Career Outcomes For Undertaking An Economics Degree

Are you thinking about studying economics? Learn more about the Economics courses that can help you build a bright career in this field.

Congratulations, you've just finished your economics degree. Or, perhaps, you're on the road to finishing it. And, now you're left wondering, what career options do I have after my economics studies? What's after university? Is there something in store for me in the vast big world of employment? The good news is yes, economics is, in fact, a good choice of a degree. If you love analytics, organization, data, and statistics, then this is a field that you're going to do well in, even career-wise.

Economics is an ever-growing field. There's so much for you to do. Let's explore all the career possibilities with your economics degree:

1. Professional Economist

This first job option is a given. Naturally, with an economics degree, you'll be working as a professional economist. But, what does this mean exactly? In this field, you're tasked to research and analyze economic data that's given to you. This data refers to all that goes on in the local and global economy. Perhaps the players of supply and demand or the market trends etc.

As a professional economist, you can work both locally and internationally. And, you can also work for the government or the private sectors. For instance, you can provide these individuals with economic forecasts that they need to come up with business or political strategies.

If you love reading data, then this is an option that's great for you.

2. Market Research Analyst

How do businesses know what products are going to do well in the market today? Or, what are those that might not yet be in demand? This is through the information provided by market research analysts. In this job, you're going to quantify the results that you gathered and present it to your clients. You're one of the key players in their decision-making process. In this process, you study industry trends so that you can assess as to how products and services are going to perform, once they're put out in the market. As a market research analyst, you've got a critical job to do, as you can make or break the success of the company that you work for.

3. Banking

Of course, when you've got a degree in economics to boast, you can also easily land a job in banking. This is one of the most common paths of economic graduates. Why? Because the pay is also quite high. And, it's one of the closest as well in terms of job and study correlation. It's not going to be difficult for you to adjust, even as a fresh graduate. A lot of the banking concepts that you're going to apply in your job are also those that you've learned in school.

Particular areas in banking wherein economists are in high demand include:

  • Consultancy

  • Risk analysis

  • Financial analysis

  • Financial planning

  • 4. Economic Consultants

    An economic consultant comes in handy, especially in legal cases. When businesses sue other businesses or individuals and vice versa, the court needs an expert professional to assess and determine the extent of damages. This is where the expertise of an economics graduate comes in. Apart from that, it's also your job as an economic consultant to analyze various trends in the economic industry that your client revolves in. It's through this analysis that you can help these industries, especially those that are suffering, to improve their performance.

    If you wish to work as an economic consultant, it's highly recommended that you also take on higher studies in economics, post-graduate.

    5. Accountancy

    If you wish to work as an accountant, however, you might have to go through additional studies. And, you'll also have to take the accountancy licensure exam. But, with a degree in economics, this won't be as difficult. The concepts aren't going to seem as foreign anymore. Plus, you're going to have more on your name when you've finished both an economics degree, plus you're an accountant too.

    Those with economics degrees are highly valued in this kind of job. This is an edge that you may have against all other candidates for accounting positions. Your role in the field of accountancy can have a great mix with that in economics. For instance, you're also going to interpret, record, and communicate various financial data that's given to you. This data is crucial information for businesses and individuals to base their financial or investment decisions on.


    These are only a few of the possible job options that you can choose to go for. Should you decide to study economics. This is a career path that's constantly in demand. After all, you're in the field of business and statistics. For as long as the global market continues to function, so will the need for jobs along this line. With more experience that you can slowly gain, you'll also have better opportunities in store for you as well.

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