Best job-orientation courses for a successful career

There are many courses that are now available which provide work opportunities. You have take care to be to understand what it takes to pursue such courses. Unless you are from the NITs or IITs or the really top-class engineering colleges of the best arts and science colleges, you will have to slog it very much in the real world. This article focuses on a few of such good career-oriented courses.


One can always acquire new competencies. Public speaking is one such competency. It comes with practice. It can also come through peer pressure and influence. Today, there is a massive growth of regional electronic media. One need not know English so well. Developing public speaking skills and also an ability to relate to people, will take you to new heights in media-related courses. You can also join the print media houses, provided you are equipped. English spoken skills will automatically come to you when you start interacting with media bosses, who would tend to speak the language very easily. It is very much possible to understand that only such courses are the best insurance in a world where a small slump in the manufacturing sector is just enough to trigger a series of reactions for the worse. The IT industry is also going through tough times. It is in this scenario that you need to look for job-oriented courses.

There is good scope in today's conditions, for those who are qualified and trained in media, supply chain management, hotel management and in Marketing. We will look at the details of some of these courses in this regard.

B.Sc. (Visual Communication)

It was in the eighties that the world-class Loyola College, Chennai, introduced this course. It was this course that opened up the floodgates for many other colleges to also introduce this course. This is open to any plus two students with a good percentage of marks. The course is highly interactive and prepares you for a highly lucrative career in media. The prestigious products of this institution are actors like Vijay and Surya. Of late, the Loyola College is seen as the number one destination for this course. For example, the SRM deemed University runs this course in the University campus at Chennai and a number of colleges. However, Loyola is streets ahead. The course has a very good placement record. The admission process is very tough indeed.

Now, you need to do two things. Prepare for this course just after passing your tenth standard public examination. Look at the college website to get some idea. However, you need to go over to Chennai to interact with the authorities and even students to understand the competencies to get there. However, once you get an admission, you will embark on a very good journey of creativity. The graduates are gainfully employed in the various media houses and the city-based SUN TV has reportedly employed a large number of professionals. With experience, the really smart ones also go on to careers in the likes of NDTV as well. You can also do so, if you do the required hard work to get to know the competencies needed. However, there are highly reputed colleges like the MOP Vaishnav College that run the same course. You need to hang around in Chennai city to learn complete details of the alternate colleges.

Understand where this course can take you. It is very much possible for you to pursue a career in event management. It is possible for you to become a film director or a good script writer. Even if your mother tongue is Hindi, you can enter into any good Hindi media house and do compering. You can also look into careers like film direction, or even acting. However, please do note that acting as a profession also entails a good amount of patience and hard work. You may or may not get a break so easily. The rags to riches stories of so many actors would help you to understand ground realities. Anyway, you are so keen on an acting career, all the very best for you.

Careers in Supply Chain Management

This is another avenue that is opening up so rapidly. The Narsee Monjee University, Mumbai and the Symbiosis University, Pune have specialized courses in this regard at the Post-graduate level. The IMT, Ghaziabad, for instance, has a Post Graduate Diploma in this vital competency. However, if you are a law graduate, and do not have the resources to do the MBA course, where you can choose Logistics and Supply Chain Management as a specialization, you just need to join at the entry-level in the lorry-based companies like the Savani Transport. You will be expected to work in the field and the job does involves substantial amount of hard work. You need to chase the movement of goods at so many places and ensure customer satisfaction. You will likely even have the senior bosses breathing down your neck. However, after a couple of years, you can enroll yourself with the Indian Institute of Materials Management, where Supply Chain Management is run as a Distance Education course. With the kind of job you have, and with the resources you have, you can easily afford to do the course. However, the course is very tough.

You just cannot afford to be complacent or take it easy at any stage. If you do so, you will be completely doomed. Those from the IIMs always enter into Marketing careers and then take up supply chain responsibilities. Please note that for decades to come, Supply Chain Management will become a very critical function. It is not merely the supply of raw materials or the movement of finished goods. The profession will always be concerned with cost cutting and the new competitors who are now coming into the business safely park themselves under the professional Management of start-ups run by the smartest IIM and ISB products. These Start-ups are very keen to replicate the Ola kind of business model, that has now enabled the customers to enjoy services at very reasonable prices. Cost is the name of the game. The most advanced information technology facilities will do the effective job of executing the most complicated tasks with relative ease. The sky is the limit for growth in this area.

Careers in Hotel Management

This has the maximum scope. A big flair for public relations is a must-have competency. You also need very superior communication skills in English language and spoken Hindi skills, besides being very good in at least two or three Indian languages. For example, since there is a big hotel boom in Hyderabad and most other cities of AP, it becomes essential for you to be able to speak Telugu very well. In the three-star and five-star hotels, you will find a large contingent of people who know English so well and speak that with a distinct American accent. Hence, be prepared to acquire this vital competency.

Careers in hotel management, of late, have enabled professionals to engage themselves in entrepreneurship opportunities in a very new area: the A to Z marriages. This has opened up a new opportunity called thematic weddings. Apart from this, you can also occupy managerial positions with such caterers, who now have a pan-India presence. Of late, the Seminar and Conference industry is also handing over the entire responsibility to professionals who take over entire events and manage them very well. A large number of college students are also nowadays available for contract jobs where they get paid on a daily basis. In the years to come, Event Management is bound to become a very highly specialized profession and hotel management professionals can easily occupy very good professional roles. Regarding the courses, it is wise to do a graduate course, rather than a Diploma course. The University of Delhi, for example, is reputed for many good courses in hotel management.

Careers in Marketing

There is this famous educational arm of what is called the Times of India group. it is called Times Now. They conduct a very good course in what is called Digital Marketing. Once you take up this course, now available in many cities, you can find very good career opportunities. However, you also need to understand the most important variable that makes Digital Marketing a big success. It is called Supply Chain Management. Look at the delivery boys employed with, say, the food services provided called Swiggy. Traffic is horrible during peak lunch hours. Yet, they need to co-ordinate with the hotel guys for effective and timely deliveries. So, if you happen to get into an executive position, you need constant and regular communication with the hotel owners. You also need different business models. Housewives in cities like Chennai deliver entire lunches and they have tied up with the service providers. These are competitors to Swiggy. The food is ready at the right time. The tensions of the hotels are not there. So, if you plan such a business model, the variables will be difficult.

Conventional opportunities in the FMCG companies are always available. You just need the right attitude to equip yourself. Marketing will grow by leaps and bounds.


If you look around, the new range of job oriented courses are plenty. Some dimensions of the good job-oriented courses, is described in this article. You really do not have a choice. It is far better to go for a course where jobs are available and acquisition of good competencies will matter so much. All the very best.

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