How humility can make a huge difference in our lives

Humility is the ability to be very simple. It is also an attitude commonly seen among people who never boast about the good they do to others. Humility is also the ability to sincerely reach out to others and exhibit a high quality of empathy. When someone is seen to possess all such qualities he or she can be said to be humbe .Certain dimensions of humility are discussed in this article.


Rajnikant, the current superstar is a very simple person. He is very humble when he talks to others. He never boasts about the kind of charity he does to thousands of people. A recent interaction with an auto driver, who takes an active part in the social work done by the fan clubs in Chennai, opened up one particular dimension of the star's personality. It is well known that Rajnikant never speaks openly about the charitable work he does to poor people. Hence, I was shocked to learn that he had made a significant contribution to the cause of providing 1.5 crore liters of drinking water to the poor people who live in the slums of North Chennai. This greatly helped the poor to tide over the severe water crisis. Of course, the fan clubs also collected money from so many fans and added that to the actor 's contribution. It is also now understood that certain politicians of the ruling and opposition parties were also forced to do similar work, as they did not want Rajnikant to become very famous!!. Competitive charity, this!! Yet, what the actor has done is truly remarkable.

Humble people stand out in such situations. Unlike politicians who often want to catch the public glare through maximum publicity, here is one actor who has done the entire nation very proud by donating so much money in a crisis situation and does not even allow his fans to talk about it. Such is the greatness of humility that wins friends and even gets the secret appreciation of thousands of enemies, who would always be jealous about the kind of fame that comes to the person concerned. However, when some good work has a spinning effect and it does draw the attention of others with resources, humility has already played its vital role.

Humility can also play a vital role in our lives if we do extraordinary things very quietly. It can make a huge difference in a world where selfishness is the norm. It can also make an impact in terms of empathy, as those who are humble, always have love, are very simple and are very empathetic about the suffering of others.

Humility takes many forms. It does magic. Humility a) Sends the right messages of simplicity and love. B) Builds credibility for the person c) Makes others emulate us d) Makes everyone have hope on good values and e) Creates a big spin-off at the individual and group levels.

Sends the right messages of simplicity and love

Rajnikant is not alone. He has the glorious company of M.S.Dhoni, who is still around. This superstar of the Chennai Super Kings has touched the hearts of millions of fans in Tamil Nadu. He would speak a few words in Tamil and he would freely mix with fans at the prestigious MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. He would happily give interviews to local media persons and would ride on motorcycles in the streets of Chennai to interact with thousands on the streets. He is known to be supporting certain noble causes without speaking a single word. Each of the owner-managers of the Rs60,000 crore TVS group is known to donate millions towards charity and self-help groups and also towards the renovation of temples. none of them even speak a single word about it and they are not regulars in the party circuits of Chennai either.

Shri Narayanamurthy, the founder of Infosys Technologies, though worth billions of rupees, lives a simple life. His organization has pioneered many social initiatives and it is he who has voiced his concern about the huge differential between the entry-level employees and those at the Vice-President level. Ditto for his close friend and another giant of the IT industry who has humility as a way of life-- Azim Premji of the Infosys Technologies. This simple gentleman has made huge donations running into thousands of crores from his own resources and does not even talk about it. He does voice his concerns about mismanagement of civic services in Bangalore city and has often spoken about public causes. Yet, he remains a very simple man.

Builds credibility for the person

This is another positive thing. Humility has a huge number of cousins. One of them is credibility for the person, who always walks the talk. If a person is very humble and simple, there are many pluses. One is that people tend to talk to that person, more than they do with others. This happens even in huge organizations. It is a well-known fact that no organization likes individuals who criticize its culture. It's ways of working and the ways in which decisions are made and executed. There are always pluses and minuses. Yet, the single individuals who work so hard and yet contribute to value addition, are always those who talk very less, keep on smiling and maintain very good relationships with all. These are the role models always appreciated by others. Such individuals always carry a huge amount of credibility. They are role models of a tall order.

Makes others emulate us

Realising that he would have to contribute as well, the auto driver who is so mad about Rajnikant, has himself contributed Rs3000, from his money towards the noble cause of supplying 1.5 crores of liters of water to slum dwellers in North Chennai. Just imagine the happiness that would be there among the poor people. We should draw lessons to do similar acts.

Makes everyone have hope on good values

What motivates Rajnikant to do such noble things? Or Mr. Narayanamurthy or Mr. Azim Premji, for that matter? They do it not because they are rich. They do it since they believe that the noble cause will be able to use to the society. The best spin-off is that it gives hope to those who are helpless. The normally simple and very poor people. Who often feel powerless. Their happiness is firmly in place when something good happens. When people look around and feel confident that there is still hope. That this hope can make some difference in their lives. This is what really happens. And it is so good as well.

Creates a big spin-off at individual and group levels

Namvaazvar, the late organic farming expert, was the best example. He had hundreds of thousands of followers. He did not merely preach anything. He was always around to do the hard work. He was so humble and simple. His dedication and passion came automatically with his humility. Result? Today, organic farming is a big movement in Tamil Nadu. IT professionals, who are really drained out after years of hard work, have purchased acres of land and have taken to organic farming. M.S. Dhoni and his humble ways are debated in every home when the CSK team wins match after match in the IPL. Several groups of people do very silent work in several pockets of India, motivated as they are by some selfless leaders who are relatively unknown to the external world. In the recent past, the big hope is on environment protection. There are thousands of trees planted by volunteers.


Humility of so many hundreds of thousands of people, who are basically honest and sincere, does make a big difference to our lives. Let us shed our egos and be as humble as possible in our lives.


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