How to find your inner voice and use it effectively for a better career

We often spend most of our active lives wasting it in dead-end jobs. We sometimes do a shabby job of not even identifying what interests us most. As a matter of natural liking. Something we are deeply passionate about. In psychology, it is called the Inner Voice. There have been some text books on this subject. Yet, all learning is from the real world. Some steps in this direction are sought to be discussed in this article.


Finding one's inner voice is not an easy thing to do. At what time does a bell ring in you? At what point in time you become so passionate about it? These are some questions that need to be answered. In fact, the role of parents and teachers is very important too. What we need to note is that the focus is, as always on the individual. On YOU. How do you go about doing it?

Based on a number of success stories, it is often found that those who excel in a particular field, after they had been identified as someone with a big talent and passion for it, have started at a very young age. More often than not, this age is around five years. The parents would have spotted the talent and would have nurtured it with a great deal of devotion. In most cases, the nurturing does not happen automatically. Someone notes it and briefs the individual, even at the age of 18. Only then, encouraged by so many friends, the direction changes. This is true of TV actors, cinema actors, music directors, vocal singers and so many of such other talented individuals. This often happens by chance.

Be that as it may, the main steps are a) Once you identify your passion, follow it relentlessly b) Discuss the same with your parents and close relatives c) Get all support to pursue your inner calling d) Do not take up a regular job if your passion is overwhelming and e) Keep on refining it as you go along.

Identifying and following your passion relentlessly

Finding out your inner voice happens to you sort of naturally. Find out the day when someone said you will be a good writer. When someone said you will make a very good manager. It is just that they had spotted something in you. That is your passion. Even when you know that you have a long way to go, never ever give up. Get to know more about it and then start the journey without any delay. If your parents are not very supportive, do not bother. Hone your skills outside your home, at every given opportunity. This author knows of one boy, who was then just ten years old. He had a natural inclination to paint everything. He was a very good artist. Somehow, his mother wanted him to be an engineer and his father also played ball. His heart was never in engineering but he did it by force. He found a quiet job with a manufacturing company. His parents were shocked that he took up such a job, after neglecting the IT offers. Based out of Mysore, he moved on to Mumbai, somehow got in touch with some experts and gave them a good account of his skill. He went abroad to the USA to do an advanced certificate course. He returned back and held an exhibition in Pune. He was joined by his childhood friend who had a similar interest. He was able to commercialize his talent very easily. His parents then regretted their stupidity in not shaping their son's inner voice, more so, when they knew him doing it so naturally.

it happens. Parental pressure should not make one lose heart. His girlfriend, who knew him from childhood, offered the artist all support and they even got married, with the consent of parents on either side. This is what can happen if you follow your inner voice relentlessly.

Discuss with parents and close relatives

In the past decade, we have heard cricketers emerging from small towns of India. Singers from unknown places. Dancers from the remotest of villages. In each of these cases, the parents have given full support. There has been a big change in mind-sets and parents from the urban areas spend huge money on honing of skills. Hence, if you are above ten years old, or you know someone much younger with a nice talent, talk to his or her parents and close relatives. Impress on them to give the person all encouragement. Like the mother quoted above, there could be some resistance. The following herd mentality is hard to break. Yet, there are so many parents who sort of find out their son's or daughter's inner voice and encourage that very quickly. It should be noted that some children even at the age of five, are so much attracted by cars. At the age of ten, the child would remove every part of the car and assemble it. He would be happily seen with some mechanic, often working for free. This passion is his calling. It is his inner voice. If you have such an inner voice, chances are that an automobile engineering course will be the best for you. Follow it up with an advanced course through the IITs or through the best courses in the USA. You would have made it.

Geting support to pursue your inner calling

Today there are a number of rich IT professionals, voluntary organizations and even corporate houses who will possibly support your endeavor. If you are very confident of inventing something new and have a very bright idea, you can jolly well contact the entrepreneurship cell of the IIT Madras. This has nurtured the dreams of so many people and Prof Junjunwalla of the institution has played a major role in giving it a big shape. VIT University has an incubator at its campus at Vellore. All you need is to find out how you can get support. Yes, support is available, but you need to look around. The MSME technical training organization has several branches. The one in Guindy, Chennai, is now organizing so many courses for entrepreneurs. Just Google the facilities available and find out. Please do note that there is no full stop to any low-cost innovation that will solve society's problems. For example, can you invent a chemical that will burn plastic without any harm to the environment? Can you find out a cheaper method to desalinate seawater than the present technology?

Avoiding a regular job if your passion is overwhelming

This depends on the depth of your passion and inner voice and your financial position. If you are from a rich family, you can take a risk. For example, several Carnatic Music specialists are from fairly wealthy families. They have been trained under some big expert and have given their passion a big chase. Their inner calling is so powerful today. They move around the world and perform. And also earn huge money. How did it happen? Family support and the money spent. This cannot happen in every case. However, if you sure of commercializing your inner voice, you can afford to wait and possibly do some odd jobs to keep going.

Refining as you go along

This author has known Carnatic Music experts who practice for ten hours per day. They cannot sleep at all. They are so passionate about it. One single breakthrough is enough. In some cases, a single film song with A.R. Rahman has worked like music. Of course, luck also plays a big part. Nevertheless, you need to keep on refining your inner voice. This author's inner voice happened at the age of fourteen. Blog writing is now a passion. It goes on and on.


Some dimensions of finding one's inner voice and milking it have been discussed in the aforesaid paragraphs. There is no full stop and the learning process goes on and on. The process is and can be very interesting if you are passionate about it.

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