The importance of employee onboarding and how does get started

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For every organization, employees make the most! Of course, there could be multiple factors which are responsible to run a company but ultimately the employees are the main structure who keep the things intact. There is a say, employees come first before customers and to all extent, this has been proved right. A good and retained employee is much more knowledgeable and can manage situations independently. But what makes an employee stay in an organization? What are the key factors which make him decide whether he should be continuing in the company or should move to another one?

There are no set patterns which can show that, because of these reason employees tend to be more loyal or what makes them happy and satisfied so that they think about organizations goals and work together to achieve it.

Whenever any organization does recruitment, the first process is employee onboarding. Onboarding is nothing but how they make the new employee settle in the organization. To make him comfortable, using his skills and retain him for the longer term. Everyone knows about the huge cost a company must incur while they recruit and imagine the same employees leave the company within a few months. That means, all the cost and resource go down the drain and how the cycle of recruitments keeps moving even if they don't want to. Then, how can organizations cope up with these situations? Why the term effective onboarding matters the most after the final selection in the entire recruitment process? Can an effective onboarding be helpful for the longer term?

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In short, onboarding is about the entire process of integrating a new employee, familiarizing with the company's policies, people and helping him settle for a longer period. If a company or HR team can manage it well and the employees retaining turnover is more then that's one of the best aspects of recruitment. One can say, the fruits of recruitment can be seen when employees settle in the organization and turned out productive in lesser time for which they have been hired!

Just like any other important process, effective onboarding cannot be ignored at any point of time. Remember, the early an employee settles, the better is for the company. He can perform well in a much shorter time and can help to achieve the organization's goal.

1. Retention of employees: An effective onboarding which stays from day one till the initial two years of joining can bring a positive change in the organization. Onboarding in not about a day's introduction on the very first day of joining but it starts from day one. Before only the documentation starts and new employees are made comfortable before they step-in on the first day. Also, this gives them the impression that a company do care for them and tries to make transparency in term of communication and responsibilities.

2. Reduces settling time: there are many studies which shows that an effective onboarding helps employees to settle in lesser time compared to when it is not done in a proper way. The impact is long lasting. This also helps in to create a healthy environment among employees. Of course, when there is more employee retention, the chances of getting optimum results are quite inevitable.

3. Better employee engagement: Any organization where most of the employees are old will always have an edge over those where they leave intermittently. Though making employees more satisfied and happier is every organization's goal but it starts from effective retention. Surveys say that employees who have been working since long can give better input and knowledge on team decision compared to new ones. As they know the working and experience make them more discreet and engaged for the organizational goals.

4. Reduces cost: The amount of resource a company spend on recruitment is huge. And if they are not able to retain those handpicked talent then all the hard work goes waste. The right onboarding which helps the employee to settle well in the company in a lesser time works as value addition. A retained employee is ultimately saving the cost and another resource which has been put to the selection process.

5. Healthy environment: Every company has its own set culture and work ethics. Anyone who is joining new need to adapt those as quickly as possible. The quicker the better it is for everyone but how? Here what effective onboarding talks about. Introducing him to the new team members, sharing about work culture, dressing code etc. and making him comfortable so that he can be turned to productive as soon as possible. Any new employee must be productive for which he is hired but onboarding can help how fast it can be which is surely important for an organization.

Recruitment and onboarding can go together, and one affects the other. An effective onboarding process requires lots of steps and implementing those can only bring the change to have more retained employees. Even though the process might take a longer time, but it is surely effective!

Article by Tony John
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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Sep 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

A very good article about the importance of an employee onboard. Recruitment is a long process and it costs a huge amount to the organisation. At the same time again the initial training and making the employee adjust to the new environs will again cost a lot to the company. So retaining him for a long time is very important. This is the duty of the boss of that person and the HR department. Giving them the required training and seeing that they understand the philosophy of the company is very important.
The first impression is the best impression concept works here also. When the newcomer comes to the organisation he should get a positive impression about the company and he should think that his choice is correct. Once he starts liking the atmosphere of the company he will start working hard and put his heart into the job. Then the organisation will definitely get the advantage of the new employees.
Some senior employees will never like the new recruits to get settled in their jobs and try to destabilise them. The HR department persons should be very careful in this aspect and see that the new employees will never get influenced by such people.

Author: Umesh28 Sep 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

A good article by the author on employee onboarding. The recruitment of the employees is an ongoing process and they are selected after a detailed interview or test. So generally good and talented people are selected for the organisation. This is one part of the story. The next part is more important and that is the smooth adaptation of these new people in the organisation. Every organisation has its own culture and a new person takes time to understand it thoroughly. He has to settle in this environment and start giving his output as stipulated for his position.

One way the companies accomplish it is part of a rigorous induction training which takes the new employees to each of the active element of the organisation so that he can get a feel of it. This induction training is much popular in many of the organisations in our country and removes the initial hiccups in the mind of the new employees. Companies can evolve their own training methods to acquaint the new incumbents to the culture and working of the company. It is to be noted that a good and amicable absorption of the new employees by the company is a sure way to get good productivity from them in the least time.

As is said that the first impression is the last impression, the new incumbent will be impressed by the company by the initial welcome and training measures presented to him. So, it is imperative that companies should give importance to employee onboarding programs.

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