What are the six main challenges of an educated person

As a matter of routine, there are so many challenges that the educated persons face. In fact, these are even more severe and complex than those who are uneducated but skilled, like motor mechanics, carpenters and so on. Six major and inevitable challenges are discussed in this article.


Get to understand this situation. Lokesh is a very young and a fresh graduate of economics from the Lucknow University. He had studied all through his life in the Hindi medium. Somehow, he manages to enrol in the English medium course. His friends make fun of him when he attempts to speak in English. He gets his degree, but his English had never improved. A very young branch Manager narrated the aforesaid story to me, and requested me to help his brother. The name has changed. But the story is true. Left with no other option, the boy reluctantly came to Chennai and took up a BPO job. He was shocked to see hundreds of his colleagues speak very good English. The wage difference baffled him. He was mocked at his poor standard of spoken English. He got a job where his Hindi was okay for the job. But if he had to progress, he needed to urgently pick up English speaking skills. Fortunately, the older brother applied leave, came all the way from Coimbatore city, and reassured Lokesh that if he were patient, he can still survive in Chennai. Just make friends with those who come from very good colleges he said.

Lokesh is not alone. Hundreds of thousands of young graduates have this same problem. They get their degrees, but are still not industry-ready. Harsh realities of life hit them. Fortunately Lokesh was able to pick up English and made friends with a city-bred Hindi girl, who was born and lived in Chennai all through her life. She made him understand everything and gradually, after 36 months of hard work, Lokesh was fit enough to graduate to the English-speaking job in the BPO. Lokesh and thousands of such young graduates go through the toughest times before they settle down.

Be that as it may, the six challenges before every educated person today are a) Mastering spoken and written English speaking skills b) Making the most of available time c) Upgrading knowledge and skills d) Socialization with a purpose e) Settling down after marriage and f) Managing relationships at home.

Mastering spoken and written speaking English skills

As already explained through a real world case-study, this is problem number one. We are always confronted with situations where new English words appear from nowhere and stump us. English is the number one truly International language. Hindi or any other Indian language cannot even go anywhere near this language. The number of new words added is huge. The reach of English in informational technology is one hundred percent complete. So, if one were to master the information technology, there is no alternative but to master English to the maximum extent one can. Doing so can do us a world of good. We can take and clear the CAT examination to enter the IIMs. We can easily crack the GMAT examination or the GRE exam. Or just about any competitive examination. This is exactly what is needed in today's competitive landscape. We just do not have any choice.

Making the most of available time

Time management is the second most important challenge. How can we ever progress if we are careless about today? There is no "time pass" in life. This is the laziest expression of those who are not confident of themselves. Since they find everything baffling around them, they are often helpless and take the easy route. That is, they tend to spend time chasing girls, impressing them with their stupid gestures and so on. Every educated man should sleep less and immerse himself or herself in preparing himself or herself for greater challenges. For example, the fact is that in the IT companies, the entry level salaries have not increased at all. This is a big challenge. There is no choice for hundreds of thousands of educated young people. It does take some sixty months to even reach a salary of Rs40,000 per month. Only then they can even think of marriage. The smartest of educated people utilize their weekends so well and do the SAP course or the course in Business Analytics and so on. When technologies and applications change so fast, it is inevitable that each educated man and woman very usefully spends his or her time.

Upgrading knowledge and skills

It is not without any reason that it is often said that unless we learn to appreciate the fact that learning is now a life-long process. It is the biggest truth. Those who are always ahead of the learning curve are those who are successful. Those who plan their careers, make all efforts to get there, are always successful. It is very important to note that the context of learning is as dynamic and as important as the learning itself. For example, learning in the capital markets field is highly complex. It is connected with very accurate knowledge of global markets and how actions of foreign governments might as well affect a huge number of stocks and their prices in India. The best of India's fund managers in so many mutual funds are investing a huge amount of time in mastering this art. Civil engineering professionals are know learning the art of interior design. This has become important since customer tastes are so fast changing everywhere and interior design is already central to this process. The list of such learning is endless.

