Strength based approach for achieving success and performance improvement

Most of the organisations are moving towards Strength Based Performance Appraisal System. People who focus on their strengths make wonders. If you love what you do, it is your strength. Focusing on your strength to achieve great success is the focus of this article.

Are you one of those trying to overcome your weakness to become hundred percent perfect in your personal life or professional life? Then this article is for you. Remember, everyone on this earth is not perfect in everything. A good friend hay not be a good boyfriend. A good  boyfriend may not be a good lover. A good lover may not be a good Husband. A good husband may not be a good father. A good father may not be a good father-in-law. A good father-in-law may not be a good grandfather.

So, a person may not be perfect in all roles. What does that mean? Currently, most of the organisations are moving towards Strength Based Performance Appraisal. Each person in the team might have a different strength. One person's weaknesses may be another person's strength and visa versa. Organisations are getting benefits from the strength of each employee or team member, which will help them to achieve a business goal as a team.

1. Know your Strengths

Do you know what are your real strengths? Sometimes people get confused between their Aspiration vs Strength. A person might have aspiration to become software architect, but it may not be his strength. You need to take help of experts to know your strengths. You need to find mentors who can help you in finding your strength. There are online tools to help you with this.

Let's take an example of Sachin Tendulkar. His aspiration was to become a fast bowler and to get trained as a fast bowler he went to Dennis Lillee's Face Foundation Club in Chennai (Formerly Madras). You know that rest is history. Sachin Tendulkar made great records in World Cricket with his batting abilities. His strength was batting and he focused on batting based on a suggestion by Dennis Lillee.

2. Focus on your Strength

Once you know what your strengths are, acquire skills to excel in it. You will automatically be happy and will love doing it. You will be successful. When you succeed, do a Root Cause Analysis of why you succeeded. This will help you find out what you could have done better in your last success and will help you become more stronger on you strength.

3. Manage Weakness

Can we ignore weakness? May not be true in all cases. Accept yourself. One might be not good fit in a particular role, he should get into different role. Having said that, you can still manage your weakness, if you are able tackle it properly. Keep in mind -
  1. Your weakness may be a strength of someone else in your team or in family. Get their help to accomplish any task.

  2. Do not get frustrated if you are not able achieve something. It could be because of your weakness.

  3. Understand your weaknesses and manage those, as this will help you to focus on your strengths.


As stated at the beginning, people who focus on their strengths make wonders. If you love what you do, that itself is your strength. So focus on your strength, make wonders and achieve great success as well.

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Author: Anupama04 Oct 2019 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Completely agree with this approach. You will succeed if you are happy. You will be happy if you love what you do. You will love what you do if you know your own strengths. Strength based approach helps employees and employers both.

Author: Deepak Kamat04 Oct 2019 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Happiness is another huge subject. Happiness is directly related to motivation and motivation is directly related to Innovation. Wait for my new article on the topic.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Oct 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

One should know what are the strengths he is having and how best these strengths will be useful for the development of the organisation. Once he understands this concept and starts working in that direction, his work will definitely be recognised and rewarded. A person with a strong skill in a particular trade can excel in that trade. So he should see in which organisation his strength will be utilised to the maximum possible extent and he should try getting into that area. Then he will have every chance to get good promotions in his job. So know your strengths and work in those directions. When you are evaluated, the Key Result Areas (KRAs) you have and how you perform in those areas will be measured. So one should set his KRAs right and once this task is done correctly, your strengths will come handy to you and you will have a good appraisal.

Knowing our weaknesses and trying to improve in those areas is also very important. Identifying the strong person in our weak areas and taking his help is the right thing one can do.

It is always better to do our own SWOT (Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis and take actions in that direction to help us in having a good career.

Author: Wilson K. Mathew02 Nov 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Each of us has some strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect only with strengths and without any weakness.

Parents at an early age can understand the strengths of their children. There are many parents who insist on their children having a taste in singing or dancing to select a stream to which they have no inclination. It will ruin the children's future. If they give permission to the children to opt according to their interests and tastes they may become the toppers.

In the case of a company, what would be the result if a person interested in marketing or accounting is hired into administration or human resources? They will follow the direction they receive automatically but the result will be negligible. But if you put them in the category that interests them, the results will be great. This shows that the upliftment of the organization depends on the deployment of who and where according to their strengths.

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