How to become a script writer and documentary film maker through IGNCA short term courses

Planning a career in film screenplay writing? Want to become an ace documentary filmmaker? This article provides complete information on the short term certificate courses offered by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), Delhi. The duration and fees for each course, as also the details of the learning modules, have been provided.

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), Delhi has announced admissions open for various short term certificate courses. The only eligibility requirement for all the courses is that the applicant should be a Graduate in any discipline.

Documentary and Ethnographic Film Making course

There are 25 seats available for this course. It is of 12 weeks' duration, scheduled every week on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Fee: Rs.20,000/-.

What you will learn

This course comprises of eight modules. The curriculum includes understanding the basics of documentary-making, including the research aspect and styles of documentaries. You will learn single-camera production methodologies, how to plan and work on an ethnographic film, understand how to build up a video space and create a soundtrack. In the last module, you will know all about the finer nuances of directing a documentary film.

Screen writing course

There are 25 seats for this course. It is of 12 weeks' duration, scheduled every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Fee: Rs.20,000/-.

What you will learn

There are ten modules in this course. What is interesting is that the course begins with explaining the aesthetics of storytelling and how to structure a story around a theme and characters. Then you learn the importance of researching for a script and drawing up a screenplay. Other modules include dialogue writing, drawing a storyboard, rewriting the script for the screen, understanding plans for lighting and the individual roles which a writer, producer and director play vis-à-vis the script and story.

Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage course

There are 25 seats for this course for the duration of 12 weeks. The classes are from 6 pm to 8 pm, four days a week.

Fee: Rs. 8,000/-.

What you will learn

There are four modules, namely:
  1. Defining Folklore and Folkloristics.

  2. Performance traditions

  3. Arts and Crafts tradition.

  4. Safeguarding Folklore, Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

You will be exposed to the folk cultural heritage of India and also get a western perspective of it. In-depth training of the theoretical and practical kind will be provided on documenting and archiving information and artifacts, including doing this in digitalized content. Various aspects of intellectual property rights will be covered as well. An important part of the course will be UNESCO's program on safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). That is, you will learn how to prepare an ICH dossier, draw up a national inventory and get involved in a program of the cultural mapping of heritage.

Open Access for Librarians

There are 25 seats for this course which covers 12 weeks. The classes are from 10 am to 5 pm every Saturday only.

Fee: Rs.8,000/-.

What you will learn

Other than learning about the basic concepts of open access, its benefits, and challenges, this course will enable you to learn about specific types of automation and digital software and the ones used for management of content. Later modules incorporate types of repositories and studying details of the Creative Commons (CC) license, UNESCO Open Access initiatives will also form part of the course.

Research Methodology

This course also has 25 seats and is for 12 weeks, with classes twice each week. The timings are from 5 pm to 7 pm on Fridays and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

Free: Rs. 10,000/-.

What you will learn

Beginning with updating your knowledge about what research really means and its objectives in the first module, you will move on to learning the varied types of research and conducting reviews of literature in the next two modules. In the fourth module, the concept of Hypothesis comes to the fore with interesting information about testing the Hypothesis through the Z-test, T-test, F-test, and the Chi-square test. Module five is about Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Module six delves into the methods used in the collection of data, and module seven on the characteristics and methods of sampling. Module eight deals with the all-important issue of IPR and the basics of plagiarism. A more detailed understanding of plagiarism and how to use tools to detect it will be covered in module nine of 'E-Research Literacy'. Bibliometrics and other forms of Reference Management & Citation Analysis is part of module 10. The last and final module 11 will cover data research and management and development of documentation and professional writing skills.

How to apply

You have to apply using the prescribed application form:

The completed application form can be sent via email to or by post to:
OSD (Academics), Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts,
11, Mansingh Road,
New Delhi-110011.

Important dates

  • Last date of the receipt of applications: 9th September 2019.

  • Notification about the admission of candidates: 11th September 2019.

  • Last date of paying the course fees: 13th September 2019.

  • Commencement of the course: 16the September 2019.

Contact information

For any enquiry Ph: 011-23388241.

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