Dengue-its causes, symptoms and treatment

In this article, I have explained about the disease dengue caused due to mosquito bites. The person can identify the symptoms earlier, so that they can be treated on time and recover quickly. This disease develops in three stages and the patients need to be hospitalized if the symptoms are severe. They can prevent it by following some useful tips.

Dengue is a disease caused due to the bite of mosquito Aedes aegypti. Although it does not lead to death usually, it can lead to severe complications if the patient is not treated quickly. A person suffering from this diseases experiences some symptoms such as vomiting, fever, fatigue, headache etc. If the person suffers from this disease the second time, then he experiences even severe symptoms. Aedes Aegypti is a mosquito that is usually smaller than the other mosquitoes with silver patches. This mosquito is usually active during the daytime, especially in the morning. But, it can also bite during nigh time, if the area is well-lit.

How to identify Dengue symptoms

The person experiences high fever at onset, usually more than 101 degree Fahrenheit for three to seven days. During the nighttime, the symptoms become even worse. The victim usually appears weaker than before and is not able to get up easily and during the nighttime, the person even experiences chills.Some of them experience vomiting at the initial stage. Some of them do not develop fever, but yet they feel weaker and experience fatigue. But a person experiences at least one of the above symptoms.

Stages of dengue

The first stage is the febrile stage and the person develops high fever along with some symptoms such as vomiting, chilling, or fatigue. Then, when the fever vanishes, the person experiences even severe symptoms such as plasma leak, low platelet count, low blood pressure, etc. During this stage, if the platelet count is too low, then the person should be hospitalized. Some of them even experience bleeding when the platelet count level is lesser than 20,000. This stage is known as a critical stage and some of them even experience life-threatening symptoms. Some people experience the problem of breathlessness due to hypotension. During this stage, the platelet count becomes lower and a person suffers from hyptension. So, the doctors provide medications and drug therapy to the patients.

The next stage is the recovery phase when the platelet count is increasing and the blood pressure level is also stabilizing. But, for some people, fluid is accumulated in the pleural and chest region. So, in hospitals, such patients are given oxygen masks. However, the person becomes stronger as the platelet count increases.

When hospitalization is required for dengue

The person who is suffering from fever for more than three days should undergo a blood test. The test shows if the person is suffering from dengue. The platelet count on the fourth day is drastic and a person should undergo treatment on time. The doctors advise the patient to be hospitalized depending upon the platelet count. The patients should consume plenty of papayas, pomegranates, fluids, dragon fruits, kiwi fruit etc,because the platelet count is dropping drastically. These fruits and food help in speedy recovery. The doctors use different procedures to restore the count of platelets and stabilize blood pressure level. So, they should be preferably admitted to the multi-specialty hospitals, because they have the facilities and equipment to provide treatment.

How to prevent dengue

Prevention is always better than cure. A person should use various repellents to kill the contagious mosquitoes. Dengue is mainly caused due to accumulation of water. These mosquitoes easily breed in a place filled with stagnant water. So, at home and around the house, the water filled objects should be closed or the water should be disposed off immediately. The contaminated water from the tank should be disposed or closed. The water from the cooler should be disposed regularly. Water from the refrigerator gets accumulated in the tray and this water should be drained. These mosquitoes are active during daytime and hence during the early morning hours, mosquito repellents or mats should be used. Always wear full-sleeve dresses and long pants and wear socks also. Mosquito-repellent creams can also be applied during day time. The clothes should be soaked in Dettol or any perfume with lavender flavor can be used. The family members should seal the water filled objects and should clean the water tanks from April month because these mosquitoes begin to breed. The water from the cooler should be disposed at least once a week.

A person can prevent this problem by always being careful.


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