The history of the selfie

Selfies have become quite common among the youth today. This has been the result of networks like Facebook and Instagram where youth competes with their friends based on likes received on selfies. Read this post to know more about the history of selfies.

Smart phones today come with a number of useful tools like digital camera. This allows smart phone users to click high quality pictures on various special occasions like parties or outings. However, the latest craze is for selfies. Selfies in simple words refer to our own pictures which we take without the help of others. This is done with the help of selfie sticks or just keeping the phone at proper length in own hand. Now, selfie has become very popular mostly because of the increasing dominance of social networking websites. All of us want to click interesting selfies, post them on sites like Facebook and Instagram and get appreciation from friends. It would be nice to discuss how these selfies came into existence. Read this post to know more about the history of selfies.

Who Invented Selfie ?

There is no concrete information regarding how selfies were invented. However, some people from Australia claim to have taken the first selfie. These people created a website where they added digital self portraits. In the year 2002, there was a self portrait photograph posted by a user on an Australian forum called ABC online.

There is a person Lester Wisbord who started taking selfies of celebrities in 1981. He was a Hollywood cameraman and thus we can trust his claims. A people started using internet more and more, there was use of avatars and animated gifs on various forums. Later when MySpace was launched, people started taking selfies with the help of mirrors. Later Facebook and Twitter came into existence and people started to realize the importance of having real profile photo. Later, when Instagram was launched, people started uploading a lot of selfies there. The introduction of front camera in mobile phones made this trend more common. For instance, Apple launched its first iPhone with front camera in the year 2010.

A lot of people have even developed new poses for selfies. Some of the most popular poses are duck face and hot dog legs. In Japan, there is another special pose called "chirp face" where you are required to open eyes very wide and then open your mouth. There is also an increasing trend of taking photos while having food. These poses were invented and then adopted earlier by teenagers. However, with time passing by it has become popular among people of all ages. We can see even children inventing new poses for selfies.

Problems with Selfies

Some of the people become addicted to selfies. This can cause serious health issues. For instance, there was a case where a man tried to attempt suicide just because he failed to take proper selfie. The temptation to take too many selfies may be some disorder like anxiety issues. Another problem with selfies is that some people do not have the common sense of noticing the situation or place while taking selfies. I had seen people taking selfies at funerals which is certainly embarrassing for the family of person who expired.


Author: Umesh01 Jul 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A very peculiar article about the peculiar trend of taking selfies. The trend of taking selfies has become viral in the real world and in any event, activity, function or gathering the first thing is to take a selfie. People have become addicted to selfie and it is the easiest way to display on the internet as to where you are and what you are doing. The craze of selfie has gone beyond the safety limits in our life and many people have simply lost their lives attempting selfies in difficult postures, situations and unpredictable circumstances. The utility of the front camera in the smartphones fuelled this craze to soaring heights and the new versions of these smartphones are equipped with high-resolution front cameras only to manage the selfies.

Author: Venkiteswaran30 May 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

When newer and newer innovations occur, we do not know what will happen next. We cannot predict which will stick and stay and which one will soon wither away. But for the last many years one feature innovation is being improved upon day by day in the case of smartphones. When launched itself it caught the interest of youth. The developers and hardware manufacturers have not turned back since. Even now I do not find it saturated. That is Selfie or picture of oneself taken by one using a Smartphone.

This is clever encashment and employment of human vanity and ego of seeing one's own face and flashing it for others to see. It is self-advertising, self-marketing and self-satisfying.

However, the selfie has earned a bad reputation being the reason for maximum mobile phone related death. People being washed away by sea waves while posing for a selfie, falling from high cliffs, terraces and high structures, hit by vehicles and trains –all in the midst of careless selfie taking. Similarly, the selfie has given rise to dirty and condemnable inhuman exhibitionism and sadism. Even in the scene of a serious accident, instead of helping the victims, people indulge in taking a selfie-and live streaming them. As per media reports, we understand that things have gone to the extreme level of streaming gory scenes of torture and suicide.

The para on 'Who invented Selfie' is an interesting information.

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