Why Is Plagiarism Such a Huge Issue in Our Education System?

Do you think Plagiarism is an acceptable academic practice?. No, never!! Plagiarism is more than merely copying someone else's work and submitting it as yours. Let's see the reasons why plagiarism is a major Issue in Our Education System.

First, Plagiarism is intellectual property theft. It is also a form of fraud committed against your academic institution. Needless to say, plagiarism, like any other form of corruption is punishable under the laws of any country.

It occurs in various forms. Writers, bloggers, news reporters, and even politicians plagiarize. It is also quite common in the education system. In fact, it is a major issue plaguing the education sector with lead academician leading the campaign to end flagrant plagiarism across all levels of education. But despite the heavy punishments that may result from the act, many students still brazenly engage in it.

To understand plagiarism, one has to know why do students plagiarize in the first place? Student plagiarism is mostly caused by laziness and a general lack of seriousness. Many students copy in an attempt to turn in assignments that are already passed the due date or in a bid to score better grades without putting in sufficient work. Such students will simply copy directly from elsewhere and pass it off as their original work.

Since teachers cannot easily identify copied work unless they use a free online plagiarism checker for students, and that's how many students get away with copying. Which, in turn, further encourages this terrible habit. Thus, we recommended that tutors across all levels use a free checker or even a premium plagiarism checker to assess the originality of essays and other assignments while grading papers.


Reasons why plagiarism is a major Issue in Our Education System

Apart from the illegality of the act, plagiarism is an attempt to cheat the school system. This is a serious form of academic fraud and dishonesty that is frowned upon by any academic institution.

The consequences of this act vary across schools. In almost all cases, students who are caught in the act will receive no mark for any copied assignment. In some cases, such students might be reported to appropriate authorities for additional disciplinary action. Depending on how severe the offense is, punishment can range from suspension to outright dismissal from college in some cases. But still, why is it such a big deal?

Plagiarism Diminishes The Entire Purpose of Learning:

The main aim of being in college is to be taught, to study and understand every subject. Writing assignments and essays are an indispensable part of this process. When students fail to study and instead resort to copying, values of learning are diminished. But what harm can copying really do? Copying one assignment is just as bad as being a serial copycat.

It is Cheating:

On the surface, it looks like no one gets hurt when you plagiarize. But asides the fact that you are stealing someone's intellectual property and cheating yourself of quality education, you are also cheating other students too. Students who have worked and applied all their effort to get good grades may end up earning fewer marks than those who cut corners and plagiarize. This unfairness is one of the reasons why most institutions frown at plagiarism.

Side-Stepping Important Lessons are Unhealthy:

Assignments are not given merely for grades. They are part of the learning process. Among other things, an essay should engage a student cognitive reasoning and test their understanding of that particular subject or topic. Students who plagiarize will not learn these lessons. This act discourages critical reasoning and creativity, which is one of the main goals of education. Students who rely on copied work to get good grades may end up with deficient knowledge of the subject in question.

It Tarnishes The Value of Academic Credentials:

Most institutions don't award degrees for academic performance alone but as a reward for personal achievements, including hard work and integrity. Thus, students who cheat and get away with it are tarnishing the value of any degree they are awarded. It would not be wrong to say that such students do not deserve whatever degree they are awarded since they did not put in the needed efforts or obtain it through hard work and honesty.

It May Become a Habit Throughout One's Life Even After School:

While this isn't a rule, students who make plagiarism a habit are likely to try to cheat in life as well. How you write your papers while in school will influence the type of writing or speaking that you will do in your career. Diligence is not a habit to be learned overnight. It takes continuous practice, and it begins from school.

It's a good thing students who plagiarize don't always get away with it. Teachers can easily curb student plagiarism using various online tools that are accurate and dependable. This way, they can detect infringement and deter laziness while encouraging diligence.

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For that matter, plagiarism is not acceptable in any form, be it be education or even on this site. Original contributions made through our own thoughts are always welcome. Likewise in exams too the students need not go for copying, instead they can try to answer the same with their available knowledge and I am sure even the examiner will gauge the originality of the writing and give at least some marks.

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