Top five ways to lose your belly fat

More of munching and fewer movements has helped us gain belly fat. No one will be interested in having a huge tummy. Don't you want to wear your favorite dress? If so, start following the below steps and start reducing your belly fat. You will be able to achieve a good body shape with a flat tummy.


The belly is one of the areas where fat gets accumulated especially for people who are sitting continuously in a place for long. However, having a flat belly is everyone's dream. When you have a bulged out belly, not all the dresses will suit you, you will have a problem walking and sleeping, people make fun of you etc. When one undergoes these issues, they will decide to work out to reduce the belly fat. However, this will not happen overnight as it took time for the fat to get accumulated there. The main issue is that we tend to work out or control our diet for the first few days and then will give up when we see or smell the food that we like to have.

To reduce the fat in our body, be it any part is not an easy job and it requires patience, time and commitment. If you are not ready to put a cent percent effort, then it is better you do not dream of having a flat belly. Doing exercises on and off is not going to help. Regular exercises with a controlled diet will help you achieve your dream. Check out the below steps that might help you to have a flat belly.

1. Crunches and Exercise

Exercise is the best way to keep our body healthy and to burn out the fat in our body. Various types of crunches, plank, any exercises, brisk walking, aerobics, yoga etc helps in reducing the belly fat. However, we have to keep in mind that we cannot only burn belly fat, the other areas will also become thin due to fat getting burned from there as well. Due to the busy lifestyle and hectic work timings we may not find sufficient time to do proper exercises. But that shouldn't make you worry as it is rightly said: "Where there is a will there is a way". If you cannot allot separate time for exercises, do it while doing your routine jobs. Try taking the stairs instead of escalator or elevator, walk to the nearby grocery rather than taking your vehicle, do simple chair exercise at work and walk to the pantry or rest area every one hour. All these small steps that you make helps you burn your calories. But with these few steps, you cannot expect a great change in a short while. If you have the time, try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day and do exercise for another 30 minutes. If you continuously do this, you will certainly lose weight.

2. Have a protein-rich diet

Try changing your diet by adding more protein-rich foods to it. Start with a protein-rich breakfast and you can also have a protein shake in between. Please note, do not overeat and consume a lot of protein as it can have adverse effects as well. Protein is known for boosting metabolism and in reducing cravings. This itself helps in burning the calories thereby reducing the size of your belly. Salmon, chicken, tuna, egg etc are the best protein foods to reduce your weight. Rather than having a lot of protein food at once, include a small portion of protein source in each meal of yours. Also, avoid the consumption of junk and outside food. Stick on to a healthy homemade diet.

3. Avoid sugar products and sweetened drinks

Yes, eliminating sugar helps to reduce belly fat. If you love candies, cakes, and chocolates, then it is high time you get rid off them. To lose weight we should aim at reducing the intake of sugar and sweet products. It helps us gain weight than losing it. Cutting sugar from your diet boosts your energy levels, this, in turn, is a positive sign in losing fat. Also, the chemicals added in sweetened drinks and sweet products can trigger weight gain and will lead to a lot of health issues in the long run. Hence say goodbye to sweet products for the time being and concentrate on reducing your belly fat. Instead of soft drinks and beverages, start drinking a lot of water as this helps to flush out the toxins in your body and keeps your body hydrated. Also, water keeps you full and hence your food intake will be less.

4. Include more fiber

It is often said that including more fiber-rich foods in your diet especially soluble and viscous fibers helps to lose weight. Legumes, certain vegetables, and fruits are rich in fiber content. Flax seeds, apricots, legumes, sweet potato, oranges etc are foods rich in soluble fiber. Having more fiber makes you feel full and thereby reduce your intake of foods. As your calorie intake reduces, you start losing weight. Soluble fiber can keep your gut bacteria healthy, which in turn will promote weight loss as you will have a reduced appetite. You also get to buy fiber supplements, however, having foods rich in fiber will have a better impact than supplements. Another advantage of having fiber-rich food is that it will not only help you to get rid off your belly fat but also help you prevent gaining belly fat.

5. Carbs are the real villain

A low carb diet reduces the intake of calories which will help you lose belly fat. However, do not completely stop the usage of carbohydrates as it is the main source of energy for the body. But eating fewer carbs forces your body to get energy from storage or from fat. The consumption of higher levels of carbohydrates makes the body convert it into fat. The insulin hormone in the body also will become less effective as we eat more carbs. This will lead to a condition called insulin resistance. Instead of more carbs, start adding healthy fats and proteins to your diet. This will help you lose both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.


Eating too much and moving very less is the main reason for fat getting accumulated in your belly. If you are looking for wonders with a week, then you have to work out well and have a controlled low carb diet. Exercises such as crunches and plank are known for reducing the belly fat. Never skip your breakfast and in fact start the day with having healthy foods. Trying various metabolic diets and crash diets might help you reduce your waistline. We should aim at burning proportionate levels of calories each day when compared to the intake of calories. However, in the long run, to have a flat tummy, it is always better to control your food as mention above. Along with it do find time for exercises as well. All these tips will definitely do good for your body.


