How to Apply for E-Pan Card in India

The new initiative of the Income Tax Department in India has led to the introduction of e-PAN card and people can use this service to obtain the card quickly by applying online. Presently, this card is issued to the individual taxpayers due more number of people applying for PAN. However, this facility cannot be availed by people who already have PAN. It is available free of cost and only for a restricted time. Also, e-PAN is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Eligibility of e-PAN

If you want to apply for PAN card in India, you have to meet the following requirements.

  • The individual must be a resident of India.

  • You must not hold a PAN already.

  • The facility applies to the individual taxpayers and not to the company or HUF.

  • The individual applying for e-PAN card must also hold the Aadhar card.

  • The mobile phone number of the individual applicant must be linked to the Aadhar card.

  • The details mentioned in the Aadhar card must be correct and updated.

  • If you fulfil the above-mentioned criteria, you can go ahead and find out the steps at and follow them to complete the procedure.

    Feature of the e-Pan Card

  • Aadhar Based Authentication System for the verify any pan card applicant.

  • Official use for any type of work anywhere digitally.

  • Easily saved in govt authorised apps like digilockers etc.

  • Fasted Process to getting pan card

  • Stepwise procedure to apply for e-PAN card

    The following are the steps you need to follow when applying for e-PAN card in India.
  • The first step is to log on to the official website

  • While applying for this format of PAN card, the applicant must choose and tick in the respective places whether he or she is interested to obtain only e-PAN and a physical copy of the PAN card or only an e-PAN card. The physical PAN card is sent to the address mentioned in the application form and the e-PAN card is sent to the email.

  • The applicant must provide the complete details of Aadhar card while filling the application form and after the completion must submit it. For the completion of this online application to obtain e-PAN card, the applicant needs to sign on a blank paper and scan it with the following specifications. The following are the requirements to be followed for the signature:
  • Resolution – 200 DPI

  • File Type - JPEG

  • Type – Color

  • Size – 10 KB maximum

  • Dimensions – 2 x 4.5 cm

  • After attaching the scanned copy of the signature, the application is considered complete and you will receive a 15-digit acknowledgement number on your email or mobile number that is mentioned on your application. You will also receive an alert through email or through SMS as soon as the PAN card is allotted.

  • You can also check and track the status of e-application with the help of the 15-0digit acknowledgement number you receive.

  • Uses of e-PAN card

    The PAN card containing the permanent account number is an integral part of the identity of Indian citizens. However, the popularity of the e-PAN card can help to mitigate the huge volumes of applications that are submitted each year. The good thing is that the e-PAN card enjoys a similar status as the physical PAN card and is equally acceptable for every purpose. This card is now the most valid document that is needed to be produced for tally the transactions that are equal to or more than Rs 50, 0000 and allows the Income Tax Department in this country to watch the financial transactions by reducing tax evasion. Here are the few areas in which the e-PAN card you get can come to help.

    1. For opening bank account
    When you open a bank account for the first time, you have to mention the PAN number in the application whether it is in the private or public bank. Moreover, if you need to deposit an amount exceeding or equal to RS 50,000, you have to provide the PAN number along with the said transaction. The PAN number must also be quoted when you are applying for a credit card.

    2. Selling and buying of property and vehicle
    A lot of money is usually involved during property transactions. Therefore, if you want to buy or sell something that is worth five lakhs or more, you must submit a copy of your PAN card. If the transaction takes place in joint names, the PAN number of the joint property holder is also to be provided. Similarly, PAN card number becomes mandatory when you are buying or selling vehicle worth five lakhs or more.

    3. Filing the IT returns
    If you are eligible to pay income tax, you must file the IT returns and the PAN card number must be provided with this document that is needed for filing IT returns.

    4. New telephone connection
    When you plan to get a new telephone connection either for your home or business, you must submit the details of PAN as the Government of India recommends the major telecom companies to get the details.

    5. New investment
    Whether you are looking forward to investing in small or large investments, you must disclose the details of PAN as well. When you are keen to sell securities above the amount of five lakhs, you have to mention the PAN details as well.

    6. Applying for loan
    If you want to apply for a vehicle or home loan, it is necessary to furnish the details of the PAN card to get the approval faster.

    When you apply for e-PAN card, you can save your energy and time as you can apply online easily. You do not need to run anywhere or submit the physical documents. More importantly, you need to wait only a few days for the delivery of this card to your email address whereas the delivery of the physical card can take longer.

    Due to the significance of PAN card submission for various purposes as mentioned above, applying for the e-PAN card is the best solution when you need to submit it urgently for various purposes. Not only is the time needed to apply for e-PAN is less, but you can provide all the details of the Aadhar card to complete the application quickly.

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