Understanding why the here-and-now is as important as the future

The seeds of a very bright future are sown in the present. In the here and now. We often forget this most important point as we always procrastinate and think that we have the time in excess of what we require. This is a fundamental flaw in our thinking. Some dimensions of the same are sought to be discussed in this article.


Irrespective of whatever be our present position, we always have the scope to be different from others; we have the ability to stand out and perform. In fact, we do not have any choice either. So, what do we do? Invariably, we need to focus on the present. We need to identify all the resources and opportunities associated with the present. We need to understand our strengths. We need to eliminate all our weaknesses too. This is extremely important.

Be that as it may, a big focus on the here-and-now, in it's full details, would entail a) Focus on the most urgent tasks tied to immediate objectives b) A serious introspection of the situations as they present themselves c) The task of organizing move-ons with appropriate actions d) Vital questions on " what next?" and "how I I do it? " and e) Review of actions taken.

Focusing on important tasks tied to immediate objectives This is a very big plus in any here-and-now situation. It always helps anyone to have a big focus on what they are doing right now. For example, if a student were to have passed his BA (Economics) course through the Tamil medium and he would enter into the MA (Economics) course, he would need to have a thorough understanding of the English language. What are his options? If he neglects English, he needs to face the music. The books at the advanced level are all in English. It is impossible for anyone to understand the advanced concepts if he or she does not know English.

So, where does one start? Unlike the good old days, Google is the best and free teacher in the world. One can learn entire phrases in the English language through Hindi or Telugu or Tamil and many things are available just like that. The world has changed 360 degrees. One can easily go through such languages and start speaking the language. This is the "here-and-now focus for the individual. This task will not only teach him or her the most important language, he or she can also become more disciplined. The mind is active and is ready to take on greater challenges. Hundreds of thousands of such stories are now available everywhere. One just needs the inspiration to plunge into action. Tomorrow never comes. It is Today and the here and now that will make a huge difference.

Serious introspection of the situations as they present themselves

Imagine this situation. Your friend was seemingly very healthy. His intake of non-vegetarian food bare minimum. He would not booze or smoke. He was cheerful and he would go for compulsory walks everyday. Yet, suddenly he suffered a heart attack and had to be immediately hospitalized. He underwent a very urgent surgery. This bank officer had been undergoing huge stress in a bank branch where he would do all the routine transactions in the semi-urban area. He would sometimes worry about his daughter s school performance. More so, as the child was due to take the public examination. He had hypertension which lead to a heart attack. Your friend had medical insurance and finance was never an issue. However, the post-operative care is so important. It dawned on you that he needs the urgent intervention in terms of counseling. You get it done and he improves. He gradually understands see easy methods of problem solving. The counselor had put him on to the right track of thinking and acting. This is exactly what can indeed happen when you do a serious introspection of the immediate situation. This was from a real world experience and it happened to a banker who still lives in a district headquarter town in South Tamil Nadu. He would motor down fifteen kilometers on his bike to the town for duty everyday. There family stayed back in the town and the gentleman shifted to another nearby town, just three kilometers away from the place of work. When we work out intelligent solutions in any here and now situation, our learning would be that much better

Organizing move-ons with appropriate actions

The here and now situations are never do it and forget it situations. Each situation leads to actions. It also leads to further actions. The onus of organizing the move-ons with the appropriate actions is very important indeed
In the aforesaid case, the bank officer did not lose focus. He took a personal loan from his bank and funded the cost of coaching of his daughter after her public examination was over. A former IIT professor was handling tuitions and the bank officer pounced on the opportunity. Immediately, he felt a reduction in tension as well. Of course, he had very good friends and relatives who helped him. Yet, he was quick to understand different dimensions of the situation and addressed each situation in a very unique manner. This is exactly what should happen.

Vital questions on "what next?" and " how do I do it?"

Every challenge of a here and now situation leads to a fresh challenge. This can happen to a student, executive, manager or a housewife or just about anybody. For instance, a middle-level HR executive was not promoted. His boss would not promote him as he was jittery about this young man's capabilities. He deliberately created a nasty situation, necessarily involving the young man in a bitter tussle with the trade Union boss. The latter was treated with kid gloves by the Management as part of a buying peace strategy. The young man immediately sprung into action. Over the week-end he sponsored himself for a HR conference and met with a senior professional from a very good organization. The informal interview was followed by a formal interview. He acted swiftly. He resigned but in the exit interview held with the CEO, he ventilated all his grievances. His record of doing good work was appreciated in the new organization. Within six months, the organization not only confirmed him but also gave him an additional responsibility in the Corporate Office. Here, he had a superb boss who mentored him on so many advanced HR practices introduces in the organization. His bosses were very supportive. One action lead to another. His risk taking ability got him the rewards.

Review of actions taken

This is very important too. If we do not review our actions taken, we will lose the focus that is so essential. One can notice that in each of the lessons above one Swift action was accompanied by another. Review was quickly done by the young HR executive who was able to see the futility of continuing to work under a dirty and cunning boss. Similarly, the friends did all the review and helped the bank officer come out of all troubles. Such situations can indeed happen to anyone. Review is a must. In the ultimate analysis, this review will enable us to stay right on track and go ahead in life.


We always have challenges to contend with. Taking up challenges and getting things done on a here and now situation is as important as taking actions for the future. We always have scope for improvement and we need to understand the intricacies involved in each of the steps described above. If we are able to do this, we would have managed any here-and-now situation effectively in life.


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