Five simple tips for choosing the best tires for your car

Are you looking for new tires for your car? Check out this car buying tips to choose the right tires for your vehicle.

Every part of the car is important. If one isn't functioning properly, other components may not work as well and can get damaged. A driver should also know that driving with a defective part can lead to danger for his or herself, their passengers, and the people around them. One of the parts that need constant attention is the tires.

Tires are responsible for bearing the weight of the whole vehicle. Your wheels or tires also have work with steering, for speed, and even stopping the car. Without wheels, your car isn't a car at all. As with every part of your vehicle, your tires are subject to a lot of wear and tear. It's normal to see a tire with some damage. However, too much damage can result in serious accidents.

Change your tires if there's excessive wear and try to check your wheel alignment. Improper wheel alignment causes uneven wearing on the sides of your wheels and cause damage to the inner part of the tire. Since there's a lot to know about tires, choosing the best for your car might confuse you. Here are some tips to help you with that:

Size Matters

Before buying new tires, you have to know the size. If you don't know the size of your tires, you can check the wheels for specific letters and numbers. Here's an example:

"P215/65R15 95H"

The P stands for a passenger car. If you're driving a pickup truck, the letters could be LT meaning Light Truck. The first three numbers indicate the width of the tire in millimeters.

The R refers to the method that the wheel was constructed. R means Radial, while some wheels can have B for Belted or D for Diagonal bias. The numbers next to the R is the diameter of the tire in inches.

The 95 indicates the load or the weight that a wheel is supposed to support. The larger the number, the more weight a wheel can handle. A 95 is equivalent to about 1,500 lbs. The H determines the safe speed at which a tire is designed to run. H is equal to 130mph.

Pro tip: Some owners of pickup trucks often mismatch their wheels to get a more robust look on their vehicles. The front wheels are smaller while the back wheels are standard or even larger. Mismatching the front tires can result in more pressure and can quickly wear them out.

Choosing the right type

As with size, selecting the right kind of tire is also crucial. There are several types to choose from, depending on the car's function and the running surface it's intended to run. There are about six tire types that you should know about, they are:

  • All-Season: These tires are built for every season. These tires are usually the stock wheels on your car.
  • Winter Tires: Winter tires are designed to help cars run smoothly during winter. Some tires also include an anti-skid chain.
  • Summer Tires: Tires that are resilient to hot surfaces and the summer season. Use these tires if you have long drives during summer. These tires prevent blowouts from quickly happening.
  • Terrain Tires: All-terrain tires are incredibly durable and is built for vehicles who like wallowing through all sorts of terrain such as mud, sand, gravel, river beds, etc.
  • Performance wheels: These wheels are for racing and heavy workload vehicles such as trucks and police cars.
  • Spare tires: Used when you have a flat or a missing tire. Although spares are durable enough, they are temporary fixes and do not have the full features of a standard tire.

  • Branded tires are excellent choices

    Although there are lots of variables for choosing tires that perfectly fit and work for your car, the brands mentioned below performed best:

    1 - Michelin
    2 - Yokohama
    3 - Bridgestone
    4 - Continental
    5 - Goodyear

    Don't let the list limit your choices. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of factors to consider when choosing the right brand for your car. Brands like Pirelli, Hankook, and Dunlop are also good choices to consider, as well.

    Don't Buy Second Hand Tires

    Don't ever buy second-hand tires. Although these tires look good at close inspection, its performance might be doubtful once you take it out for a drive. Avoid the hassle and opt for brand new tires.

    It's a different situation when you buy a used car with used tires. Tires should always be part of your criteria when choosing used cars in Kerala. If the tires look normal and have a reasonable amount of wear and tear, then it's good to go. If you're skeptical, you can ask a professional for a vehicle maintenance checklist to see if they can still recommend the tires for you.

    Pro tip: Check the wheels for unusual wear and tear. If the wearing isn't evenly distributed around the tire, the chances are that the car has alignment problems. Improper alignment causes tires to run out faster than usual.

    Choosing between Air or Nitrogen

    The air inside your tires also matter. Regular air and Nitrogen are the two choices to choose from. Ordinary air is much cheaper and is more common. For daily drivers, the best option is going for regular air.

    For drivers who have high-performance vehicles such as race cars or heavy trucks, Nitrogen is an excellent choice. Nitrogen is an inert gas which doesn't attract a lot of moisture. Moisture supports tire aging and can be very dangerous if you need tires that demand a heavier workload.


    Every part of a car is essential, and that includes the tires. Choosing a tire can be difficult if you don't know the size and the type of tires that your vehicle uses. As much as possible, avoid buying used tires as they can have a lot of wear and tear.

    The type of air also matters when choosing a tire. For casual driving and regular use, it's good to opt for regular air. Nitrogen is best for those who have vehicles who do a lot of work, such as trucks and racers. You should also choose a brand that you think will work well with your needs.

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    Author: K Mohan08 May 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

    The author has given the best five simple tips for choosing the best tires for the cars. But some cars are coming with factory suggested brands and the rims are made to suit a particular brand of tires only. In that case, we cannot make a choice but to use the same or purchase the same kind of brand for future use.

    Changing all the tires for the car would mean much money and hence the position of the tires can be rotated and then decide as to which tire has to be discarded to buy new or go for the retreaded one. There are some retreading companies which take the old tires and make it new with their hot or cold process which can withstand as the new tire for a few days.

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