How to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer through AME course

Are you searching for details about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)? Do you wish to start your career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer? Read this article and get complete details about AME and how to get AME license in India.

In India, the aviation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries which have wide openings and career opportunities for aircraft maintenance engineers. To enter into the field of aviation and to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, candidates must clear AME-CET admission test and join Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course offered by the DGCA approved AME institutes. The scope and demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are high in India and so, those who wish to develop their career in the aviation industry and those who aspire to hold an AME license can join Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course and get the desired benefits.

About Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is 4-years license program which deals with the maintenance and repair of aircraft. It is a unique engineering course designed for those who have a strong passion to involve in aircraft inspection and repair works. The license course does not need any approvals from the AICTE. The four years duration of the AME course includes 2 years of the academic program and 2 years of practical training. The academic knowledge will be provided at AME institutes approved by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the training will be conducted in the flying environment. The syllabus covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the aircraft engineering, principles and components. After the successful completion of the academic program, the candidates will be issued with Completion of Course (COC) certificate and also stipend will be provided while undergoing the training program. DGCA issues AME practical training license to the candidates after clearing all the modules in the course. Members who hold AME license can work in the Government sector or Private sector in India and abroad. While considering the infrastructure facilities and placement opportunities, aircraft maintenance engineering college in Kochi is sought-after across the whole nation for the AME courses, thus helping the aspirant to become a highly successful Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, who is authorized to certify the maintenance of Aircraft, Aircraft Engine, and its components.

Who can apply for AME course?

Candidates who wish to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and obtain an AME license must satisfy the below-mentioned eligibility criteria to join the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course offered by AME approved institutes.

  1. Candidates must have passed 10+2 with non-medical stream or 3 years Engineering diploma in any stream approved by AICTE or any higher education in science with Mathematics and Physics at the time of admission.
  2. Candidates must have minimum 45% marks in 10+2 with PCM or equivalent.
  3. The age of the candidates must be between 16 and 28 years at the time of admission
  4. Candidates must not have any physical disabilities and color blindness

About AME License

AME License is an International License which is mandatory to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. In India, the AME license issued by DGCA, Government of India can be obtained only after the completion of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The AME license issued by DGCA is valid in both India and abroad. No one can do a job in aviation sector without an AME license. Only licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is authorized to sign on Flight Releasing Certificate (FRC) after inspecting the aircraft properly. AME with a valid license can do jobs in the aviation industry owned by both government and private sectors.

AME License Streams

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is classified into different streams and categories. Candidates can choose any stream and category depending upon their choice. The categories of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's licenses generally include Category A, B1, B2, B3 and C. Listed below are the license streams related to aircraft.


Category A license is the license issued for a technician. The primary role of a technician is to maintain the aircraft. License A is categorized as
  • License A1: License for technicians to maintain aeroplanes with jet engine.
  • License A2: License for technicians to maintain aeroplanes with a piston engine.
  • License A3: License for technicians to maintain helicopters with jet engine
  • License A4: License for technicians to maintain helicopters with piston engine

Mechanical Stream

The training for mechanical stream includes 2 categories- (i) Aeroplanes and Powerplants (ii) Helicopters and Powerplants. The training for aeroplanes and powerplants covers Light Aeroplanes (LA), Heavy Aeroplanes (HA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE). The training for helicopters and powerplants covers the concepts of Rotary Wing Aircraft (RA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE). The license will be issued after the completion of the training in specific stream and module.

B1 is the license issued for mechanical stream in aircraft. The various categories of B1 license is listed below
  • License B1.1: To certify the aeroplanes with Jet Engine
  • License B1.2: To certify the aeroplanes with Piston Engine
  • License B1.3: To certify the helicopters with Jet Engine
  • License B1.4: To certify the helicopters with Piston Engine

Avionics Stream

Similar to mechanical stream, special training and license are provided by AME institutes for avionics stream in aircraft. B2 is the license issued for avionics stream in aircraft. The license B2 can be obtained in the following categories
  • Instrumental System(IS)
  • Electrical System(ES)
  • Radio Navigation and Communication System(RN)

Skills required for an AME

To become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, it is mandatory to hold an AME license. But having an AME license alone is not enough to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Aircraft maintenance and inspecting the safety of an aircraft are the major work of an AME because an aircraft can fly only after the approval of an AME. So, AMEs must possess some additional skills other than the license to become a highly-skilled engineer. The extra skills which are helpful for an AME are mathematical ability, communication skills, accountability for the protection of aircraft, confidence, positive attitude, ability to work with a team and ability to work in odd hours.

Roles and Responsibilities of an AME

The job of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is to inspect an aircraft, diagnose problems in the aircraft, report the problems if there are any and finally solve them. The entire safety and protection of an aircraft are in the hands of an AME and hence it is the responsibility of them to inspect properly. Since aircraft are made of numerous parts, electrical and electronic systems, engines and latest technologies, the entire aircraft must be maintained regularly by the Aircraft Engineers. Most importantly, it is the duty of a licensed AME to inspect and troubleshoot the problems in the aircraft before it takes off.

Career Opportunities

Aeronautical engineering and Aerospace Engineering are the popular Aviation and Aeronautics courses preferred by the students. But Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is one of the interesting professional courses which provide a license equivalent to a degree in the aviation industry and also it gives a wide set of career opportunities for AMEs in the aviation industry across the world. The candidates who have completed the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course and obtained an AME license has job opportunities in airlines, MRO industries, aircraft part manufacturing companies, aircraft manufacturing companies, aviation training centres, flying clubs, aircraft operation organizations and civil defence forces.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is the perfect choice of study for those who are excited to know about aircraft engineering and its principles. Also, it is an apt choice for those who wish to start their career in a new field other than medicine and regular engineering programs. To know more about AME license and DGCA norms, visit the official website of DGCA.

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Author: Umesh07 Sep 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

This is an elaborate article useful for students who want to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Seeing the phenomenal rise in the aviation sector in India, it makes sense to go for these courses and secure a license from DGCA for the repair of the aircraft in a particular category. Today the job condition in our country is not good and even the qualified engineers and MBA people are finding it difficult to get an appropriate job as per their qualification and capability. In such a scenario this looks like a great opportunity as getting the job of repair and maintenance engineer will be easier than that of the qualified engineers, that is, B.E. and B.Tech. in other streams. Students who have done their 10+2 with PCM stream can take advantage of this good prospect for making a career in the field of aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft are very costly items and it is imperative that the airlines will like to run their fleet for a longer time by maintaining them in the best possible manner. In this respect the responsibilities of the repair and maintenance technicians are multifold but at the same time, it will be a paying job for those who are experienced and are capable to find and rectify faults quickly in the various types of aircraft engines and peripheral assemblies. In a nutshell, the opportunities brought out in this article are worth trying for.

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