How to submit online applications for Unique Disability Identity (UDID) Card

Want to get an official government PwD Unique Disability Identity card? This article provides complete information on how to register for a Unique Disability Identity (UDID) Card through the online application process for Persons with Disability (PwD). Details of the type of disabilities for which the UDID card is issued have been provided.


The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is providing Unique Disability ID cards, known in short as UDIDs, for citizens of India with disabilities.

The aim of a UDID is to allow Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) to have one documentary proof which can be submitted to avail of benefits which are specifically for PwD citizens. With this aim in mind, the Department is creating a national database of all those with disabilities. As of now, only registrations for PwD are currently ongoing. As and when the actual issuance of UDID card will begin, the same will be updated at the official website of the Ministry.

Who can register?

Individuals with the following eight kinds of disability can register online to be enrolled in the national database:
1. Those who cannot see: This refers to an individual who is fully blind, that is, has total absence of sight; or whose visual acuity does not exceed 6/60 or 20/200 (as per the Snellen eye chart) in the better eye with correcting lenses; or has limited vision which is subtending an angle of 20 degree or worse.

2. Those with low vision: This refers to an individual whose visual functions are impaired even after being treated with standard refractive correction but, at the same time, is able to use or is potentially able to use his/her vision to plan or perform a task with the appropriate assistive device.

3. Those with Hearing Impairment: This refers to an individual who has a loss of sixty decibels or more in the better ear in the range of frequencies of a conversation.

4. Those with Cerebral Palsy: This refers to an individual who has a non-progressive condition which involves abnormal motor control posture that is a result of a brain injury which occurred during his/her pre-natal, peri-natal or infant period of development.

5. Those with Locomotor Disability: This refers to an individual having a disability of the bones, joints or muscles which have resulted in the considerable restriction of his/her limbs' movement; or any form of cerebral palsy.

6. Those cured of Leprosy: This refers to an individual who has been cured of leprosy but is suffering from any of the following conditions:
  • He/she no longer has any sensation in the hands or the feet and also has lost sensation and paresis (weakness) in the eye and eye-lids but, at the same time, does not have any manifestations of deformity.

  • The individual manifests deformity and paresis but is able to sufficiently move his/her hands and feet so as to do normal economic activities.

  • The individual has extreme physical deformity as well as is in an advanced age which prevents him/her from undertaking any gainful occupation.

7. Those who are Mentally Challenged: This refers to an individual who has a condition of arrested or incomplete development of the mind with sub-normality of intelligence.

8. Those with Mental Illness: This refers to an individual having a mental disorder other than what is mentioned above.

How to register

Go to the Swavlamban Card official website and choose a regional language from the drop-down list, namely Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Nepali, Punjabi, or Urdu. Then submit the following information: personal details, identity details, employment details, and disability details.

You will need to upload the requisite documents as follows:
  1. Photograph: This should be a scanned copy of a recent photo in colour.

  2. Signature: This should be a scanned image of the signature (this has been mentioned as optional, so confirm this beforehand).

  3. Identity proof: This should be a scanned copy of your Aadhar Card or PAN Card or Driving License or any other valid ID.

  4. Income Proof: This should be a scanned copy of your Aadhar Card or Driving License or State Domicile or any other valid ID.

  5. SC/ST/OBC proof: This needs to be uploaded if applicable.

  6. Disability Certificate: This should be a scanned copy to be submitted only by those Persons with Disability who have been issued a Disability Certificate by the competent authority.

Submission guidelines for various types of cases

If you are a PwD registering for the first time: You have to click on 'Apply online' and fill up the application online, uploading the scanned copy of each document which is required (refer to the list given above).

If you are a PwD having a Disability Certificate and your data has been migrated in the UDID website: You have to click on 'Apply online' and then on 'Already having Disability Certificate' to check the details by Beneficiary ID/State ID or Aadhaar Number (if this has been linked), then fill up the application and submit it. Note that the States where PwDs data have been migrated are Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tripura, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

If you are a PwD having a Disability Certificate but your data has not been migrated in the UDID website: You will fill up the online application as a fresh PwD as and select the option 'Have Disability Certificate?: Yes' in the tab for Disability Details Tab. Fill up other details as well, and submit the application.

If you are a PwD who does not have a Disability Certificate at all: You need to apply and choose the option "Have Disability Certificate? No" in the tab for Disability Details. Then fill up the online application and submit it.

What happens next

The data has to be submitted to the office of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO)/Medical Authority for verification. Once the data is verified, the CMO Office/Medical Authority will assign a specialist Doctor or Doctors to assess the disability of the PwD and will provide an informed opinion on the disability. Then the Medical Board will review the case and assign a disability percentage. Based on that, the CMO Office will prepare the Disability Certificate and generate the UDID and Disability Certificate. The UDID datasheet is sent for the printing of the UDID Card and the card is then dispatched to the PwD.

Registration form

To know your medical authority, you need to select your state / UTs and district where you reside. Check here for the nearest one:

Note: Those facing issues with the online registration process can leave a message in the box marked 'Suggestions'.

Contact information

K. Vikram Simha Rao, Director
Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities,
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
Room No. 517, B-II Block, Paryavaran Bhawan,
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi – 110003.

Are you a resident of Chandigarh? Know the list of Help Centres for UDID registration .

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