How to find niche topics for writing articles for monetization and earnings

Is your goal to make money from your articles? Are you looking for useful tips which could possibly help to discover the best topics for articles and earn through Google AdSense? This article provides a simple trick to understand the source of the best article topics and how to earn through various monetization programs like AdSense, Infolinks, etc.


This article is not necessarily for all those freelance bloggers out there who are desperate to get earnings through revenue programs like Google AdSense, Infolinks, etc. It is primarily for members of who submit articles and hope to get not just cash credits, but also earnings through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program. In fact, as indicated by the title of this article, the focus will be not only about what to write on but, more importantly, how to find what to write on, based on my own writing experience here.

So, right off, here's my secret to finding unique topics: When I open the newspaper in the morning, after a quick scan of the headlines, I turn over each page and look at the advertisements. In many of the ads, I see the potential for AdSense earnings! I have even found ads on the pages of tenders and business notifications which can be converted into articles so don't pass them over.

Surprised that you didn't think of this simple trick? Let's check out the types of advertisements vis-à-vis specific fields.

Education topics

This being an education-based portal, I will first seek out this field, specifically admissions. After all, every single day there will be at least one advertisement notification of admission to a course. You see, once school academics are done, students look ahead and think about which course to pursue at the undergraduate level. For college admissions and admission to a University in India, there will be only particular months of the year where there will be a plethora of such ads. Even otherwise, though, you will see ads through the year for, say, part-time courses or Diploma programs of the niche kind, such as unique management programs.

It need not even be a course of a reputed IIM or University. I find that even in the case of smaller institutes, if the course is something that is sought after, say something related to vocational skills, then it fetches good traffic and likely will generate earnings as well. There is also a good readership for correspondence courses, short-term courses, scholarships, and entrance exams.

Here's a cool tip: If you check traffic coming to an admissions' article after a year and possibly earnings coming in as well, it is because there will be fresh visitors who are looking for that particular course, no matter that the dates of admission have changed. So you can republish it, edit and put in the new schedule of dates. A good option is to write a fresh article on that course with more content. You can present the details of the institute and the course in a different way than your earlier write up, put in the updated information of fees and the application process, mention the schedule, etc. A brand new article, fresh earnings all over again!

Career guidance topics

Related to courses, you should think of the next best thing to write on at an educational website, namely career guidance. I earlier mentioned how students are looking ahead after school. Now think about them looking ahead at a career path. Once they have got a graduate degree in hand or completed a diploma program, they think about the career options which will open up with that degree or diploma. This is where your articles will help to bring in traffic.

Thus, you can provide informative content on career fields for graduates in specific fields. However, what I would suggest is to think not just of the usual choices in Arts (Teacher), Science (Doctor), Commerce (Chartered Accountant), Engineering (Civil Engineer), and Management (MBA) streams, but offbeat career paths as well within these fields and outside of them as well. For example, love coffee? Consider a career as a coffee taster! Consider, too, for example, the MBA path. Instead of just talking about MBA per se, you could give guidance on specific specializations.

Finance topics

Then there are ads which we generally skim over, such as of about bank loans. With the increasing costs of professional courses and the eagerness of Indian students to study abroad, there is a niche market for people applying for education loans. Then there are loans for purchasing a home or starting a business venture. There are a lot of news reports and investment articles, too, on the finance pages of the newspaper. If you can explain complicated financial terms in simple text, nothing like it!

Consumer products and services

Consider the numerous ads for products which pop up on practically every page - do you look at them only if you are interested in buying something of that kind? Scrutinize the ad more closely. Is it a new product in the market? Similarly, came across some great discount offers? Potential earnings there!

Look around your own home at what you use; not just the furniture or gadgets and appliances, but what is part of the décor, on your furniture or furnishings put up around the house. Even something as obscure as a doormat can be written about. Look up at the walls and celing. There are people who love wallpapers for the home, coordinating colourse of the paint with the furniture, a pretty chandelier.

Did you think of all the afore-mentioned home products as topics for articles? If not, it is time you did!

Think of services too. There are people who look out for a weekly or monthly home cleaning service, those who want their home rid of pests, etc. From an ad of one service, you can create an article on the reputed firms which offer a similar kind of service in a particular area/city.

I've spoken about homes, but you can also write unique articles on products and services related to the work space.

General topics

Talking about the home, consider the heart of it – the kitchen. Here, you don't need an advertisement to inspire you. It is the main hub of chopping, cooking, and storing. So think. What are the implements used for chopping? For which types of vegetables it is not advisable to remove the skin? Do you have some magical tips to share for using something leftover from a cooked dish so that it is not wasted? Have some tricks to substitute an expensive foreign ingredient from a branded store with an inexpensive alternative one, easily available in the local market?

