How students can deal with common issues to make their lives easier

Have you found many students really tensed up these days? Many of them maybe working just like machines because they follow the same routine almost on a daily basis. Is it only study that is bothering them? How to make their lives easier? This article is a guideline for the students to help them see the world from different angles and cope with common issues faced by them.

The present situation

You may be confused and doing things since all your peers are doing the same thing. As a student you are following the same old routine of waking up early in the morning, going to school, returning home in the afternoon and going for the tuition in the evening and so on. Your life is circling around your school and the curriculum it follows. There are some extracurricular activities that you practice but your time for that activity is limited. Moreover, nobody bothers much about those extracurricular activities unless you receive some awards in a few of them and everybody is concerned about your study. Yes, the syllabus is huge, the time is too short and within that short span, you have to memorize everything and compete in all those exams to have a bright future. But if you go deeper you will find there are a lot of things to do in life. You have to take care of them too to succeed in life.

Are you confused?

Actually, since childhood many of your ultimate goals is to study hard, pass the exams and get that coveted job and why not? Your parents and elders will give you examples of some guy who flunked in exams because he was not at all studious and achieved so little in his life. You begin to think that you have to achieve something and started following others who are also out there to achieve that special thing. You started to run after those coveted achievements. But wait! Do not run so fast. You may say you are a participant in the rat race and I will not spoil your adventure to participate in that sport by saying that rat race is for rats but at least give it a thought.

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of achievement they are talking about? Is it the fame, money or landing in the moon on a specially designed spacecraft? Many will say that you have to fend for yourself and since the competition is tough you have to study harder. But studying and passing exams are not the only things in life. They are just a part of our lives. You need to explore various aspects of life to know what life really is. You are not a machine. You need to think about what you are doing and have to be conscious about the happenings around you. Doing the same thing day in and day out will make life monotonous and after a certain period, you may start to think about what have you actually done in all those years.

Do not argue, look for answers

I will not say your parents and teachers are absolutely wrong because the elders will always remain concerned about their children. Do not argue with them, but never hesitate to question. It's important to look for answers. You must look for answers about the things that are bothering you and your generation. It's equally important along with answering the questions in the examinations. Remember, you can fail in exams but life goes on whether you fail or pass. You have to know the tactics to handle your life when you are in distress. Though it is not that easy you will be able to learn those tactics only if you look for answers about different aspects of life. Realization is an important part through which you will be able to answer many things yourself and for that, you should have a clear thought process.

Nurture your passions

I know you have a passion for something so I will not advise you or say "Be passionate". Maybe you are a good singer or passionate about artefacts. Maybe you are thinking of becoming a great actor some day. That's really good. You should work in that direction also. If everybody becomes an engineer the world will be too technical. If everybody becomes a tax consultant I am afraid the government will not get any taxes because everybody will be aware of the ways to save taxes. Likewise, we require professionals in every field. We require singers, dancers, writers, actors, motivators to keep the world moving at its own pace. You can become any of them if you are passionate enough. Study and passing exams are important and it's equally important to nurture your passions. Have time for things that you love to do. You will really enjoy when you keep yourself busy with those things.

Make use of the best period

People say that student life is the most important part of life. This is the time to learn and develop yourself. Remember, when you started to learn? Just after your birth, your learning started. Actually, learning is a continuous process which people realize much later. When you are young the energy level is at its peak and you can do a lot of things simultaneously. If you start realizing things at a young age you can make appropriate decisions. You will be able to decide what is progressive and what is not. Many think that we learn only during our student days but look around and you will find many adults are still learning. For example, I would say that you have to keep a tab on every new functionality of your smart gadgets when you purchase the latest version. That is also learning, though for that you don't have to sit for the exam. You can learn from anybody and it depends on your willingness to learn new things.

Don't be over-dependent on online help

Nowadays, we all search on Google for information. Not only information, but there is also almost every kind of help topic available online. You do not have to search for books in the library for any topic, they are easily available online. It's good that all such help is around us but do not be over-dependent on the online help. At times, you may require professional help and for that, you must visit a professional. Suppose, if you have some health issues always consult a doctor and do not depend on online materials to look for a solution. The same thing is applicable to issues related to legal or psychological aspects. When you are in distress, talk to your parents and teachers because they might have also faced the same issues when they were at your age and can give you the solution. Their experience matters a lot. The adults may not handle those smart devices very efficiently like you but they are more experienced than you and have handled different situations in their lives.

Be tolerant and have concern for others

Remember, we all are living in this world. This world is ours. You must have concern for others because every individual is a fellow human being and everything is happening smoothly because there is cooperation from many around us. Everybody is unique just like you and play their role in society. You may find many things around you not happening smoothly. Don't be so intolerant. There must be a reason for that. Take some initiative to change the situation. Every individual is a part of the system and if you can find a solution to the problem just think how beneficial it would be to the people who are facing it. Be very positive and take things easy, do not think of it in a complicated way. If you constantly think that something cannot be done, possibly you won't be able to do it and instead, some other guy will come and do it. Make life easier for you and for others.

Points to remember

There are various aspects of life and you must look at it from different positions. Remember, when your grandfather praised you after you booked a cab for him online from your smart device? Or remember the smile of the old man whom you helped to cross the road? These may be small things to you but their impact is worthwhile. You feel very happy when you are the reason for the happiness of others. There will be pain, there will be joy and at times you will find it's really tough going ahead. Don't be nervous or intolerant because that's what life is. Be aware. When you need help ask your parents and elders. You will find it much easier if you look forward and think positively.

Article by Sankalan Bhattacharya
Sankalan "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Jul 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A good article from the author about the various aspects to deal with various common problems that are being faced by the students these days.

These days we are seeing a mad rush for corporate schools and colleges and parents want their children in those schools and colleges only. But once we see the actual situation in these colleges we feel very sorry for the way the students are being nurtured. These conditions are bringing a negative feeling in the students. How to come out of this problem is to be debated a lot.

The students should know where they have to start and where they have to stop. Any facility given to them should be understood properly and used optimally. This concept is to be inculcated to these students so that they will have much time to think about. Any amount of free time is being spent on the internet. This is a big problem being faced by many of the students. They are not able to come out of that. If they can limit their time on online activities I think many of their common problems will get solved.

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