Four best sites that pay you for transcribing audio files

Are you looking for small gigs to make some extra cash? Then, you have come at the right place. That too by just typing out what you listen to. This article will give you the complete details about those websites that offer audio transcription jobs. Scroll down to read.

Most of us are regular internet users. It wouldn't be a lie if we contradict that, for some people like to stay out of the digital world. Talking about those people who are regular users like me, we would have thought at least once in our life about the scope of money-making on the Internet. Some people would have searched the web or some may not. Those who have searched know about how hard it is to find a legit job. I'm not saying that there is a shortage of freelance jobs, but there are technical requirements for such jobs, such as knowledge in Android for developing Android apps, data science for data science-related gigs, etc. At those times, people coming from non-IT fields would be having a hard time finding jobs online. I'm writing this article for such persons. For doing the job explained in this article, you don't need any other skills other than good listening and typing skills. You just need to do only two things - listen and type.

Things you should know

There is one thing you should really know, we can say it as a limitation rather than a downside. That is you cannot do this using your mobile phone or tablet. You need a computer and a good pair of headphones. I recommend headphones that are best in quality. The reason for saying this is because you may come across poor audio clips too, for that you will need it. I'm not saying that you should buy the high-end noise cancellation headphones. Well, if you can afford it, I will definitely recommend. For, those who are running low on cash can buy medium level headphones, that's totally cool!. Another thing you should have if you want to earn more is typing speed. More typing speed means more money, though the rates vary for each company.
Here are the four audio transcription companies that offer audio transcription jobs, even for beginners.

1. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is the first company I'm suggesting. Here, you can earn from fifteen to twenty dollars per audio hour with average monthly earnings up to two hundred and fifty dollars and the payment is done through PayPal. You can receive the payment once every week. The amount of money you make depends on the number of work you undertake. With putting much time and effort, you will be having the opportunity to move up to higher positions like editor, reviewer and in quality assurance team. But, work is not guaranteed all the time or days and the work is delivered on the first come first serve basis. Forgot to mention, you have to take a grammar test and transcribe an audio sample when you apply for this job. Then they will check your score and reply to you within 48 hours, this process is almost same for all the transcription jobs available on the internet. In simple words, they won't give you a job without knowing your ability to transcribe. For some companies, there will be a strict style guide for transcribing and in others, just some basic criteria. In the case of TranscribeMe, the style guide is moderate to nearly tough and on the brighter side, good pay compared to others.

2. Rev

Like the former one I mentioned, Rev too pays through PayPal and you will get paid weekly. The process is also simple, sign up first then take the grammar and transcribing test. The transcribing test sometimes gets tricky like identifying the speaker one and speaker two. Here, you don't have a choice in selecting the audio file for the test. They will give you one and you must transcribe that for getting the job. After, getting the job you can select from hundreds of audio clips. I had an experience in applying for the job, I was given an audio file to transcribe which I did, but I got trapped for identifying the speaker. I took the wrong choice of selecting speaker three instead of speaker two. Hence, I failed. So, they are very strict in selecting freelancers and they demand the highest transcribing standards which you need to keep in mind while applying. Another question that comes to your mind will be how much money can you make per month? Well, it depends on your will power, hard work and ability to enjoy what you do. They claim that an average rev transcriptionist can make 156 dollars per month by doing just fifteen transcription jobs.

3. Scribie

Scribie is one of the companies which does not follow a very complex style guide. In scribie, you can preview the audio clip you want to transcribe before selecting it, by that feature you can know which accent you are most comfortable with. The payment is also not bad. They claim that if you work for eight hours in six days a week, the potential monthly earnings will be from two hundred to three hundred dollars which is a decent amount of money. They also say that if you are able to pick up the work, you can earn twice the amount of money mentioned above. Like, most of the others, they pay through PayPal which is very easy to setup. One thing you should be careful when applying is that you must take the transcription test immediately when they ask for it, if you failed to do so you won't get the audio clip of your choice for the test as it is given on the first come first serve basis. The one thing that separates scribie from other transcription companies is that they are giving away bonuses for their freelancers. For every three hours completed per month, they will give you five dollars as a bonus. Another way to earn in addition to extra bonus through scribie is by referrals, they will pay you two and a half percent commission of the direct earnings by the referrals. Here, the earning opportunities are immense, I'm saying this because it is not just the transcription job you can do, you can do much more like reviews, proofreading, and QC. As you do more than transcribing, you will have the chance to get more money. But, you can't do things like reviewing, proofreading and QC just after signing up. You will have to work for reaching that position. Once your levels are up, you will be having the opportunity for doing those things. For a person who does pretty much all the things from transcribing to QC, his potential monthly earnings range from seven hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. So, it's not a bad job after all.

4. Gotranscript

Gotranscript is the last company I'm suggesting in this article. This doesn't mean that there are only four companies that hire freelancers for transcribing. There will be a lot more. Anyways, these four are my choice of interest. Talking about payment, they pay weekly via PayPal and there is no previous experience required for taking up work for this company. The job is very flexible as you can work whenever you want and they don't demand very high typing speed. They give you around six hours for typing ten minutes of the audio file. So, it's easy for even freelancers with low typing speed. Just like any other transcription job, at first, you have to prove yourself. That means you have to take the test at first while signing up. Only after passing the test, you will be provided access to audio files. As the payment rate is concerned, they claim to pay up to sixty cents, though there are mixed reviews on the internet. They offer a wide variety of works from a transcription of police investigations, interviews to even book research.

Now, some thoughts which may pop up -

Is a transcription job the right option?

The answer to that is, yes, if you are able to enjoy the work you do. Not just the transcription job, for doing any work you want to do, you should be able to love what you do. Then only it's worth doing it. So, sign up first and try the transcription test, you will know if it's the right option. You will get a vibe just by doing the test halfway whether you want to continue or not. I won't recommend to take up this job as a full-time option, do it for just to add to your income from your day job. I don't say that it's not possible to do it as a full-time option. If you got enough passion for it, then nothing can stop you and you will enjoy doing it than doing any other job.

The question that comes up

Can you rely on the transcription jobs in the future? This is the question that came up in front of me after going through a lot of content about the transcription jobs. With advanced artificial intelligence improving day by day, I don't think it's possible to rely on these jobs completely. Definitely, they are going to replace humans in the field of transcription jobs. So, in my opinion, I think it's safe to have a good day job rather than taking transcription jobs as your full-time job option.

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