Hobbs and Shaw: Hollywood film review

Hobbs and Shaw is a recently released action movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. It is an official spin-off of the Fast and Furious franchise. The 200 million budgeted movie is about a virus with a potential to destroy a major chunk of the population. The situation forces the cop Hobbs to work with the criminal Shaw in order to save the world as well as the latter's sister.

Nobody had thought way back in 2001, when the first movie in the Fast and Furious series was released, that one day this franchise will become a grand daddy of all other action franchise. 18 years later the movies in this beloved action-based series continue to enthrall audience and earning millions of dollars at the box office. Recently a spin-off from the Fast and Furious franchise titled 'Hobbs and Shaw' was released across the world. The movie sees Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprising their roles of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw respectively. Idris Alba plays the antagonist while Vanessa Kirby is the female lead. Before going for the review, let's first have a look at the plot of the movie.

Film plot

Vanessa Kirby plays the role of Hattie Shaw, an MI6 operative who is forced to go into hiding when her team is attacked by Brixton Lore (Alba) for a virus that was supposed to be safeguarded by them. Hattie injects herself with the virus in order to save it from falling into the wrong hands. She is then framed by Lore after killing all her group members. At this critical juncture, CIA decides to bring together two guys who are capable of finding Hattie and recovering the virus from her - Detective Hobbs and Hattie's brother Deckard. Initially reluctant to work with each other due to the history between them, they finally agree in order to save the world as well as Shaw's sister. How are they able to thwart the evil plans of Lore and his men forms the main story of the movie.

Film review

The USP of the Fast and Furious franchise has always been high octane action. Over the course of series, the action has got more grand, but equally bizarre and this movie is no exception. The emotional quotient has been the balancing force in the franchise but this spin-off works on humour. Right from frame one, the movie hits the top gear and never relents. The high production values (the budget of the movie is $200 million) is very much visible in every frame. It is an absolute roller coaster ride of 2 hours and the movie gives very little time to think about anything else. But we never complain because when the vehicles are not getting tossed in the air, the banter between Hobbs and Shaw keeps us interested.

Both Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have a blast in the movie. The constant battle for one-upmanship between the two is an absolute treat to watch. I laughed at least half dozen times in the theatre. Giving them wonderful company is Vanessa Kirby. The actress is gorgeous and feisty in equal measure. Even in a movie dominated by men, she manages to leave a mark of her own. Idris Alba is convincing as superhuman but he comes across as a henchman more than a main villain. But the real surprise package of the movie is the cameo of Ryan Reynolds who plays the role of a CIA agent.

Cinematography is top-notch and the island of Samoa has been beautifully captured. The action sequences are over-the-top mostly, but, as stated earlier, it is now more of a norm than an exception for this franchise. Another plus for the movie is its soundtrack, which complements the movie perfectly. Even with minor hiccups in terms of plot and screenplay, Hobbs and Shaw manags to entertain. In fact, I liked it more than the last movie in the franchise.

I give 3.5 stars out of 5 to it. Go, check it out in the nearest movie theatre.


Author: Umesh08 Aug 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A very elaborate and nice account of the movie given with clarity and precision. I had heard about this sequel of Fast and Furious which was likely to be released sometime in July/ August and now it is released and we have got a review in hand to appreciate the theme and presentation of the movie so that we can take a decision to view it. The plot is not very new as there are some famous movies where a life threatening virus has attacked the mankind and efforts were required to contain and eradicate it but the presentation and humour incorporated in the movie will definitely attract the audience to it.

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