Tips for Designing Office Interiors: 5 Things to Know

An office interior should be well-organized space with a high degree of accessibility. This article comprises the 5 important things you should know for designing smart, efficient, comfort office interiors.

Office interiors have gone through a drastic change over the years and this change is naturally inevitable. As time progresses, technology tends to gradually make inroads in our lives and hence also in the designs. From those archaic wooden designs to the modern swanky ones, it keeps on updating as per the changing trends. The kind of colors you use, the style of design that is suitable for your organization all needs to be considered before drafting a final layout. Let's check out a few tips about how to design an office space.

1. Space

Whether you are designing an interior for a multinational company or for small enterprises, you must ensure that there is ample amount of space for everyone to move around. Though it also depends upon the place you have opted, to utilize the available resources to your needs is no less than an art. Take note of the number of employees that will be functioning in a given space and design the interiors based on that. The other most important factor when it comes to utilizing the space is when a fire or any other emergency occurs, there must be an ample amount of space for people to exit from the building safely with minimum hurdles. So arrange the desks and other furniture in a way that does not take a lot of your office space.

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2. Ambiance

The ambiance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the interiors of an organization. Try to design in such a way that allows the natural light to enter lit up the interiors. This is because natural light helps people see things better. Human vision is designed in such a way that it adjusts with changes in natural light, and it's actually better for the eyes as compared to artificial sources like fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights have the tendency to trigger headaches and cause strain to the eyes. Moreover, it's a proven fact that the kind of light you're exposed to controls your melatonin levels, which helps an individual to focus and stay alert. Also, it has been reported by a recent study that more exposure to natural light can lead to higher alertness whereas artificial lights have the tendency to infuse drowsiness and focus issues.


3. Quality of Furniture

Compromising on the quality of furniture especially on the one that impacts the functioning of the people working there may lead to lower productivity and inefficiency. Also, installing poor quality furniture of any sort can lead to a lack of inspiration amongst the people in the office, and most importantly health issues amongst your employees. Do thorough research on the variety of furniture available which matches your office culture and make designs according to that. You can go with dark shades or more vibrant ones, blending the colors is also worth giving a try. Good quality chairs are something that is often pointed as the most important one as per an employees survey, it is often neglected to cut cost but in the long run, its maintenance cost and replacement can be more expensive. Investing in good quality furniture and office stationery is always advisable.

4. Ceilings

Another often neglected factor by the office interior designers in Kochi whilst designing the interiors is the ceiling of the office space. As per a recent study, employees prefer ceilings that are 10 feet high and that higher ceilings are associated with thinking more freely. Of course, it may not be feasible to apply this to all offices since it depends upon the place you have selected. If there are a large number of employees in an organization then generally higher ceiling interiors are preferred in order to allow proper ventilation. Designing a ceiling that allows natural light to seep in is also a good idea and will help you to cut down power expenses.

5. Variety

There is a famous old adage that variety is a spice of life and this is true when it comes to designing an office layout. It's not that all age-old styles need to be replaced, some archaic styles can be incorporated with a tinge of contemporary touch. Think out of the box rather than following the tried and tested methods. There is no harm in experimenting with the colors but one must ensure that it does not impact your budget. There are instances where designers have used old items and blended with new ones to give it a distinct look. Similarly, provide a variety of color environments tailored for different activities. As per research, it states that green links to creativity and blue to productivity. Red appears to be good for detail orientation, but it can also reduce analytical thinking. You can also take suggestions from the employees, after all, they are the one who will be working there.

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Author: Umesh06 Aug 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

Office interiors are the first thing which is appreciated by a visitor. A well designed and well-planned layout will be soothing for the eyes and convenient for working. The optimisation of the area available is the key to convenience. Common utilities like xerox/ printer/ scanner should be placed in such a way that it is approachable without disturbing others. The other utilities like tea/ water etc can be kept outside the room preferably in a small cubicle to separate it from the working area. The flooring should be linoleum or other sheet matted so that it can be cleaned properly. Sufficient racks should be provided facilitating the employees to keep the documents or other things properly. Working tables should have drawers on one side to store various stationery or other useful items required during working. Partitions rising to half of the room heights between the working people are ideal for giving them privacy as well as provide easy communication when needed. These are some basic ideas which are to be taken into consideration while designing a workplace.

Author: Swati Sharma16 Aug 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A nice article by the author for office interior.
My cousin is a businessmen, his business is related to computer and electronic items and his office is situated at his own house in this situation one have to be more focused for interior of office.
The office is a place where you spend one-third of the time of the day, but it is the time when the brain is more active and that is why it is also considered the most productive time of the day. The floor of the office should be clean and safe. The floor is mostly divided into hard and soft floors. Light colors like blue, white, light green, light yellow etc. should always be used for office. When there is a flow of positive energy in a place, then there are good thoughts in the minds of the people present there, it takes mind to work, health is good, etc. It is necessary to have positive energy at home or office. For this, while doing interior, you also want to take care of Vastu

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