Role of parents in shaping careers of children

Today, there are many new careers that have opened up. Gone are the days when one chose to be either a Doctor or an Engineer. However, in the new scheme of things, the parents have a crucial role to play in guiding their children in terms of choosing the right careers. This article is an attempt at discussing some nuances of such roles of parents in some detail.


The parents of children, irrespective of where they live, have a crucial role in shaping the their careers. This is positively not restricted to their traditional roles of offering the economic support. There is a lot more that they ought to do and, in a very effective way. These are the five main roles of parents in a changes scenario. These are: a) As information gatherers of quality information on various courses b) As friends, philosophers and guides c) As shapers of dreams based on innate talents d) As catalysts at transforming actions into concrete steps for effective careers and e) Continued emotional support providers for sustained success.

As information gatherers of quality information on various courses

No child can ever understand anything before the age of ten. Prior to this age, the child might exhibit some inclination to become someone his or her aunty or uncle or either parent. However, by the age of ten, the questions from the child become more intense and focussed. He or she wants to know more about a particular career. The parents should not dismiss such queries and should handle them with tact and maturity. It is wise to gently talk to them and give them information on various courses. They may not understand much but when fed with some information, the urge to know more and also understand the demands of such courses will automatically become more pronounced and serious. Either of the parents or both should go the extra mile to learn a lot about career choices available. Even within a particular career, there are specializations. For example, there is a terrific scope for professionals trained in intellectual property rights. The parents should gather all the information on a continuous basis; this kind of information will be very useful when the child is mature enough to understand the details of each course and career as well.

As friends,philosophers and guides

This role extends far beyond early careers. However, there is enough scope for very sharp wisdom of either parent, even when the son or daughter makes career choices. For instance, the father would have worked in the corporate sector and would be able to advise their own son or daughter whether to move to a particularly challenging role in a different city; and if they do so, in which locality of the city they would settle down and so on. Similarly, even when the child gets into the eighth standard and starts shaping his or her career, and makes a good career choice, based on some good role model that the child sees in the family, it is essential that he is guided properly. For example, a very young man, now a professional chartered accountant was able to fix his mind on this career when he was in standard nine. Mathematics was not his cup of tea. Physics and Chemistry were not to his liking too. After the tenth standard public examination, the parents facilitated his working in the office of his maternal uncle, a professional chartered accountant with a very good private practice.

The young boy learned a bit how Income tax was calculated. The father further explained every aspect of the income tax rules and after his plus one examination, the internship extended to applied accountancy too. The boy was slowly shown how the concepts work in practice. This is the role of a friend and a philosopher. When the child is guided far beyond some reasonable limit, the parents become guides too. At the moment, even after he has become a senior manager within seven years of solid experience in one manufacturing and one service sector organization, the young man, now 32 years old wants to take a break and do a full time course in Capital Markets, more so, as he wants to move towards a mutual fund and become a fund manager. He has managed to make money on the stock market but his career ambitions are different now; the parents are ready to play ball. His wife is a MBA graduate, working in a bank. His parents continue to guide him now.

As shapers of dreams based on innate talents

A big taste for Carnatic music or for dancing, if seen very naturally in the child, the parents should encourage the child to pursue such dreams in addition to academics. To give a simple example, there are engineers, very productively employed. A few of them are good and talented play back singers too. While the former is their profession, the later is their passion. It is absolutely incorrect and foolish to not give any support for nurturing of such innate talents, quite a bit of which might be their passions as well. If the man or woman is talented enough to become professionals on their own and are capable of making. Living by utilizing their talents, they could as well quit their jobs to become full time professionals. In that case,. constant encouragement will help those children to go far ahead in their careers.

As catalysts at transforming actions into concrete steps for effective careers

This is inclusive of the support extended to the particular person after his tenth standard public examination and internship after his plus one examination, but not only such support. It also means personally interacting with the child at every stage, exposing him or her to new knowledge, making the child all rounders by encouraging their extra curricular activities and so on. When all such actions are taken on a continuous basis, the child is likely to develop out-of-the-box capabilities and extend such capabilities towards tasks related to career excellence in specific roles on a later stage. After all, these kinds of all round capabilities do mean a lot for development of personalities too.

Continued emotional support for sustained success

Look around. Parents are likely to see happy families where the wisdom of the senior citizen, the father, who would have retired from a very senior position, in some private sector organization, would chip in with very valuable advise on creating a very good eco system at home for the success of his son's start-up, launched after years of hard core experience in a particular field. It is sheer common sense. Start-ups in the Supply Chain Management Space are doing very well. Why?

It is very simple. They occupy crucial positions in a particular industry where the only way to grow is, well,up. Goods have to be transported from one place to another. There is absolutely no choice. And when exports are also involved, for some professional agency to take on all the roles associated with exports at a very reasonable price, is something that will always expand in scope. So, you need to spot all these recession-proof entrepreneurial ventures and think of entering them. You can always guide them. In specific areas, you can even look around to notice terrific scope in the food industry. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs who are milking the " I-wll-give-red-hot-food-reasonable-rates" slot. The ever-growing customer profiles are the senior citizens,bachelor's and young couples who have no time to cook.

The scope is terrific. Even if your son or daughter is in a regular job, they need to be guided very well. For example, certain mutual fund investments are not taxable. Even when one takes back the entire corpus, above one lakh rupees, in terms of capital gains tax, is only taxed. Senior citizens virtually play the role of good financial advisors. It is vital that you, as parents, play such roles to keep on improving the eco-system at the homes. Careers are for decades. Today, even those who are 70 plus in age, want to do something. Look around for inspiration and for direction to keep doing your best.

Wish all the parents the best in their roles.


Parents, irrespective of their economic status, have vital roles in shaping careers of their children. Certain key roles and tasks associated with such roles have been explained in some detail. Of course, the scope for innovation is very high in any role, at any point in time.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Aug 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article from the author. Parents role is very important in shaping the career of their children. Finding out the hidden talents of the children and encouraging them to excel in that line is the primary responsibility of the parents. As parents, we should be role models for our children.
A parent should never force his children to accept his decision and should give importance to the liking of the children. Then only the children will learn correctly and do good. As the children grow in their age the parents should treat them more as friends. But at the same time if we feel that they are going the wrong way we should tell them the correct path and see that they will progress well.

Author: Chitra06 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Parents do play a vital role in shaping the career of their children. However, children should not be forced to take up a career just because their parents want them to be that. Guide your children on the right path and give them the freedom to choose as per their ambition. Only if they follow their dreams, they can succeed. If a child follows the advice of the parent by ignoring his talents and dreams, they might not succeed in life as the child had no interest in the course and the profession he took. This will end up spoiling the child's career. Hence give each child the freedom to think and act and achieve their dreams with your guidance.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta07 Oct 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Yes, parents play an important role in building the career of the kids. Before the age of 10, it's difficult to know what shape his/her career will take. But afterwards, things become clear and parents should work in that direction only. I have seen parents who understand at a small age that their kid has an interest in becoming an engineer or doctor so they should work for that. Yes, there are many other courses too available these days. There are lots of vocational courses too which one can pursue and make a career in it.

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