10 Tips and advice for your stroller maintenance

Few great ways to keep your stroller clean, which will allow you to use your stroller for a long time and deter the effects of natural wear and tear.

Like most items that your baby will use a stroller is no exception to their crafty ways of getting things messy. And with all of the nooks and crannies that a stroller has it can be difficult to keep it clean, sanitized, and up to your standards for use.

We all go through a specific time in the spring where it is our with the old dusty items and in with the new. Make sure to add your baby's stroller to the list of things that need to be cleaned.

Chances are you will find some cheerios or some other snack crumbled in the seat cushion. As well as some kind of sticky juice that has made its home in the seats cup holders.

If you follow the tips that we have for you to clean your stroller and maintain its upkeep year-round there's no reason your stroller can't remain in pristine condition at all times.

First things first read the manual . Every piece of baby equipment whether it be the crib, stroller, or car seat there is an instruction manual that will help you to put everything together properly. This will tell you how to remove any existing fabric, cushions, or cup holders for a deeper and better overall clean. The manual will also give you the dos and don'ts of what you should and shouldn't do to ensure the longevity of your stroller.

Use a vacuum. By using a vacuum it will allow you to easily get rid of all loose dirt and crumbs that you find lodged in the crevices of your child's stroller. You should remove all parts that can be removed like the tray and footrests to ensure that you can get into every area of the stroller to clean it efficiently. A vacuum allows you to pull up don't and place it straight into a trash bin and all you have to do after that is empty the vacuum trash bag.

Try using mild dish soap and warm water. This will allow you to spot clean places on the seat fabric without completely removing the fabric from the seat if it can't be removed. All you need to do is combine equal parts of either soap or detergent with warm water and take a cloth and lightly scrub stained areas. Refrain from using any bleach and water combination of your stroller. Doing this can permanently damage the fabric of the seat of the stroller.

For parts of the stroller that aren't as easy to clean using some type of cleaning solution. A solution that is organic and won't be harmful to your child. Spray the solution on the pieces of the chair that may be sticky and hard to clean. Allow the solution to sit for 1-2 minutes and then use a bristle brush or sponge to get the solution off. By allowing the solution to sit will make the sticky mess easier to remove.

Make sure you choose the right time to clean your child's car seat. It can be a very time-consuming thing to do because there are so many moving pieces to a stroller. It may take you a couple of hours to thoroughly and properly clean all of the pieces of a stroller that you need to clean. So make sure that you have enough time to set aside so that you are able to clean the stroller to the standard that you would like it cleaned.

Pay specific attention to the straps and buckles of the car seat. Most car seats allow you to remove the buckles and straps and place them in the washing machine for an easier clean. However, you should be careful of this because straps and buckles are designed for safety and by placing them in the washer and dryer it can compromise the webbing that is designed to keep your child safe. When you put them in the washing machine it changes the mesh capability that is intended to stretch therefore reducing the amount of protection for your child.

Make sure you clean the canopy cover. Unlike the straps and buckles, this is a piece that you can remove and safely wash in the washing machine for sanitization purposes. Make sure that you check your manual to ensure you take the cover off properly without damaging it in any way. After your machine washes it you should set it aside in a safe place so that it can dry thoroughly.

Make sure to clean your stroller regularly. The longer you leave your striker to collect dirt and crumbs between cleans the harder it will be to clean it every single time. This is because the dust and dirt will have time to collect and sit on the stroller's surface undisturbed therefore making it harder to wipe off in the future.

If your child's stroller has mildew and mold on it you should clean it immediately. But make sure that you do it in a well ventilated area so that you don't inhale any spores. Then use a hard bristle brush to remove the mold and if there is any left behind use a mixture of water and vinegar applied to the area. Afterward, wipe the area clean and then rinse with warm water and soap.

Lastly, make sure that you clean the wheels. The wheels will get just as dirty as the frame or more than the frame because they are in constant use. You will want to clean the wheels regularly because a build-up of dirt and dust can interfere with the way that the brakes work. And the last thing you want is for your stroller to will away.

All of the tips that we have listed above are not only a great way to keep your stroller clean, but they will also allow you to use your stroller for a long time and deter the effects of natural wear and tear. Make sure to clean your stroller regularly it will help cut down cleaning time and it won't be as difficult the next time you decide to clean it.


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