Top 10 Most Common Paper Writing Mistakes Students Have to Avoid

Are you looking for tips for effective essay writing? Read this article to learn about some of the common mistakes students should avoid.

Writing essays is a challenge for many. Some tasks are easier, while others are complete and utter torture. If you're a student, you've probably had many writing problems during your education. In fact, even those with brilliant writing talent and skills struggle to write some of the assigned essays.
However, if you learn to tackle the most common writing problems before they occur, you can avoid a lot of trouble along the way. In this article, you'll find out about the 10 frequent issues students face when they need to write essays.

1. Leaving the Thesis Statement for Last

The thesis statement is the base, the core of the entire essay paper. Most writing issues come from this point. Some students write a bad thesis statement because they fail to understand the importance of this single sentence. Others start writing their essays without paying too much attention to the statement, or even leave it for last.

Yes, the thesis statement often goes at the end of your introduction. But, even if you leave your introduction for last as many do, you should still think of a great statement before you start writing. Based on that statement, you'll write the rest of your essay.

2. Insufficient Evidence

Very few essay types require a bit or little evidence, such as personal or some descriptive essays. The rest require deep research. If you want to get a high grade for an essay, you need to present your ideas and the topic by using sufficient data. Without evidence, you won't show that you've put work into your essay writing.

If you don't have access to enough evidence to write a good essay, you should work harder. You might want to consider even writing papers for money – there are professionals who can help you with the toughest essays.

3. Not Thinking of the Audience

Your audience when writing essays is usually teachers and peers. Consider this when writing your essay. You need to write a paper that shows that you're familiar with the topic, one of interest for the readers, and one related to your subject. Also, who reads your essay should determine the style you use to write it.

4. Confusing or Too General Introduction

The introduction must be specific and tell the reader what your essay is going to talk about. You can't share too much, but also shouldn't share too little. Introductions that are too general are confusing and don't really make the readers want to go through the rest of the essay. A good introduction must contain some background on the topic, an introduction to your idea, and a thesis statement.

5. Use of Irrelevant References

You can't just throw data at your essay to make it seem like you did a lot of research. This is easily noticeable and can destroy your paper. One of the most common student problems is research, but if you can't find enough relevant data, it is best to use the things that are important only.

6. Poor Structure

Organization is key when you're writing papers. Where do you put all that data you find during your research? How do you organize your thoughts? To avoid this problem happening to you, make an outline or a plan before you start writing.

7. Weak Topic Analysis

What do you plan to present in the paper? When you choose a topic, think of the ways you'd analyze it. Many students go for a topic just because it sounds good or is popular with the audience. This is important, but perform some research on it beforehand to make sure that you can truly analyze the topic.

8. Bad Punctuation

Have you ever read one of those essays that have too many commas in a sentence? This can be really annoying, not to mention that wrong punctuation can share an entirely different idea.

9. Not Editing

The punctuation is just one part of the editing process. Editing is a really important part of the writing process and can make all the difference between good and bad academic performance.
When students finish writing a paper, they often get this feeling of accomplishment that makes them forget about an equally important part of the process – editing. Students slack off on this part thinking that it's not really that important.

This cannot happen if you want to have good grades. No professor will react well on a paper that isn't edited properly. In fact, no matter how much effort you put into it, not editing your paper can kill your chance at an A.

10. Repetitive Conclusion

Yes, the conclusion should summarize, but this doesn't mean that it should just repeat all you've said. This is the place to conclude based on what you found and talked about. So, you should use it to leave a final impression, put an end to your writing, and maybe even prompt the reader to take some action.


With all this in mind, you can write your essay without the stress and feeling of overwhelming. Just try to avoid these mistakes and you'll be able to meet all deadlines and write all papers.

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Author: Varghese16 Oct 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

A well-thought and helpful article for students, teachers and for many who are from vernacular medium and find it difficult to write an essay. We may find many topics that are interesting, easy and presentable but when it comes to writing it, we fail. There are many reasons for it and many of them are correctly pointed out by the author. When we get a topic for an essay, we get a collection of thoughts and are not able to frame well or put it into paragraphs which helps in better construction and in a descending manner.

When we have too-much or too-little data to write, we tend to lose the main topic and just keep on filling pages instead of structuring it well in paragraphs with a catchy introduction, glued detailing and a summed-up conclusion. We need to make it a habit to frame the essay well with correct analysis of the given topic. It is true as the author pointed out that many do not take the time to read their essays after completion as most of the attempt the essay at the end.

When we read our own essay, it will help us to correct the grammatical mistakes, use of improper punctuations and use of correct vocabulary for better and effective output. Such editing helps us put up a good essay and gain excellent grades in the exams.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha03 Nov 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Though we may have excellent ideas in some subjects the compilations of the same in the proper sequence would require a lot of skills to attract the readers. The essence of our effective writing must reflect the sentences devoid of grammatical errors, proper punctuations, usage of right words to make the contents more potent. Here all the combinations are important to produce good representations.

Representation of content is an art calling for the sound concept of the subjects followed by usage of effective words to make the entire content effective.

The author has taken pain in enlisting the several points to eliminate the common mistakes while writing contents and keeping a close eye on such mistakes would create his article interesting and a flawless creation.

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