Karnataka crisis - political turmoil is an ultimate loss to the people

This article discusses the political instability which is ultimately resulting in a social crisis or as the 'Karnataka crisis'. Politics is an important aspect of society but it can never surpass the social aspect which is the ultimate aim of any political group or institution. Such events waste the time and money of people and disrespect the people's choice. The preamble of the Constitution of India starts from 'We the people of India' an not 'I the individual of India'.

30th 0ctober 1967 was a day in Haryana which signifies the mockery of people's consent in the world's largest democracy. On this day Gaya Lal an MLA practiced 3 defections in a single day (Congree to JD). Minister Rao Virendra Singh introduced him as 'Aya Ram gaya Ram' (Ram came Ram gone) to the public. Since then, this statement has been used in several cartoons and for comedy. This was the moment for the law makers as well as the constitution itself to ponder upon the arbitrary defection issue which is heavily associated with people and disqualifying those MPs/MLAs who disrespect the people's consent.

History of the law

This law came into force from 1st March, 1985 and became a part of the constitution under the 10th schedule by the means of 52nd amendment. The law consists of 4 criteria on the basis of which an MP/MLA can be disqualified: -
1. In case the MP/MLA drops her/his membership (and joins another party).
2. If a nominated MP/MLA joins a political party.
3. If an MP/MLA votes against her/his party lines in the assembly.
4. If an MP/MLA preserves her/his vote when the party needs the vote.

This law was however lenient and provided a convenient corner for the MP/MLA where they can drop the membership of their party if and only if minimum 1/3rd member of the party do so. This part of the law was made with the intention to provide a way out to the MP/MLA if they realize that their views are different from their party lines, but its leniency was used to practice mass defections by the means of black money, material comforts, and ignoring its effect on the people. Accordingly, the 91st amendment was made to the constitution under which the ration of 1/3rd MP/MLA of a party was increased to 2/3rd which is almost impossible for a large and reputed party, but now it seems MPs/MLAs have made their own conspiracy to dodge the law for self-interest.

Karnataka case

There are 224+1 (nominated) seats in Vidhan Sabha (Legislative assembly) of Karnataka. The 2019 elections result were as follows: -
INC – 79
JD(S) – 37
BJP – 105

A party willing to form a government in the state has to win a minimum half (of total seats) +1 i.e. 113 seats in the respective assembly. Initially BJP had max. number of seats but not enough to prove majority, so INC and JD(S) made a coalition government and proved their majority in the house. Suddenly, 16 MLAs [13 (Cong. + 3 JD(S)] resigned from their post which disturbed the number of seats bringing it down to 208, further bringing down the majority party seats to 105 (the no. of seats BJP had), and this might be a coincidence. The coalition government seats automatically fell to 100 and BJP initiated a no-confidence motion in the house in which the coalition was not able to prove its confidence and BJP formed the government.

However, this political turmoil leaded to an ultimate loss and disrespect of people's time, money and consent calling it as 'The Karnataka crisis.'

Demand for Reform in laws

The turmoil is not new, whether it is in Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Arunachal Pradesh, where unlawful activities are practiced frequently. This compels law makers and those who govern them to rethink and rebuild that part of the law which is letting such corrupt practices to happen, making it more rigid for the MP/MLA.

The law in this particular case was not enough to tackle the politics and conspiracy (if any as per evidences) of a political party. The speaker of the house is an ornamental, egalitarian and powerful post (Art. 190(3)) and is assigned with the responsibility to solve the parliamentary issue wit in the parliament. The MP/MLA needs to understand why is it so apart from their self-interest. The law makers need to think about the relationship between resignation and disqualification because this is the core issue of the Karnataka crisis.

Concluding view

Social activity of a country is an activity which fulfills the very aim of humanity i.e. welfare of people and further making the world a better place to live in. One needs to understand that politics is the means to power an not the aim of holding power. Our country or any democratic country of the world has the primary role of providing people a better environment for development and living a life of dignity. These days India is undergoing development at a comparatively better pace, but political uncertainty and instability is consuming the positive facts. India ranks 165 in global political stability index 2019 with a score of -0.83 (negatives).
We need to redirect our focus towards society more than on politics.


Author: Umesh21 Sep 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

The article presents a detailed analysis of the political system in our country with specific reference to the politicians changing sides and creating turmoil and disorder in the state legislative assembly. It has happened in many states at times even repeatedly also and shows bad precedent in India's politics. The politicians are behaving like the opportunists who are ready to change their loyalty and conduct on small pretexts. It naturally shows the feeble character of some of these leaders who do not have any conviction and principle in their life. Only thing is they want positions and facilities by hook or by crook. That is why India's score on these matters is very low in the global scenario. There is definitely a big need of understanding these things by the voters and society alike and choose the only deserving and good candidates during the election process so that the notorious and rowdy elements could be filtered out from coming to power. The citizens have to awaken to this enlightenment if we want good people to reach the governing seats.

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