IT: Chapter 2 movie review

It: Chapter two is the sequel to the movie It which was released in the year 2017. It is a horror movie about an entity known simply as It who terrorise and then kill children in a small American town. A group of kids who had defeated It in the first part return to their hometown upon realising that the entity has come back. The movie has been released in India on 6th of September.

When IT was released in the month of September 2017, it broke several records. The first part of the movie based on Stephen King's work and inspired by the 1990s TV miniseries was a breakout success as it only nabbed a USD 123 million opening weekend, but was also one of the highest grossing R rated movies ever. Without adjusting for inflation, IT is the highest grossing horror movie with box office receipts of more than USD 300 million in USA alone.

The second part of the series title IT: Chapter 2 was released last week. For starters, the movie concerns a demonic entity which kills children in a small town of Derry. It can take any appearance but generally terrorizes children in the form of a clown named Pennywise. In the first movie, a bunch of kids headed by Bill whose younger brother was killed by it, takes on the entity and defeat him. The sequel is set 27 years later when the group receive the news that it has returned and so they decide to come back to finish him off. The movie stars Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy in the lead with Bill Skarsgård returning as the titular entity.


Post events of the summer of 1989, the members of the Losers' club take a vow to return to Derry if It returns in the future. Now it is 2016 and only one member of the club, Mike Hanlon, is residing in the town while others have taken up different careers and living in the cities. When a young guy is killed in a chillingly similar fashion, Mike realises that It has returned. He calls up the remaining guys and ask them to come back to finish what they had started. However the tragedy strikes even before they step a foot in their old town. Stan, one of the members, commits suicide. Already battling their inner demons, the group finds itself in a spot of bother as they must confront their fears and take on It which has only grown stronger. Do they succeed? Check out the movie in the nearest theatre to find out


What set It apart from the other recent horror movies was its premise. A bunch of mostly socially unfit kids taking on a demonic entity is a pretty exciting concept. Unlike most of the horror films where adults are in lead and the children only serve as victims, It has a very fascination concept at core. Along with affinity for the original work of Stephen King, this premise worked in a big way in drawing the fans of horror genre to the theatre. That case is not here as the adults replace kids in the sequel and so the novelty factor is lost. But other than that, the movie mostly delivers.

As a primarily horror movie, It: Chapter 2 has plenty of scary moments and few of them are very good. Yes, the thrill of the opening sequence of the first part is not there, but that should not be expected as well. As a primarily horror movie, the sequel ticks most of the boxes right. It falters when it comes to the drama part. The adults are not as much fun as the kids were in the first part. The issues sound trivial and the interactions between the adults lack chemistry. The vulnerability of the kids in the face of an unknown demon provided the first part with an urgency and thrill which is lacking in the second part when It is not in the picture. The run time of the movie is at over two and half hours and could have been shortened to make it more edgy.

The actors are mostly fine though James McAvoy still gives a feeling that he is recuperating from the events of X-Men: Dark Phoenix. He is a good actor and so I expected him to do better. Jessica Chastain is one of my favourite actresses whom I have seen time and again delivering strong performances in tough female roles. Horror flicks don't give a similar scope and so she has done well comparatively. Yet again, it is Bill Skarsgård who walks away with most of the applause. His It is terrifying and an absolute delight for the horror movie aficionados. Audience waited eagerly for arrival on the big screen.

In the end I would like to reiterate that though not as wonderful as the first part, It: Chapter 2 works as a solid horror movie and can be experienced on the big screen.


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