Best pragmatic career planning ideas for Class 10 students

Students who study in the tenth standard are those who have to make a transition to a new career, because the choice of electives will determine the future career of a student. There are some basic steps that is advisable to follow in not only making good career choices, but also choosing the right further actions later in terms of higher education. Some ideas for good career planning for tenth standard students are discussed in detail in this article.


Good luck to all students who have enrolled in Standard ten and would be taking the Public Examination in under 365 days from now! You are now no more kids. Neither are you experts in choosing the right careers. There are chances that you would be confused.

So, what can be done? Across all State Boards of Higher Education and the CBSE you are now at crossroads. You need to take a big career decision right now. You have less than 365 days to execute it. Some subjects may or may not be there in some States. Yet, the pattern is more or less the same, irrespective of whether you study in English, Hindi, Tamil or any other medium.

If you choose the commerce group in plus two, you can never become a medical doctor. This means you have identified your real interest for highest education as either a chartered accountant or a cost accountant or a Fund Manager, or whatever. Or if you are interested in economics, you can do so. You just need to take up a good PG degree and then a doctorate. Today, the sky is the limit. You can even take up a job after graduation, earn some money and then quit to do a full-time course.

Be that as it may, the imperatives at this stage are a) Discuss career options only with significant others b) Never go into careers where you are not strong c) Be choosy about the degree course d) Go to the ultimate in terms of education e) Never close foreign options and f) Set your goals high.

Discuss career options only with significant others

Your friends are as intelligent or as ignorant as others. When they tell you something, chances are bright that they are wrong. You should do everything to find out all the details yourself. Let us discuss, for example, what you need to do to become a doctor. There could be a Government doctor known to you. Or a doctor who is your family doctor. Ask him all the doubts and visit the hospitals nearby. Get all the details about your career and even the courses that you can do abroad. Note down all the details and be clear. When you are in the plus one stage, the details will automatically become more clear. Hence, do not worry.

Similarly for instance, if you have chosen to be in the commerce group, you can do the cost accountancy course even without doing a regular B.Com degree course. Or if you are so keen on doing it, do it from a world-class college like the Loyola College, Chennai, the MCC, Chennai or the Christ University, Bangalore. Each of these institutions has the right ecosystem for you to really do the ICWA course in addition to your degree course. The decisions are so vital as these should be taken after thorough research and after due deliberations. Never be in a haste to do something that can land you in a mess, much later. Make sure to effectively use your time during the plus two-stage. Take up an unpaid internship in a chartered accountancy firm. Here, you can even understand the basics of income-tax, GST and so on. Such practical exposure will do you a world of good.

Never go into careers where you are not strong

Discuss this important point with your teacher or your parents or someone who knows you so closely. It could be your neighbor who is honest about what he is talking about. If you are weak in Mathematics, you should choose a career, where you will never deal with Mathematics at all. For instance, even a career in English literature is excellent. You can simply go places and land up even in China. It is in this country that doctorates in English literature are wanted now. Those with some years of experience quickly climb the career ladder there. This will enable you to stand out and do what suits you.

Be choosy about the degree course

If you are good in debates, win prizes in elocution competitions, have a taste for public speaking and so on, you can easily figure out the best for you. It is called B.Sc ( Visual communication). The best course in India was introduced in an autonomous college called the Loyola College, Chennai, which is world-famous for its quality and consistency of delivery of very high standards. Most of the famous names in the electronic media have graduated from here and this includes famous Tamil stars like Surya and Vijay as well. You must note to gather such details right now. The 365 days that you have at your disposal will help you to acquire the right sort of information. You should also note that there are advanced courses in both the UK and the USA in emerging fields like event management, after doing this degree from the same college.

Go to the ultimate in terms of education

Though you may be too young to understand the details of higher education, this is just about the time that you should gather maximum details on the ultimate courses that will fetch you the best of jobs. For instance, nothing less than a doctorate and a solid record in research will be enough for you to become a good economist. Once you have some years of experience, much will depend on the quality of the publications in your field. For instance, there are a good number of economists from India, who are too good at what is now called Behavioral Economics. Once you get all the details, you can also aspire to be there at that kind of level of excellence. All that you need is a focus on your career.

Never close foreign options

If for example, your father is based abroad and you are about to complete the tenth standard education here. After your plus two courses from the CBSE here in India, if there is a chance for you to go abroad to even pursue the first degree abroad, grab it. Do not hesitate to do it. Just grab the chance and you will be the winner. If it is going to be the USA, fine, go ahead. This is the Mecca of higher education in the world. This is so because everything is based on private sector funding and the kind of money that is poured into research runs into billions of dollars. The USA is what it is only because of its high standards of education in every field. For example, it leads the entire world in artificial intelligence. It will interest you to know that the initial lessons in Management were learned by giant organizations like Toyota of Japan, only from the US companies. The Japanese woke up to the reality that quality will make a difference to the market for cars. The US competitors blinked and the rest is history. The same history also bears the biggest truth that the USA leads the world in every possible field of excellence. In the practice of IT, it is highly advanced.

Set your goals high

This advice may seem monotonous. Your teachers might have already talked about it. However, the smartest people in the world are those who are armed with the best of information and action plans and this includes all of you. Contrary to what you think, your competitors are already working so hard to be ahead of you. Everywhere in the world, including India. The best choices in terms of careers will unfold in the next 365 days, and it is high time that you become aware of this fact. Mentally, be prepared for the best. Never compromise. Go abroad for the most advanced degrees. Go in for the best. Once you reach the ultimate levels in terms of education, your career will simply take off. The next 365 days are left for you to really gather a lot of information and get prepared for the best of careers in your chosen line of specialization.

All the best for a bright career ahead!


Career Planning is an art. It is an art that needs to be perfected only when you are ready. So it is imperative that you should be ready, as indicated by the advice given, which is based on the experience of this author.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Oct 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

True. Once we complete our SSC or tenth standard we have to select a subject to study in intermediate. Based on the subject you have selected your education path as well also the career path will be decided. But the students in the tenth class are still not aware of the actual trends in the job sector and what course is better to have a batter career will not be very clear to them. They have to depend more on the advice given by their elders or teachers or known persons.

At this stage, we can depend more on our teachers especially science and mathematics teachers. They know better than us on what subject we are good. They also know the market trend. So discuss with them before we decide on the subjects we are going to select in intermediate. I always used to depend on the teachers for such advice. Another option is to consult our elders who are studying in a higher class or are doing jobs. They may give you good inputs about the various options you have and can suggest you the best option which suits you.

These days we have internet and various websites like Indiastudychannel, where you will get good articles like this in which you will get many inputs about this issue. Once you refer them you can make a good decision based on the inputs given in the website. So surfing the internet and selecting the best course is also a method reliable.

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