Author: Umesh10 Oct 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 12

A good article by the author for reducing the fat belly. The main reason of getting fat at places in our body is an imbalance between the food intake and daily calorie burning. Many people know this fact but are not able to keep up that type of discipline which is required for getting that slim and trim figure. They always say that when needed they will control the food intake and bring back their figure but that day never comes. It remains in their dreams only. The result is a disproportionate figure. Keeping the body in shape is one of the biggest challenges in our life and there might be hundreds of ways of doing that but very few people can achieve that herculean mission. A big business industry is engaged today behind the weight reduction and belly control and is flourishing mainly due to increasing number of people having chair and table jobs as they are sitting continuously opposite to a computer screen. They are always in a hurry because of their work schedules and targets and do not have time for anything except one smartphone and one computer console. These are the people who are losing their health in making a decent living. If people have some concern for their health they can definitely give some time for it. For example if the IT personnels as mentioned above want to exercise while working they can very well stretch after 1-2 hours of working on the screen and do a 5 minute bending and stretching exercises. The long term benefit of such investment of little time in fat belly conditions cannot be described in words. It is amazing to try that. Similarly there are many other small exercises for other conditions in our body. In essence, health is in our hands and the only thing is that we should have a determination to do that. If there is a will there is a way.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao11 Oct 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A good article from the author. The various ways and means to keep the fat under control have been discussed very nicely. There are many reasons for the fat build up in the body.

Many people say that they are not getting sufficient time for doing exercises. But that is not correct. In earlier days people used to have many chores in the house which were to be attended manually. But slowly they are all mechanised and we are getting the things done easily. We used to take water from the well manually during my childhood. But these days overhead tanks and taps are there and there is no physical exercise there. So if we continue doing such chores manually as before, we don't any separate exercise I feel.

When you have to go upstairs use the stairs rather than a lift. Instead of using taps try to use hand pumps for collecting water. Don't have your bath under the shower, use the mug and bucket. Try to walk small distances instead of going by vehicle. Such small practices will help you in reducing your fat and keeping a good physique.

Author: Wilson K. Mathew27 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Obesity is caused by the accumulation of fat in the stomach. These people are food lovers by default. Therefore, the first thing they should do is to take a stand on eating only to relieve their hunger. This is the first step towards reducing obesity.

Sitting continuosly for long hours is a very high factor for obesity. So it is better to get up and take a walk after an hour's work.

Make walking a daily routine or ride on a bicycle a short distance. Aerobic exercise can be great for obesity.

Avoid three white things from our menu. That are white rice, sugar, and salt. It will help to reduce belly fat and give advantage to your precious health.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha29 Oct 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

The author has put up some pertinent points for helping the health-conscious people to trim their bodies apart from the reduction of belly fat. These points needs to incorporated on daily basis so as to get perceptible results. However, there are different approaches as well to get positive results in the same direction. Few simple tricks providing you wonderful results are listed below -

1) Uses of lukewarm water - Consumption of lukewarm water enhances our metabolism and checks the surge of weight including the accumulated fat across the belly. In the morning hours after getting up from the bed, one should take two glasses of lukewarm water mixed with lemon. Breakfast should follow half an hour after such concoction. The same can be applied during the process of Lunch and Dinner time. However, avoid adding Lemon juice during such times in order to avoid acid segregation inside your stomach. Intake of slightly warm hot water should follow half an hour after the meals.

2) Ensure that you consume around 2.5 litres of water on a daily basis to flush out the toxins in the body.

3) A balanced diet would help in the reduction of weight.

4) You may prepare a tea containing one teaspoon of Cumin and Celery of the similar amount and boil the same in 200 ml of water and consume the same when its volume reduces to half in its fairly hot condition. You may use such concoction twice daily ie both morning and evening.

5) Curcumin has the beneficial effect of enhancing body metabolism thereby reducing the belly apart from bodyweight loss. You may take 1/4th teaspoon of Curcumin powder after dissolving the same in warm milk and consume the same prior to retiring to bed.

These tips would offer you miraculous results.

Author: Venkiteswaran18 May 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

This is one of the most concerning subjects for men (and women too) especially post their thirties. It is generally seen that middle age also brings up the 'middle bulge'.

While it was initially looked upon as 'paunch of prosperity', now no one feels so. It is seen as an unfit body due to lack of exercise, overeating, especially eating fatty and junk foods, leading a sedentary life etc. Man with a middle bulge is not considered physically fit. The doctors also advise managing body weight and girth. They attribute many modern health issues to lack of fitness and lack of physical exercise contributing to fat in the belly areas.

While some are health conscious and concerned, many are concerned about the 'looks' only. They worry about not able to wear modern dresses, not getting dresses for a variety wardrobe etc. This worry and concern are exploited by Gyms, manufacturers of weight reduction equipment, special food diets and belly reducing remedies etc.

As the middle area is having fewer bones and the muscles being loose and allow an extension, the area is prone to get a deposit of excess fat in the body. It is not a big issue to get rid of belly fat if steps are taken early stage itself. The article gives some ways for that.

To reduce the excess belly bulge, one should do properly targeted exercise like those given in the article.
Following the traditional style of taking food sitting cross-legged on the floor and avoiding dining table will help regulated eating and can thus prevent belly bulge too.

Author: Swati Sharma24 Jul 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Everyone wants to look fit and healthy. Tips given by the author are very useful.

Due to increased abdominal fat, the body starts looking unformed. Unnecessary fat also causes serious illnesses. Many types of research have proved that the cells present in abdominal fat increase the risk of heart attack, arterial blockage etc. Not only this, but the fat of the stomach can also damage the bones. This can cause osteoporosis. When fat accumulates on the stomach, hormones are produced that weaken the bones. Belly fat also does not spare the liver.

There is also a great risk of depression. Abdominal fat has a poor effect on the healthy neurotransmitter function of the body. There are changes in hormones that lead to mood swings.

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