How to overcome fear by taking game-changing decisions

Fear of the unknown, the unclear situation or unpredictable events, is what makes most of us stay where we are; those who are brave, take risks and progress further in their lives are actually those who know no fear at all. They take game-changing decisions. Based on some real life case studies, this article is an attempt at discussing some aspects of fear and how we may overcome such fear through such game changing decisions.


Fear is normally associated with timid people. Most of fear happens when either parent does too much of doting. The child starts to think that the world is all about the parent. If there is a small deviation, he or she is just not able to understand what is going on. He or she gets frightened at very small things. Like just seeing a dog.This then becomes a habit which transforms itself into some sort of a reservation in doing anything new or undertaking some risk and so on. In other words, fear becomes a negative emotion in sort of making us numb. We are often unconsciously doing nothing at all.

Be that as it may, this article examines a) Why fear happens in most of us b) Accepting risk as a way of life c) Allowing children to be a lot more independent d) Following examples of fearless people and e) Ensuring that we have minimum for our safety and then taking big risks.

Why fear happens in most of us

Try as hard as we might, it is virtually impossible for most of us to even acknowledge or agree that we have fear within us. We are afraid to cross the road or drive a two wheeler through big traffic areas. We would rather park our vehicle in some place and walk through the bazaar area. The "what if?" Feelings prompt us all the way. Yet, it is this same feeling which is the cause of all all fears.

Guess what we do if some good friend comes calling and prompts us to invest in land in an area that is not fully developed today, but with promise of being fully developed five years from now? Doubts rule our mind? What if I loose my job? What if either me or my wife falls sick? One such question cross our minds, we are driven to inaction. Those who take a risk, do so. They simply go ahead and invest. Rs 41,000 for two plots invested in the year 1984, in an area that did not even have bus facility, today, at a busy area near Avadi, Chennai, is worth Rs 1.6 crores. They are a total of almost 2900 square foot and properly fenced. The son, now abroad, had built a lovely house on it some six years ago. The proud father, whose decision was even ridiculed by many relatives on those days ( he had withdrawn some Rs30,000 from his PF).

Fear is something that should never strike us in such decisions. We should keep all the useless " what if" questions away. Even today, there are good investment options, 25 kilometers away from city centers in many cities. This author is told that these options are now coming up even in cities like Nellore, Kadappah and Tirupati in AP and in Hubli in Karnataka. Fear of the unknown is the worst culprit. We should squarely face any situation and go in for the best investment, in any given situation. That itself would be the game-changing decision in future.

Accept risk as a way of life

Picture this situation. Your son has saved some six hundred thousand rupees. He has around four years experience as a Senior Engineer in manufacturing. He wants to quit his job and join the prestigious ISB. He had written the examination and has been admitted to it too, getting the seat after stiff competition. The relatives warn you that this is the worst time to take a big loan and support him. Yes, the loan is given only in his name by a leading bank.

Your gut feel is that by Feb 2020, there will be better times and your son will still get a good job. Your uncle, who has a good pharmacy business at Hyderabad, asks you to take the risk. Ultimately, this is exactly what a parent has done now. The boy is still only 26 years old. After all, the Indian Service sector is still okay. After all, he had reasoned, even if the boy gets an annual package of Rs12 lakh, he can still repay the loan in 30 months or so.

Similarly, in every walk of life, we need to take risks. We need to be able to reason out what is best for us and then take the risk. The key is to take the plunge and take the game-changing decision.

Allowing children to be a lot more independent

Some 18 months ago, a very young girl had to accompany her husband abroad. She was a very intelligent engineer. The husband wanted her to enroll herself for the MBA course near his workplace. Yes, the girl was new to the country. She had to start a new life. Parents on either side refused to go that country at all. They reasoned out that the young people have to manage on their own.

This is exactly what happened. They have somehow found their way to live. The visa problem is a big issue. However, the young couple and their parents on either side are determined to face any situation. This is exactly what we should do. In fact, we should encourage our children to do all they can on any given situation and manage on their own. Excessive doting does not help at all. It is commonly observed that children who are taught to be brave at any point in their life, even at school or at college, are far more independent and without fear at most periods of their life. The game-changing decision, in this case, thus far, is the decision of both parents on either side to allow the young couple all the challenges of the unknown. It is also very clear that if they need to come back to India, the boy will still get a job to survive and his wife would seek a job in whatever city her husband is based in. When such risks are taken, when such bold game-changing decisions are taken, the rest just falls in place.

Following examples of fearless people

The tea shop owners from Kerala, are the best examples of fearless people. They are so brave. They branch off into any small area of any small town. Invariably, they mingle with the local population and the taste of their tea brings in hundreds of new customers. They keep on adding new items to the mere tea. Count the number of these hard-working Nair community guys in various parts of Coimbatore city and one can notice a good number of entrepreneurs. Each one of them is good, they are so honest and so hard-working.

The branded K.R. Bakes, a famous bakery in the city, us one such story of a very hard working entrepreneur. One should note that this is one business that does not have any recession.This branded outlet has so many branches in Coimbatore city today. If we look around, we can see such examples of superb people, who would have done all the hard work. The owner would never have reached today's position, if he did not take crucial decisions to stay invested at every step and also perfect the art of catering to different customers.

Ensuring that we have minimum for our safety and then taking big risks

It is always wise to invest in long-term recurring and fixed deposits. We should also have one corpus, of say seven hundred thousand rupees, parked in a good balanced fund with a leading mutual fund like the HDFC. The rest should be pumped into setting up some service business, which can grow and keep us having continued income. This is the set pattern of small entrepreneurs in three cities of Coimbatore, Madurai and Tiruchirapalli, that this author knows of. In one particular case, the couple has a stationery shop in a busy residential area. The woman opens it at 6AM. She manages it for sometime before the husband, now retired, takes over. To cut down on overheads, the man has still not employed any assistant. Somehow or the other, the couple manage.

The couple have two sons, and one of them is employed in a very good company, while the other guy is into the final phase of his CA examination. Yet, the man and his wife want to do the business for another ten years. This is more or less the story in other cases too. Entrepreneurs are also 50 plus in age. In this case, the motivation has come from his wife, who has since demolished all fears of the husband. Today, they are fearless, to put it mildly.
This author would like to mention only examples that he would know personally. Yes, there could be other such examples from other areas as well.


Risk-taking, when properly implemented, can help us live far better. We just need to look around for inspiration. Fear is something that is best avoided in any given situation. The key is the game-changing decision that needs to be taken. Given today' s conditions when a recession is on, the game-changing decisions need to be taken a lot more than ever before.

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Author: Venkiteswaran29 Apr 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The best way to remove fear is to 'face it, fight it and finish it". The world is now undergoing such fear. The fear of Coronavirus. Fear occurs about something which we do not know fully well, but at the same time are aware of something negative. Hence the first thing to remove fear is to have proper awareness. It is like having a torch when going out at night. The torchlight can make us see the path clearly. Similarly, clear knowledge and awareness can remove fear and make things clear to us. Once we know about it, we can prepare to face and fight the cause of fear. Then we can finish it and be free from fear.

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