Review of Malayalam Movie – Uyare

This article is a review of the Malayalam movie named Uyare. The word Uyare which is a Malayalam word means Rise. The movie was an emotional rollercoaster ride. The story revolves around a girl who aspires to be a pilot. But due to bad karma, she becomes an acid attack survivor.


Uyare is a 2019 Malayalam film which is directed by Manu Ashokan and written by Bobby and Sanjay. The film is produced by Shenuga, Shegna and Sherga, the sister-trio. Main roles are handled by Parvathy Thiruvoth, Tovino Thomas and Asif Ali. The story is about an acid attack survivor who saves many lives. It powerfully depicts women empowerment. The filming was started in November 2018 and completed in January 2019. It was released on 26 April 2019 in India. It consists of three songs which are directed by the famous music director Gopi Sundar. The movie was a box office hit.


The lead roles are played by Parvathy Thiruvoth, Tovino Thomas and Asif Ali. Parvathy Thiruvoth plays the role of Pallavi Raveendran, the heroine of the movie who is an aspiring pilot then becomes an acid attack survivor. Tovino Thomas plays the role of Vishal Rajashekharan, a leading character who is the son of a business magnate. And Asif Ali plays the role of Govind Balakrishnan, the psycho antagonist, and lover of Pallavi. There are a few honorable support roles throughout the movie. One is portrayed by Siddique as Pallavi's father Raveendran. Anarkali Maraikar as Sariya D'Costa, Pallavi's friend.


The story revolves around Pallavi Raveendran who aspires to be a pilot. She has got a lover, Govind Balakrishnan who has a highly obsessive personality. He is possessive about Pallavi and was an authoritarian person. He had a nature of self-harming. Pallavi gets admission for pilot training in Mumbai. One day Pallavi had to lie about her whereabouts to Govind due to his authoritarian strictness when she had to go for a dinner out with her co-trainers. Due to Govind's enforcing nature, Pallavi takes courage to break up with him by telling him to get lost from her life when he verbally abuses her and tells her to abandon her classes and move with him abroad. That infuriates Govind and when the time comes, he throws acid on Pallavi and escapes, ensuring that no one is watching his revenge to her actions. That changes her life entirely. The acid disfigures her beautiful face, also weakening one of her eyes. Eventually, she has to give up her dream job when her pilot license gets canceled.

Pallavi seeks help from the judiciary for the incident happened to her. But the case is dismissed by the court since they couldn't provide enough proof. She gets back home in deep agony. Her friend from the pilot training program, Sariya D'Costa, gives her courage and asks her to come back to Mumbai even though she proceeds with the court case. During the journey to Mumbai, Pallavi again meets Vishal Rajashekharan, who was the son of a business magnate. She reveals herself as being an acid attack survivor. When Vishal makes a promise with her that she can ask any help from him, she asks him to give her a job of the air hostess to teach him to give false hope to anyone especially to someone who is not beautiful. That touches Vishal's heart deeply. After the flight, Vishal tries to bring up the topic to his father but is turned down by the firm. He takes the courage to live-stream the news which gets media attention and public attention. Hence the firm Cloud9 takes Pallavi in and trains her to be an air hostess. Everyone welcomes her with a warm heart. Soon her depression is relieved, and confidence builds up in her. She becomes the old cheerful Pallavi before the attack.

Vishal falls in love with her and wanted to confess it on his birthday, but she politely refuses by saying the friendship is everything to her now and he is her good friend. On her next flight, Govind boards the flight and tries to talk to Pallavi. He confronts her about the court case and tells her to take back the case which will ruin his future. He also provokes her with harsh words about her wellness. Pallavi throws water on him during the flight. Govind complains against Pallavi on this issue and it becomes viral on social media. Vishal had to ask Pallavi to publicly apologize on this issue if she wants to remain in her job in the company which she refuses to do and quits. He then gives her the notice period of one month from that day. Knowing this incident, Pallavi's father secretly attacks Govind. The court files a case against Govind on the acid attack issue and his advocate informs that he will be punished for 5 years. They then go for an appeal to the high court. This creates a dread in Govind and he tries to self-harm by creating a bike accident.

One day before the end of her career, a dangerous incident happens. The pilot of the flight becomes unconscious and the flight goes out of control. During that critical situation, Pallavi takes over the pilot seat even though she has a rejected pilot license. The air traffic controllers are concerned about her ability and call Vishal to get her out from the cockpit. But Vishal trusts her on this mission and gives courage to her. He had to sign some paper work about this later. After many breath-taking minutes passes, Pallavi was able to emergency-land the flight which saves the lives of all passengers and the captain. On her last day, Pallavi knows about Govind's accident. That day she bids farewell to Vishal. She thanks him for giving her one last chance to be a pilot in her lifetime. During the flight, a boy gives Pallavi a rose by saying his father was also there in the flight which Pallavi taken care of. The movie ends in an emotional note when the captain salutes her through the announcement.


The movie has 3 beautiful songs -
  • Pathinettu Vayasilu – Christakala

  • Nee Mukilo – Sithara, Vijay Yesudas

  • Kaattil Veezha – Shakthisree Gopalan

My Take On The Movie

I enjoyed watching Uyare. It was such an amazing experience to know this story. Throughout the movie, I picturized myself in the shoes of Pallavi and I bet every woman who saw the movie did the same and felt the agony deep down in our heart. The story tells a true act of bravery and empowerment. In one or two shots, the movie shows us about the real acid attack survivors in Mumbai and that was wonderful to know they are confident with themselves. Such a passionate movie with a great storyline. I will watch it over and over again.


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