Discovery of water vapour outside Earth

It is the human being's anxiety to know and find if life existing outside the Earth. There are many theories and stories about this subject. We have many movies and television series on this which people from all over the world watched with much enthusiasm. There is a new development about this and you can read it in this article.

We have great news about life on another planet. As all our scientists continuously trying to find such evidence for years now. This information came from two scientific papers and the first one is arXiv on September 10, 2019, and the second in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Astronomy on September 11, 2019.

About K2-18B

Recently British scientists found some great evidence and they found some new information about a planet K2-18B which is situating 118 light-years away from our earth. The discovered water content in vapour form on this planet is a great step to find life on any planet in the universe other than earth. As we have the reports, the Kepler spacecraft launched by NASA in 2015 found this planet the first time. K2-18B is Super-Earth which is bigger than Earth( A super-Earth is larger than Earth but smaller than Neptune). Precisely, it is double than earth in its size and eight times weightier than earth.

We are getting many new positive pieces of information which were not received from other Super planets discovered before. Using the current equipment, we can find out only the distance, mass and temperature of Super planets like K2-18B. But the scientists in London University developed a Hubble telescope through which we can find out the water content like water vapour and water bubble etc.

Comparison with Earth

The distance from the earth to K2-18B is much longer and the scientists can not view the planet from our earth. But they can identify its light because the light can see when it revolve around its Sun named K2-18. The scientists found that the distance between K2-18B and its sun is less than that of earth and the sun. Earth is taking 356 days to revolve around the sun and K2-18B takes only 33 days to revolve k2-18 one time.

As per the scientists, this is the only planet we found outside the earth which has an accurate temperature, atmosphere and water in it. But they are calculating that earth and K2-18B are not in similar situations. The atmosphere is different and it is bigger than the earth. Also, the Sun which K2-18B revolves may be much different than our sun.

The scientists are hoping to find life in this new Super earth and they know that more details can reveal only with the new types of equipment. As per them, finding more details with the present calculations and types of equipment is tough but still, they are trying to discover new equipments and apparatus to find life in K2-18B. Upcoming space-based telescopes such as the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be able to study the atmospheres of planets like this, and smaller, in greater detail than ever before, and even search for biosignatures, which could be evidence for life.

As per many scientists, the water vapour content in K2-18B is a great discovery but the existence of life will not be a positive case. To exist the life on a planet it is essential that it needs the presence of rock or rocky substances in its surface. Till now no information about rock discovered. Also, the scientists want to find the gaseous atmosphere as the earth has then only the chance of life can be found.


It is a great discovery of water vapour on K2-18B, but with the present information, it is hard to believe about the existence of life in this Super-Earth. Hope the scientists will come with more exciting news soon.

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