Socialization with a purpose

This looks so simple. It is not. Those who start earning some salaries often lose control and fall in love so early in their careers. When this happens, the focus is totally lost. The entire focus shifts to emotions with disastrous consequences in many situations. Only when both the man and woman are from IIT and so on, the focus becomes easy to manage. In all other cases, it goes out of control. Socialization should only be for friendships. It should never be for romance at all. If at all romance happens, it should happen in a very natural way, only after the individuals have settled down. The art of staying away from distractions of all kinds has to be perfected by every educated man and woman.

Settling down after marriage

Very frank and free discussions between life partners is absolutely essential to ensure that the best of understanding is a given. These are days when the parents on either side are very happy in rural environs and do not have any peace of mind in the big cities and metro cities. This makes the nuclear family a fact of life. This is so essential to manage and to effectively make it a center of all happiness. For instance, a little bit of searching around will throw up a good number of possibilities. One of these will mean shifting to a good developed suburb on the outskirts of the city where the rents are less, water is good and connectivity is also good. Once this happens, the other things start falling in place. For example, if there are good play schools within a one kilometer radius, that will be the best bet. There are professional caretakers who are honest and can be trusted. Once the child is 36 months old, most problems can be easily managed. A little bit of planning will help a great deal. In unpolluted environments, the health of both life partners and the child is also assured. This is very important too.

Managing relationships at home

It is commonly observed that if the mother in law is also highly qualified, things start falling into place very quickly. She would understand the daughter in law far better. The relationship goes for a toss when the mother in law is just a housewife from the good old days. She would just be a matriculate and a very average woman who can understand the subtle changes that have already occured in several women who are highly educated today. They are raring to go. They want their " space". This last generation of 50 plus mothers of men, who are just housewives and are just matriculates, find it very hard to digest the new woman of today. This is a pan India phenomenon, based on feedback obtained from so many sources. Men have a torrid time most cases. If the girl is professionally qualified, things start becoming very difficult from day one. The trick is allow for maximum communication to take place and then iron out differences. The educated man has a crucial role to play. His tact and patience will obviously come into play.


The challenges of every educated person is complex indeed. It is bound to become even more complex when the labor-surplus economy in India will start showing up in the managerial ranks too. It is time for every concerned person to be really alive and ready to manage every challenge head-on.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao18 Jul 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Uneducated people who are skilled workers will try to work with his own hand in the field or on the machine. But educated persons seldom have any hands-on experience. Many of them even don't know the fundamentals and even can't express themselves properly. This problem I have seen with many engineers also. Many of these engineers who are graduated from private colleges can't explain, even in their mother tongue, what they have studied. They will have many problems and the author has mentioned very aptly the challenges they face. They have to acquire skills and they have to improve their talking abilities. Then only will they, be able to shine in their jobs.

Author: Venkiteswaran27 May 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The title may appear as incredible, but we have to believe it as the real state of facts. An educated person faces various challenges which only he can understand. As the proverb goes 'Far away cows have fair horns'. An uneducated person will feel that he being uneducated is not getting good jobs, good remuneration etc. Many times the reality is that even the so-called educated people get low remuneration jobs in spite of their academic degree.

One main point of the challenge faced by many educated young people is the lack of communication and language skills. This challenge has become a retarder and dampener to the spirit of candidates passing degrees from non-English medium institutions and hailing from interior villages and small towns. To overcome this now there are many orientation courses started in many small towns too. The placement cells in most colleges are also giving spoken English classes and personality development training.

While the article also mentions lack of time management skills, lack of updated knowledge and skills, socialisation barriers and managing of relationships in family or marriage, I feel that once the language barrier is breached and communication becomes smooth and effective, all others can be easily managed.

Author: Swati Sharma15 Aug 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Author explained challenges faced by many people in their life in a very systematic way.
Continuous learning is very important for humans apart from this we have to manage our life so we can make a balance in our life 's parameters like, Family, Friends, Job , and most important to give time ourselves , whether we are successful or not but if we are not spending some of time with ourselves then never get peaceful life.
You will also be able to make your dreams come true by easily acquiring the skills and information that are helpful in improving the way of achieving your life goals and dreams.
We all get a single life and we should live each moment of it so that we will never regret for missing something
A real educated person is must know about the management of these parameters of life and live a balanced life.

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