One point to note with reference to cooking – this being primarily an education-based website, recipes will not really generate traffic as much as it would, say, on a website devoted to cooking. So it is fine if once in a while you do submit a self-created recipe which you've tried out, but don't focus only on recipes.

I also suggest that members consider sample letter formats. We've already got a lot of articles of sample letters, so use the search box if you plan to write one. The reason why these are potential traffic-generators is that not everyone really knows how to convey in a formal mode of writing a complaint or a request. We may be able to convey our grouse verbally without difficulty. However, when we want to put it in written words so as to have documentary evidence of our complaint/request, we just get all muddled up, often writing reams instead of getting to the point. The point is to be concise and clear about your problem. The recipient will likely get impatient to read lengthy stuff and may just toss it aside and ignore it. Also, many people are not comfortable in writing such complaints or requests in English, which is what would be required say, for addressing an important official like the Chief Manager of the Bank or a Police officer or even your boss. The sample format should be such that it can be written on paper and/or sent via email. Hence, you could include advice on what to put in the subject line or how to put the salutation for the email communication.

Topic within a topic

You should also look for the next potential topic within an article you have already submitted. For example, in an article on curtains, you will surely be mentioning the word 'windows'. Join the dots and what do you get: window frames! So potential topic: how to select the right frames for different types of windows or even on window grills, window panes, etc that are all relevant to the window. Another topic – curtains for doorways. Interlink all the articles - traffic to all!

SEO tips

Finally, what is really important is the title. You may write a superb article of over 800 words, put in-depth informative content and even place some nice images. It will be disappointing, then, not to get page views for it, leave aside revenue earnings. So think of modifying the title for SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Same with the text in the summary. Try to put it in a sort of Q&A format, namely 'Are you searching for…', 'Want to know how to…', 'Looking out for the admission notification of…', followed up with 'This article provides complete information on…'.

Some suggestions for SEO purposes, to be included in a title: How, How to, How to do, How to make, How to apply, Why, Why is, When to, What to do if, etc.

As you can see, you don't have to go online to look at search trends to know what to write on. The potential for earnings arrives at your doorstep on a daily basis, round the year. Grab it, open it…did I see a gleam in your eyes as you discovered potential earnings? Start writing!

Additional useful information

Looking beyond advertisements, do explore our Ask Expert section. There are a lot of probable topics that show promise. Just take care when writing on health topics as these should not have content which would misguide the reader.

As for the content of the article itself, do present it nicely and present the information in a cohesive, flowing manner that keeps the eyes of the reader glued to your page from the introductory paragraph to the very last line. You may find this useful: Good Article Writing Tips. Talking about keeping the reader interested, you may have noticed that I have put in a number of internal links to ISC pages. This is good as it generates interest to other articles written by you or to other relevant pages. It is also beneficial for the site, as it keeps the reader within our portal and can help to generate revenue.

Footnote: It is not necessarily the case that what I have suggested will help in monetization. In my own case, too, sometimes it has been a sort of hit-and-miss kind of effort. I may write a very informative article and it even gets page views, but little or no earnings. Who knows, maybe Lady Luck has a hand, too!

Other than any queries for which I will be happy to help out with, please share your own tips in the comment box below, for sourcing a topic and what could be useful topics to write on. Sharing our knowlege generously and giving guidance is, after all, a good thing. Let us help others to learn and earn, which is the motto of our site.

Article by Vandana
Vandana is based in India with over 15 years experience as a freelance writer. Writing, no doubt, is her primary passion! Having learned the art of blogging from ISC, Vandana is enjoying the thrills of blogging, taking pleasure in sharing information & getting good pageviews at her various blogs.

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Author: Umesh22 Aug 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Most of the times we strive hard to find a theme for our articles. I have the potential to write but what is the subject I should write on etc are the things which often intrigue our mind. This article has given good number of tips in this pursuit and the readers will be definitely benefited from it.

Getting a good theme is one part of the story and then comes the real art of writing where two things matter most. First is the content and second is the presentation style. Today, in the internet era, getting content is not a big problem but developing one's own style and making an impression on the reader is what many writers lack in. It is imperative that one should not copy the style of an established writer. Mimicking is in no way going to help here. What is required is one's own original style and way of writing and that only is to be improved upon with time and practice. A good vocabulary is also an essential ingredient for good writing and efforts are required to be done in that respect also.

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