Top HRMS Software Companies in Kerala

Are you looking for HRMS Software companies in Kerala? Here is the List of Top Human Resources software companies in Kerala with their details of products and services.

A human resource management system is a process of connecting human resources to information technology. It involves the usage of human resource software. Such software is easily accessible by the employees. It aids them in performing everyday activities such as managing attendance, performance assessments etcetera.

There are various reasons why HRMS is needed by a company. Some of them being:

* All the information related to an employee can be managed effortlessly.
* If all the relevant data are located in a single place, compilation and reporting become easier.
* Even the employees can update their individual information anytime. Such procedures allow a
* company's HR to dedicate time to important functions.
* HRMS permits to evaluate the effectiveness of human resources. From benefit costs to
employee compensation, HRMS can help in knowing everything.

In short, HRMS assists the companies in functioning properly. There are several HRMS companies in Kerala which provide HRMS solutions. A brief of six such companies in Kerala is mentioned below:

1.Ihits Technologies :

This company has been an HRMS service provider for the past 17 years. It is the only company in Kerala providing in-house built HRMS solutions. They have varied products and services to match the needs of every organization. Their automated solution is user-friendly.
Ihits Technologies ensures that HRMS software is customized according to the size and field of work. It essentially aids the organization to manage things well.

The services provided by Ihits Technologies are of high quality and cost-effective. They employ experienced people to deal with HRMS software. Whether it be a small or a large enterprise, Ihits Technologies never disappoints anyone. They have a specialization over 19 industry verticals. If your company needs an HRMS software, Ihits Technologies can help you out.


Information Technology and Social Media Consulting: Found in the year 2012, this company has been constantly providing international business exposure to Indian business entities. They have an unmatched combination of a skilled workforce, a huge number of clients and a habitual success rate. Creative design, numerous options, great features, quality assurance are some of the features of their services.

The HRMS created by them has a wide range of tools to cope up with everyday responsibilities. You can manage your organization's hire-to-retire functions with the aid of Intuisyz's HRMS software.

3. Alman Tech International Private Limited:

HRMS software delivered by this company is highly functional and user-friendly. The software designed by them are accurate and keep the employee data safe. From the employee's skills to his accomplishments, the HRMS software can track it all. Some of the major functions performed by their HRMS system are:

* Storage of employee details,
* Payroll, leave and overtime management,
* Particulars of loan advanced to the employee,
* An account of everyday activities,
* Deduction or increment related to the salary of the employee.

The HRMS software is customized according to the specifications of the client. They also provide consultation service to improve a business's information technology.

4. Exenta HRMS:

Exenta HRMS stands out as it integrates twenty well-defined modules to improve human capital management. Each critical operation of an organization is managed by Exenta HRMS. Their modules are simple and easy to understand. The reports are customizable too. In all the essential phases of an organization, Exenta HRMS can be of aid. Be it recruitment, retention or performance planning, Exenta HRMS can help in noting down information effortlessly.

This company allows an employee to access data even on mobile phones. Such convenience and self-service features are unique to Exenta HRMS. It has helped the company to retain a large number of satisfied clients.

5. HumanFlow:

HumanFlow HRMS software is developed by a creative and qualified team of people. With HumanFlow, you get a guarantee of quality and functionality. Their HRMS software is free of regular hitches. Hence, the overall efficacy of the software is boosted. HumanFlow has a centralized administration. All the HR-related queries can be directed to a single contact. This saves time and cost incurred by your organization.

HumanFlow has considerable experience in this field. This has helped them in creating an easily usable HRMS software. Moreover, they try to implement the requirements of individual organizations. Thus, you can receive a customized HRMS software to serve the necessities of your business.


With Samana Business Group and Buchprufer as its client, OfficeKit boasts of providing HRMS solutions. You can avail their 30-day free trial to comprehend the features of their HRMS system. OfficeKit's HRMS software can handle the below-mentioned jobs:

* Recruitment and time-off tracking of the employee,
* Payroll management,
* Payroll compliance with global requirements,
* Attendance and growth and development management of the employee.

You do not have to possess any technical knowledge to use the HRMS designed by OfficeKit. OfficeKit has a cloud-based feature. Such a feature permits you to examine the details anywhere. Their tools are completely automated. This allows you to devote time to other essential functions performed by your organization.

Human resource management is needed to improve employee's performance. With such a process, an organization can achieve its objectives. Failing which it can never perform well in the market. Considering the huge number of employees employed in organizations nowadays, HRMS has become a necessity. It helps in digitally keeping a track of all the functions performed by an employee. This organizes all information in one place. And makes it convenient for the business entity.

An efficient HRMS is helpful to both new as well as established enterprises. All the deficiencies of the paper-based mechanism of storing data are tackled by HRMS. There is no threat of losing vital information. Moreover, the specifics can be viewed and evaluated anytime. This also becomes helpful when an employee's promotion is being considered. Moreover, compliance with laws becomes effortless with HRMS. It regularly updates the business enterprises of the same. The benefits of HRMS are multifarious. Apart from the expenses incurred at the time of its installation, HRMS demands no costs. Keeping all the facts in mind, it is recommended that all businesses must proceed to install HRMS.

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