get some people in society or friends or companions with whom we can talk in our elementary English and slowly improve it with practice. Simply increasing vocabulary and learning it will not be sufficient until we practice talking in it. In that context, I will suggest that nowadays there are children available in our locality or to that matter even in our own house who go to English medium schools and talk fluently in English. It is a good idea to catch them and be friendly and talk to them. It will definitely sharpen the verbal skills of speaking in English in the individual.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta08 Jun 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

These days the English language is widely used. In offices, English is used so those who don't have the knowledge of this language remain behind from others. To learn any language one has to work hard as one doesn't easily get people with whom he or she can interact in that language.

One should do the below things to learn English better:
1. Read newspapers and magazines regularly in front of a mirror.
2. Join a coaching centre where you will find people where you may find people where you can communicate.
3. Don't be afraid of the mistakes because unless you make mistakes you won't be able to rectify yourself.
4. Keep a notebook with yourself where you can write down new words and sentences which you come across daily.
5. Keep a dictionary with you so that you may learn the meaning of new words you come across and write down in the diary.
6. Be the first person to start a conversation in English don't let others start it.
7. Debates help to increase your skills so we should involve yourself in it.
8. Once you learn the basic English proceeds to increase vocabulary.
9. Idioms are difficult to learn but it makes your write-ups good when you use them.
10. Make use of the internet to learn. Chat with people on the net that will improve your knowledge for sure. Also, you may join sites where you can participate in forums to improve your writing skills.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha08 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Of late we have realized the importance of the English language. This language provided a platform in the British regime to communicate with the Indian people in English, those living in different provinces and having different languages. This language provided a cushion to them with the free use of this language so that the listener could understand such a speech. Even the Britishers, a powerful community and dominating India, lost its strength due to the combined unity of Indian people by adopting this language as one of their media.

To be a better speaker or an effective writer, we may keep the following points in our minds-
1) Refrain from the same habit of what others would say in terms of the wrong usage of the words or the sentences being used which is not consistent with English grammar.
2) You need to develop a passion for this language so that it can be learned faster.
3) There are certain platforms especially the YouTube videos, where you would get abundant tips to improve upon your speech in English.
4) If required, you may join classes organised by some commercial institutions providing you relevant tips on how you can converse and write effectively.
5) Listen to the speech of leading personalities - how they carefully used the words to make the entire speech forceful.
6) You may practice your communication before the mirror and start communicating in English and after an initial set back, hesitation with regard to usage of words can be overcome.
7) Regular reading of leading newspapers such as Times Of Indias, Statesman, The Hindus etc and noting down the difficult words to understand the real meaning of these words through Dictionary would strengthen your skill both in oral and written skills.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao08 Jun 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The knowledge of English is very important as the Global Village concept is fast expanding and there are no bounds for getting information and sharing information. The evolution of the Internet made correspondence and communication very easy. So the importance of English speaking, writing, reading, and understanding has become very essential. In this scenario, the points given by the author are very important for all to get a good grip over the language.

It is better to make a point to learn at least a new word every day and know the meaning of the word and make two or three new sentences with that word so that you will remember the new wor. Read to understand the language. Keep a dictionary with your while you are reading so that an unknown word can be searched and meaning can be understood. Make a point to talk to the people in English so that you will get the habit of speaking English. That will improve your abilities to speak English more easily.
Making a note of what you learned on that day so that it will help you to remember and in case of any doubt you can refer and use the words more effectively. Try to communicate clearly what you want to communicate with a good language.

Author: Syed Rizwan10 Jun 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

One of the most important things which I notice from people who speak English faster is the Grammatical mistakes. Following tips will help to improve speaking grammar faster without any mistakes.
1)Practice more English through writing. When you write, you get to know the grammatical mistakes you do. Nowadays tools like Grammarly are available to correct our mistakes.
2) Read a lot of English newspapers. If not, read an English novel. Still, if you could not do it, read some articles from popular English websites like BBC, Times, etc.,
3) Try to convey your point with the use of shortest possible words. Know where to use conjunctions like and, but, still, etc.,
4) Where possible, make use of Idioms and Phrases. These are special features available to speak faster and effectively communicate with others.
5) If you happen to give a speech somewhere, then ask the feedback from the audience. You could create surveys from websites like Survey Monkey and ask the audience to respond anonymously. You will get more responses this way which will help you to know the gaps and improve yourself.

Author: Natarajan12 Jun 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 12

English or other languages for that matter can be learned quickly if one has the aptitude for it. Reading and listening are always available to any individual 24/7 based on their work and other commitments. With the spurt of internet and good mobile or tablets easily accessible, education is literally at your fingertips and you can learn as much as you can in a given time frame.

Reading newspapers, books etc are a good starting point. I personally found novels very good to improve our vocabulary, key phrases and sentences. This is a good starting point because based on one's interest (fiction, biographies, self-improvement etc) we can tailor the choices of books. Soft copies can be downloaded into your computers and tabs and thus have material to read when we are on the move.

Listening to English documentaries, programs etc are very good. A word of caution would be about the 'accent'. Well-known documentaries of BBC, Nat Geo etc are always a better option. The US accent of English is difficult to understand when compared to the UK accent.

I found listening to debates and orations also very useful to learn how to present our views. Now we get many forwards about motivational speakers and experts. These are short clips and one can learn and gain knowledge.

Travelling abroad may not be possible for everyone but one needs to make the best chance of all the opportunity they get every day during local travel, at the office, lunch breaks, social gatherings etc.

As far as any language goes, we should use our eyes, ears and hands as often as possible so that we can be skilled in reading, writing and speaking the language that we want to excel in.

Author: K Mohan25 Oct 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

This is a good article and need of the hour as many people who have good academic records in their kitty does not have the confidence to speak and carry on with fluency of English and that has become more required in this competitive world. Though English is one of the main subjects and even the medium of the instruction, many fail to understand that it will become the basis of our assessment and personality cult in the future. What is the use of having good academic certificates if we cannot communicate in good English. One need not feel shy about being not good in English and they can start with right earnest at any time.

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