Why Communication Between Parents and Teachers is Important?

Parents and teachers play a crucial role in every child's growth. While parents impart the basic values to help the child deal with their day-to-day lives, teachers help them grow in terms of knowledge and discipline. The article clearly describes the importance of effective communication between parents and teachers in a child's life.

If teachers are the mentors in a child's life, parents are their role models. Communication between the mentor and role model can build a strong foundation for a child's growth.

Parents and teachers play a significant role in every child's growth. While parents teach them basic values to help deal with their day-to-day lives, teachers help them grow in terms of knowledge and discipline. Further, parents know the like and dislikes of their children while the teachers understand their skills and capabilities better. And together they can help in the overall development of a child, especially in their early growth years.

Communication between parents and teachers benefit children as well as parents and teachers. As parents, it is crucial for them to get involved in their schooling. For teachers, they should know about the environment their students are being brought up in.

What is Positive Parent-Teacher Communication?

Effective parent-teacher communication involves assessing a child's life in terms of their mental, emotional, social and intellectual aspects. It is continuous interaction in which all the participants are able to understand the roles and expectations of each other better.

Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication

There are a number of studies that prove the importance of effective parent-teacher communication in a child's progress.

Understand Expectations:

With effective communication, parents and teachers can know about what they expect from each other to play their part better. Teachers expect their students to behave well, learn dedicatedly in the classroom. As parents', they have their own set of expectations. Clear communication between teachers and parents help resolve the breaches that come in the way of fulfilling these expectations. Both the parties can share their expectations with each other and can find out ways towards fulfilling them.

Resolve Issues with Child Growth:

Facing challenges at every stage of growth is quite obvious for every living being. While parents and teachers make efforts to help their child overcome these challenges, communicating with each other can help them resolve the issues they face while playing their roles.

Deliver Best Results:

Undoubtedly, positive communication between the parents and teachers can help both of them create the best outcomes for their children.

How are the Parties Benefitted?

As said, teachers, parents, as well as children, have their own set of benefits with teacher-parent communication:

Benefits for Parents

Communicating with teachers help parents improve the quality of their understanding, involvement and an effort in their children's learning. Also, they are able to get better ideas from school on what more can be done based on their child's performance at school.

Benefits for Teachers

By interacting with parents on a regular basis, teachers can learn more about the needs of their students and the environment where they live. Also, interacting with parents help teachers know their satisfaction level, which further aid in boosting teachers' morale.

Benefits for Students

Studies prove that the involvement of parents in their school life benefits students by raising their academic achievement. Also when parents and teachers are equally involved in students' life, they feel motivated and safe.

Ways of Parents-Teachers Communication

  • Parents-Teachers Meet at School

  • Hobby classes where parents need to participate equally

  • Seminars and Training Sessions to guide both the teachers and parents

  • Parents-teachers interviews

  • Home Visits

  • Regular phone calls between parents and teachers

  • Parents-teachers online groups or forums

  • Key Considerations for Effective Parents-Teachers Communication

    When it comes to positive parent-teacher relationships, here are a few crucial things to consider:

    1. Offering professional development opportunities for the parents:

    2. Teachers can enhance their skills and strategies by understanding various styles of communicating and working with parents. For this, training sessions for parents and teachers should be organized at regular intervals.

    3. Promoting clear lines of communication between teachers and parents:

    4. Teachers should be encouraged to open the lines of communication with parents. Often parents are interested in knowing what's happening in the classroom and how their children are performing. Here, it is the responsibility of teachers to share information about their classroom activities and projects with their parents.

    5. Incorporate communication for mutual growth:

    Growth is important for every student. But it does play an important role for parents and teachers as well. Hence, communication with parents for teachers should work as a growth factor. It should make sense for them in their evaluation and growth plan. Similarly, parents should grow as well in terms of taking better care of their children intellectually, socially and psychologically. This way, positive parents-teachers communication can give all of them a pathway to success.

    Wrapping Up

    It seems that parents-teacher communication is a two-way process in which two parties are involved. However, in reality, it is a 3-way relationship between parents, their children and the teachers where all of them can aid in mutual growth.

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    Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Aug 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

    A very nice article and very useful for the parents. The teacher and the parents should have better communication so that they both will understand the opinions of each other on the child.

    I appreciate the suggestion of the author about online groups and forums. I feel it would be still better if the teacher and the parent of a student are in regular touch through WhatsApp. Earlier days the children used to have a book called communication book. Every day that book used to be seen by the teacher as well as the parents and they used to communicate through that book. But the book is carried by the student and he knows what is happening between the two. Now this contact on the smartphone through WhatsApp will have the privacy also. One to one discussions once in a while between the parent and the teacher will also make them understand their ward in a better way.

    Author: Sanjeev Gupta16 Aug 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

    That's the reason why after every 3-4 months parents-teachers meeting is arranged. It's true that the interaction between the teachers and parents is essential. The teacher may help the parents to know about the kid regarding his/her weaknesses and similarly, the parents may point out the area where a teacher must focus on the growth of the kids. Being a parent I am always keen to know about my kid's performance in the school. Sometimes the kids behave differently in school and at home. By interacting with the teachers in the school we may come to know the behaviour of our kid and then by comparing the behaviour of the kid at home, we may analyse how should the kid can be dealt with at school or at home. So the interaction between the two is very important

    Author: Umesh17 Aug 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

    Parents take care of the children in the house while the teachers teach them and guide them in schools. So the children are exposed to two different atmospheres. One is the manners and behaviour to be adopted in the house and second is the studies in the school environment which is drastically different from the house. In this situation the interaction between the teachers and parents becomes necessary to understand whether the child is going in the envisaged path properly or not. The basic role of education is to prepare the child for the future challenges and career-making and this has to be given the top priority and for doing that the dialogues between the teachers and the parents are required on a continuous basis. Communication is the key in this case for a proper understanding of the growth curve of the child in school.

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