5 best ways to say 'thank you'

What is the best way to thank someone? How do you show your appreciation and gratitude towards someone? Learn to appreciate people properly. Use these practical methods to show people that you are thankful for all that they have done. It helps to say more than a mere thank you.

I have often heard it said that 'thank you' has no meaning. I have had people thank me, on several occasions, but I miss seeing the gratitude and appreciation in their voice. Rarely do I hear a genuine 'thank you'. So, has thank you become a cliché that people blurt out without meaning it.

Several situations occur, every single day, that warrant a sincere show of gratefulness and gratitude. However, most often, we choose the standard 'thank you' to slip through our mouth. Most times, it isn't sincere; for most of us, it has become a routine practice to utter thanks – a shallow thanks, if I may add so.

It is always nice to say thank you, and it is a polite thing to do. It is important to tell someone that their efforts are appreciated. Nobody likes to being taken for granted, but we have become so used to blurting out the two words of appreciation that they have lost their charm. A thank you no longer holds the same meaning. The phrase does no longer exude real thankfulness.

Why not put some thought into the way you show your gratitude to someone. Something that says you are thankful to them, but something that is more meaningful and sounds much more earnest. Let's explore a few different ways to let others know that you appreciate their effort and appear to be saying it from the heart.

Thank you, I appreciate it

You can make variations to the phrase – I appreciate that thanks or I appreciate your effort or I appreciate your help. The key word here is appreciated, and it essentially tells the other person that you are thankful for what they did. It certainly leaves a much bigger impression than a simple thanks.

Address the individual by name, to demonstrate your genuine appreciation. It adds a personal touch; you show the person that you noticed what they did and recognise their contribution. You acknowledge not only what they did, but you also give them due credit.

Thanks, you are a godsend

There are different ways of saying this, substitute godsend with champion or angel or lifesaver or you are the best. You could also use help and blessing instead of a godsend. The short and sweet message sends across a powerful message. You express your sincere gratitude towards the individual, by describing how you feel about them.

They'll surely come to your assistance again, because of the way you made them feel. Of course, you can add a few more lines of appreciation to emphasise the bearing the individual's support had on you.

I can't thank you enough

Telling someone that you can't thank them enough stresses on how indebted you are to them. Alternatively, you can say, I am indebted to you, or how can I repay you?

When you admit that you are obligated to the person, you indicate that you will return the favour. It shows that you will continue the relationship because of what the other person did for you. It is a way of saying thank you and also holding on to the bond. You display positive qualities that highlight character.

On the face of it, this statement too sounds like a cliché, but you should not dismiss it. It is a compelling way to make someone feel valued and cherished.

Actions talk

Yeah, we have all heard of the adage of actions being louder than words, but how does that fit in here. Uttering a word of praise is meaningful, but it is also temporary. Its effect can long, but there is nothing to show for it. A word of spoken appreciation can only be perceived; there is no way to store it for posterity.

Look at this way, winning at something gives you a high, but receiving an award or a certificate for your effort takes the feeling to a different level. You can display the award, with a sense of pride.

A thank you note does much the same. Send across a handwritten note, or a well-worded thank you card, with a bouquet or a small token of gratitude, to add weight behind the appreciation. It is action talking; you say that you appreciate the work, and you also show it through your actions. The impact is different, use a note to thank someone who has made a difference in your life, at work or in your personal space. It doesn't take much, but it changes the dynamics.

Let it come from the heart

The next time you someone does something for you, let the thank you come from the heart. Show your gratitude, like you mean it, no matter whether the support you received was subtle or apparent. Let your response be strong and honest, and it will leave a mark.

Yours could be the first real appreciation that the person receives. It is never too late to tell someone you are thankful for what they have done for you. It doesn't have to be something that happened in the present. Was there someone who shaped your life? A teacher at school or a caring aunt. Reach out to them with a note of thanks.

Saying thank you often costs nothing, but its payoff cannot be measured; it is immense. Remember, the key to preserving any relationship is in not taking people for granted; acknowledge what someone does for you.


Author: Varghese04 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Let me start from you Juana, "thank you" for coming up with such a great article. These words are many times blurted out as a formality but don't give it the credit it needs.

A thank you note to our parents is the least that comes to us. They are the only one whom we take for granted. We know they toil day and night so that we get the best but at the end, they get the last seat. We all need to start giving appreciation from our home.

Now, this thank you also comes to our mouth in diplomacy. We may show more gratitude but seldom mean it with our co-workers. It may be due to various reasons but as you mentioned, we may be the only person who thanked him but is sometimes neglected by saying that it is our job.

People need to appreciate and show gratefulness to everyone, this will always give positive vibes and help them to get a long way in life.

Author: Umesh05 Jul 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A nice article giving the complete anatomy of the much used phrase 'Thank you'. It is important to thank someone but how to thank in a proper way as per the need of the occasion is which many of us do not know or do not take care. A dry and heartless thank you is of no use. It does not serve any purpose. The recipient will be rather feeling bad after it. A casual thank you is equally disastrous. An over reacted thank you with an inviting hug may also look sometimes offending. So in essence what is required is a balance and polite thank you with the lace of sincerity and humbleness which will generally serve the purpose and meet the demand of the occasions.

Author: Anauj06 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Yes, Varghese, ‘thank you' has become routine, we say it without meaning it. Gratitude, when shown, must feel real and make the other person feel genuinely appreciated. Why be stingy with words and say just a thank you? There are certain situations when a mere ‘thank you' would suffice - when receiving a courier or when someone holds the door open for you, those kinds of situations. However, when someone does something that goes beyond that, it demands a little extra effort.

There must be a million ways for us to show our appreciation, so why limit ourselves to saying thank you. Let's practice putting in a little more thought when we thank someone. Let's learn to add a little more sweetness and make it memorable for the other person.

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