Top reasons why PUBG Mobile game got highly popular and addictive

PUBG is one of the most popular mobile games in recent times. It is an action game where you compete with 99 other participants in the game to win and one which you can play along with your friends. Read this article to know the reasons for the game getting success and making it addictive.

Mobile Games are one of the major entertainment forms for many people in their daily life. People play these games when they get bored or when they need some relaxation. PUBG Mobile is one such game which can be played on a Smartphone and its one of the most successful games in recent times. So let's see why it got such a success.

Action Games

Action Games are the games which involve a lot of action elements like Shooting, fighting, etc. The Action Games segment is always a popular segment in PC Gaming. Games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc are a huge success and gained popularity amongst the youth mainly. These games also allow a LAN connectivity option to play along with friends, which adds up to more fun. Players Unknown Battle Ground which is now popularly known as PUBG, and also comes under the same category. The first PUBG came as PC game only. It became a big hit because of the realistic graphics and game setup. But its popularity rose to peaks when it launched its mobile version "PUBG Mobile". PUBG game is available in Emulator as well which allows the users to play PUBG Mobile on Computers also.


Players Unknown Battle Grounds is a game launched by PUBG Corporation which is now owned by South Korean Gaming Company 'Blue Hole'. The Game's aim is simple. There will be different maps, each map having different landscapes. There will be 99 other participants in the game. There will be different types of Guns, Vehicles and other resources available thrown out in the map. Players have to collect them and use them to kill the other participants in the game. The one or the group which survives till the end is the winner and in the game terms they got "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner". You can play along with your friends in a group of 2 or 4 or you can play in Solo Mode as well.

Here are the Top reasons why PUBG got success:

Online Game Streaming

Streaming Games online is being done by Gamers for a long time. There are Gamers with a huge following like Shroud who are famous internationally. But in India, the Game Streaming is of little less popular until the arrival of PUBG. Many Games will give the only thrill while you are playing and they will be boring when you watch someone else play. But PUBG is different, because of the realistic game design and excellent concept of the game, Spectating the game is also great fun. Hence it became a go-to game for streamers and many Indian Streamers like Dynamo, Mortal got very popular just because of streaming PUBG game online.

Excellent Game Experience even on Mobiles

Normally the action games on Mobiles are not good in-game experience and graphics as they are in PC. They won't look as real and hence many people prefer to play action games on PC. But PUBG Mobile had changed this with its excellent game interface and the graphics they run, the player will feel as if they are actually holding the gun and playing the game. They have even made everything realistic like physics of how vehicles work, how the blood will spill if bullets are hit, applying bandages and everything looks so real.

The Advent of 4G and 4G Smart Mobiles

Interestingly enough advent of 4G is also one of the reasons for the expansion of craze of PUBG as it gave the proper environment to play the game. Normally these games require huge space on mobiles, Game itself is more than 1.8 GB in size and the phone should have at least 3 GB of RAM in order to have a smooth experience while playing. It is a purely internet-based game so Good internet connectivity is mandatory. Since the advent of Jio and 4G data, Majority of India has shifted to smartphones which are mostly coming with a minimum of 3GB RAM and 4G internet connectivity have significantly increased. Hence many people can download and play the game.

The Option to Talk and listen with the Team while Playing

PUBG is also a team game. It gives the option to play with 2 members(Duo) and 4 members(Squad). So it needs a team effort to plan, strategize and eliminate other teams. Because of this game become more interesting. People will play with their friends, once they lose, they will play another game. Like this People will keep on playing hours. The special thing is you can talk to your team while playing the game. It is just like as you are on a conference call while playing the game. This is a very unique feature as you can create fun and chat while playing the game. Because of this people won't feel that they are playing for long periods. PUBG will also give you the chance to form teams randomly. This is also interesting, as you can communicate with some random people, help each other and try to win the game.

Game is Free

PUBG Mobile works on the Freemium model and hence the game is free to play. You have to pay only if you want some extra add-ons such as different costumes and Gun Skins etc. You just need an internet connection and a smartphone to play the game. This made many people just to try the game once. But once people like the game, they won't leave it.

The Ranking System, Different Modes in the Game

Based on how you play, PUBG will give you a rating for every game and based on that your rating points will increase. Based on rating points, you are given levels. It will be in this order Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, etc. This itself gives the motivation to the players to rise up in the levels and if they play bad, the rating will reduce. Hence people play more to maintain their levels. As some people take these levels as pride elements in their friend's group.
There are different modes as well in PUBG such as Zombie mode, 4X4 Warehouse mode, War, Mini zone, etc. PUBG Mobile updates the game frequently and adds new modes to game more interesting. They also fix the security bugs now and then to eliminate hackers threat.

As the above all are the good things of the game, this the bad part -

The Addiction Threat

As like many other games, PUBG mobile is also an addictive game and people end up playing for many hours in the day. This, in turn, is not good for their eyes and health. PUBG itself advices the users to not play too much of the game as they have added a feature to warn users if they play more than 6 hours a day. Playing too much of the game is harmful to the eyes. Also, as the game is more of aggressive and violent, there are chances of these changes in real life as well. Mainly kids are not to be allowed to play the game too much as they don't know much difference between the games and real life. So as people say too much of anything is harmful, the game should be played for entertainment for some time and but not to get addicted to it.


Author: Sharada17 Jun 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Brendan Greene developed the concept and design for PUBG. After the Android and ioS version was developed in 2018, more than five million downloads were done by youngsters within a span of one year. This game is mostly played by people in Asian countries.

Psychological problems:-
There are a lot of psychological problems when youngsters play this game which affects their life. These people become deprived of the community as they spend lots of their time with mobile. They become hyperactive and their anger levels raise when there will be power cuts, as well as their speaking skills change with the family members.
Since they play for long hours and don't move until they reach higher levels through points, it leads to loss of sleep and may later develop as insomnia. They sit in an undisturbed place away from family which may lead to depression.

Physical problems:-
Their hands and shoulders will pain as they play for a long time. Their hands will be always on the mobiles or PC.

Hence any game should be played for a short period of time and should not become habitual. Instead, reading books will give a relaxed mind and knowledge. The major information is aptly described by the author. Stay away from such games to lead a peaceful life.

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