The biggest battle of my life - part 1

There is a famous quote which states- "With all hard work and effort, you can achieve anything". But my question is, do we get what we want always?. This story unveils about a teenage girl who fought the biggest battle of her life with all her strength to save the hero of her life. Its a truly tragic story of my life.

The Verdict

It was the month of June 2018, a sky full of dark clouds and thunderstorms. This was the day of the verdict and only after this my entire life changed and became upside down. It was the day when I got his medical reports; my hands were already shaking I had no guts to open the file. Suddenly even before I could notice anything someone took the file from my hands. I turned aside to see who it was; it was my sister. She was also equally tensed and worried. With some guts, she opened the file and started spreading her eyes all over the pages. After a few seconds, something made her eyes stuck at a word with a big question mark on her face. Lifting her eyes she spelled a word CA-Carcinoma and asked me what is it? I was shocked. For a while, I regretted why I took biology in my junior college as I knew the meaning of that medical term. I lost my senses.

Reality Check

Well, the reports declared cancer. A word which we even don't like to hear and such a thing happening to our loved ones gives the worst feeling in life. Even thinking of it happening with the love of my life was already killing me from inside. I guess I forgot to tell you - the love of my life here in my story is not any handsome guy or prince charming and not even less than them. He is my superhero, my first love, my mentor my dad. Yes, my dad. A man of words, principles, discipline and having immense and unconditional love towards his family. How can he not be my first love?! The best thing I have so far experienced is a father-daughter relation. It's very special and beautiful.

With all these things on one side, I had another side of my life as a student of engineering and I really had to focus on that too. My semester-2 exams were ahead but also at some point I had confidence that I can clear all subjects without studying much. However, I left everything aside and started researching cancer. I used to spend hours on the internet surfing about it and related topics, I also made a diary and used to pen down the useful notes in it. I started staying at home more than in a hostel. We took some weeks to decide how we were going to treat it.

After that, we scheduled the first chemotherapy. Firstly it was very scary as I watched other patients going through it. My eyes used to get filled with water when I watched small children even some of a few months suffering such a terrible disease. It was so hard to accept the fact that some of the patients didn't even have enough money to pay their medical bills. Watching all this made me realize the worst phase of our life had started. Fighting cancer is nothing less than fighting a battle. After a few more chemotherapies, the doctor informed us that the cancer cells were poorly differentiated which meant that it was spreading rapidly, and the worst nightmare began.

This is the end of part 1. Please wait for part 2 to know what happened afterwards.


Author: Sanjeev Gupta12 Sep 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Yes, it's like a mountain breaking on your head when you hear that your loved one have cancer. A similar thing happened with us when my mother had a lump in the armpit which she ignored but once it grew up she got worried and showed it to my wife. My wife took her to the doctor immediately and through many tests and biopsy, it was confirmed that she had stage 2 breast cancer. We were all worried as we never ever had any patient of cancer in our family. Then started the rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The whole procedure took six months. That was a painful period for her and all of us but she handled it. Now she is fine but still when I hear of the word cancer my body shivers.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao13 Sep 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

It is true. When we know that someone whom we love very much is going to leave us it is difficult to cope up and digest and carry on. My mother in law suffered from the same problem and she refused to take any treatment. But somehow we made her accept and we tried our best but we couldn't save her. My wife struggled a lot and tried to see that she will be alright. But she passed away. It had become very difficult for me to console her. So I can understand the pain you suffer in those moments.

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