Why global warming is at its peak now

Man has developed and is going beyond limits but the roots cannot be forgotten; nature has shown it's superiority over and over whenever humans have even thought of overpowering her. Taking care of God's gift is our responsibility or else the consequences would not benefit in any way.

Human are considered as the most capable creatures on the earth. After the creation of the Earth and the human evolution, tools, fire, and many marvelous discoveries took place and further developed by the human beings, but a drastic change took place between the relationship of man and the Environment when agriculture started. Here is an expressive data trying to tell that what has happened till date. The total CO2 emission signifies the degree of harm done to the environment since last 100 years:-
1890- 2000Mtonnes.
- And these figures continue to rise.

This was only a factor showcasing the degree of degradation of the environment. But soon people started realizing the harm to environment and raised up for protests like for e.g.- Anti-Waahnsinns festival, Chipku movement, Camp for Climate action, Climate Rush, Earth Day and so on but even after such protests no Global action or even attention was payed to the environment carbon emission data or any other factor.

Why an issue now?

The answer to the question lies in the IPCC (intergovernmental panel for climate change) report. It is a UN body consisting of almost 127 countries of the world. The scientific assumption of the impact of 1.5°C of global heating are greater and adverse than they appeared before, and further heating up to 2°C could be 'catastrophic', said the scientists at IPCC. It was further assured in India by CSE (center for science and environment), Deputy General Chandra Bhushan. The rate at which the present global temperature is increasing leads us beyond 2°C of heating which is alarming enough.

Reasons of environmental devastation

Human are the most capable creature on the earth (no doubt), we have developed and are developing further beyond by exploiting the nature for our benefit. But lets now see the dark side, we added pollutants to the environment, up to an extent that the environment recover rate has gone down and we are so dependent on our harm full techniques of production and consumption that it is not easy to stop. One of the major factors causing the environmental devastation is: CO2 emission, Deforestation, Burning of fossil fuels, Excavations. All these leads to global and unprecedented problems such as water scarcity, climate change, Global Warming, Droughts and floods etc. killing millions of people globally. A UN report discovered that the increasing population, rapid urbanization, more consumption, degrading land, are increasing the rate of global heating imitating the environment to take a leap to balance herself.

The developed countries of the world had been ignorant in the past regarding environmental issues which had made the world to face a situation of now or never. ACC. to the IPCC scientists, "if no global action is taken in switching the production and consumption techniques to eco-friendly there might be irreversible and catastrophic climate changes which would be new to the climatic history of the world ever."

Measures that can still be efficient

Growth and development are important because it made the world a better place to live in. More time efficient, more economic, more productive, easy techniques, which made the world reach to the 95th floor of a 100-floor building (of development) and still going up, but what remains left down to the 5th floor is being eco-friendly. Now environmental activists as well as Govts. have to work together to regain what is lost. Some of the effective measures could be planting trees, no to poly-bags, reduce-reuse-recycle, using bulk products in order to reduce waste material, campaign drives, awareness, making posters, publishing articles etc. every small step counts.

The target to hit

Every living or non-living thing in the world consists of carbon, since the very first Era i.e. HADEAN and so on. Creatures lived, died, decayed and buried deep into the earth and due to intense heat and pressure converted into minerals, coal, and fossil fuel. The carbon cycle helps the Earth to maintain an ideal temperature for living, this cycle was not disturbed before 100 years past. When human found fossil fuel, coal, and many sources of energy production there were 2 outcomes:
1. Huge amount of energy production.
2. Release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Humans relied more on the first point and ignored the other, and they forgot that nature balances it self through various methods which can be devastating for mankind. But there is always a hope, bringing down CO2 emissions by reforestation, sucking CO2 from the atmosphere through machines could save the world from getting devastated.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Aug 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 9

A good article from the author regarding global warming.

Nature is a gift God to mankind. Nature is very patient. It will and can tolerate the misdeeds of mankind and it is excusing and continue to excuse. But every rubber will lose its elasticity at one point. Once it breaks, that is the end. So the ill doings of these human beings are going above tolerating limits and a day will come when the whole nature will take its revenge in one form or other. That is why nowadays we are seeing natural calamities. Even now if we don't understand the problem a day will come and the whole earth will become a place where a living body cannot exist.

The scientific and technological developments are good but they should not spoil the balance of nature. We require oxygen. We leave carbon dioxide into nature. To save it, God has given us trees. But we never respect a tree. We will cut them and never care to plant a tree. Our politicians will be doing plantations for the sake of advertisement and the next day nobody will take care of the tree. All green forests are becoming concrete jungles. So you are digging your own grave. One tree if you are cutting, please plant 10 plants. This should be the policy. So the entities which are giving the food for your life are being ignored by this mankind. That means you are ignoring your own life. This is the fact we will forget.

Don't cut trees, use vehicles as less as possible and go for electric vehicles, start terrace plantation movement, go for green methods of manufacturing so that the gases and liquids that are let into the atmosphere will not be harmful and they will not cause any pollution. Using hazardous chemicals for cultivation is also not good.
If we can think of some of the above points and implement at least some of them, it may yield good results. Let us think and act. Save the earth and save mankind.

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