Five "Grin and Bear it" realities that should not force you to quit your job

Life is very tough in the Indian Corporate Sector. One can always find shades of grey, in almost every Indian company. Though the MNCs are somewhat better, there are problems there too. Politics is very common. However, we need to become thick-skinned and bear everything. Five of such "Grin and Bear it" realities can be frustrating. A few dimensions of the same are sought to be explained in some detail in this article.


We often hear very young people getting frustrated quickly with their jobs. They quit for certain reasons. Yes, these reasons are harsh realities as well. However, they are often left to wonder what is going on, when they discover that the realities of Corporate life are just about the same everywhere. They sometimes turn philosophical or spiritual. Yet, all of us need to move on in our life. Our families and our security are most important. If we are in financial trouble, not a single soul will even help us a bit. We need our own financial security and this is very important.

The five most important "Grin and Bear it" realities of the Corporate world, that each of us has to grin and simply bear are a) Selfish and insecure bosses b) Job satisfaction c) Job tensions d) Lack of peer support and e) Learning opportunities.

Selfish and insecure bosses

This is a very common problem. You are bound to find some dirty fellow who would be very selfish. He would breathe down your neck, gather all your ideas and then claim them, rather selfishly as his own. Yes, you do not have any choice but to simply bear with these guys. All that you can do is to document all the learning in secret files that can never be accessed by anyone, including these bosses. However, in these very tough times, when the manufacturing sector profitability has already gone up for a toss and the jobless growth is so evident, a recession of sorts is around the corner. Unless you are very sure of some nice job and a nice boss, who would really welcome you and give you a good treatment, it is wise to not quit your job. Remember, it should be very clear that you do all your homework and ask about the concerned boss or even bosses. More so, if your job shift is within the same city. In fact, it is wise to quit jobs within the same city. Dual establishments not only have huge financial implications but also lead to psychological problems of wives and children in most cases. So, just grin and bear it. Seek a transfer to another department, if you can. Give that option a serious try.

Job satisfaction

Very realistic surveys of the best organizations to work for, are published in magazines like Business Today, year after year. Chase them and get jobs there. However, the game is never too easy. Take HR for an example. Let us assume, for eight long years, after obtaining your MSW degree and then also a law degree, your focus has been on confusing unions, fighting with them day in and day out and entering into long-term settlements on three occasions in two different organizations. You had played second fiddle in both manufacturing environments, but your expertise is largely related to industrial relations. It is just then you get fed up. You want to do performance appraisal, some realistic and professional career planning and want to be part of actions pertaining to mergers and acquisitions. You jolly well know that these companies are only there in Mumbai or with companies like the Aditya Birla group. Unless you are fully equipped, you can't make a shift. You may not even get a higher position, as the slot you are aspiring for has totally different skill sets. If your family situation is not conducive, you just need to grin and bear all that is there in your present job. If the Lalaji is very happy with you, play ball and do all his bidding. Maintain some basic human relations with the workmen and help them in all possible ways. You can still find some meaning in your job.

Job tensions

Grin and bear the tensions here. Be assured, the tensions are there everywhere. No organization is willing to give anyone any long rope. Only Vitamin M, that is, Money is important for the owners and the bosses. It is a ruthless game. They are least bothered about you have tensions at the office or at homes. To give one simple example, there are some organizations that are wedded to the quality of a very tall order. Every week, you will have a foreign guy coming along to audit your department. The tensions are huge, as the documentation requirements are also huge. You do not have any choice. Unless you are damn sure that there will be fewer tensions everywhere, and your family will be ready to bear the risk, never ever quit your job.

Lack of peer support

This is another reality of life. It is the same everywhere. You just need to slog it out. Grin and bear it. For this single reason, when all other things are okay, you just cannot afford to quit your job, for this single reason. Things are bound to be tough everywhere. You just cannot be doubly sure that you will have milk and honey flowing in various directions. It never happens. So, be very careful.

Learning opportunities

This is the best reason why you could quit. However, be assured, the learning opportunities will be up for a big toss everywhere. The reasons are many. However, since the number of people doing regular jobs and only people with very poor skills sets on NEEM kind of jobs will be your colleagues or subordinates just about everywhere, the learning opportunities will not be very great anywhere. However, if your core specialization is Research and Development, in say, Pharma industry and you get a chance with the likes of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, go. Just go and take that up. In all other cases, think again and be very careful before you can take a big risk. In any case, all the very best for you.


Be rest assured, the chances of your changing your job are all fine and the reasons may also be fine. However, given the current realities when the Indian organizations are going through tough times, be very careful before you do anything. In most cases, become thick skinned and take care of your family interests. The sweet smell of money is something you cannot miss, in these very tough times. Everything else is secondary.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao04 Jul 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I agree to some extent with the author. We should become thick-skinned. But at the same time, we should not lose our self-respect also. But when there are compulsions for living and we cannot do without that job, we may have to carry on. But before making a change or quitting a job, one should take care and see that they are not going into the fire from the pan.
I have seen many organisations where bosses are more inclined towards some people and ignore others. Such things need not be taken seriously and we have to move on. But there are some people who will try to spoil the image of other people by telling lies to the boss. We should be very careful about such people.

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