Tips to write a power essay on Canada's history and identity

Read this article to know useful tips on writing a comprehensive essay on the history and identity of Canada. These tips will help save time on writing and get good marks on essays about Canadian history.

Canada is a multinational country with a rich history and traditions. Writing an essay on its history and identity can be a great experience for any student. At the same time, this is a challenge because the events in Canadian history are ambiguous. As a first-year student, it's not easy to concentrate, gather the facts to highlight, and describe these events from your own perspective. We hope that the tips we collected will help you write the most powerful essay on your course.

Make Research on Basic Historical Landmarks

You can't write a comprehensive essay without several preparation steps. The first step is to look through historical facts related to the development of Canada as a country. This will not take much time as Canada is a relatively young country. There are several significant moments in Canadian history:
  • Times before colonization (first nations which lived on the modern territory of Canada)
  • French colonization
  • British colonization
  • Period of development of Canada as an independent country (1867-1914)
  • Effect of World War I and II on this country
  • The impact of domination of the USA on Canadians and identity crisis (1945)
  • Emerging of the Canadian Constitution in 1982 and national identity boost

By highlighting and discussing these periods, you can write a powerful essay. Also, don't forget to describe the current policies. This will help you write the best essay in Canada and improve your research skills.

Core Historical Events

The history of Canada is rich in life-turning moments. Many of these events changed the way Canadians lived and identified today lifestyles. We strongly recommend considering the following events and milestones once your topic is tied to one of them:
  • Vimy Ridge
  • Home front during World War I
  • D-day
  • Immigration in the 20th century

Each of these events can be used as the basis for topic development. You can discuss in which way these events influenced the development of this country. Also, discussing the events that preceded the forming of Canada as an independent country is a good idea.

Current Policies

If you're completing an essay on Canadian history and identity, you need to explore its current policies and the ways how the Canadian government overcomes difficulties. Also, you can discuss recent achievements in this country:
  • Patterns to overcome the financial crisis (2007-2008)
  • Taxes and spending
  • Sexual consent age and maternal health
  • Tough penalties for committing crimes
  • Increased number of job openings
  • Canada as the best place for doing business
  • The ability of citizens to speak English and French

By highlighting facts related to the current policies in Canada, you will give insights on both its history and identity. Facts about a variety of religious confessions that exist in Canada will help describe Canadian identity.

Aspects to Make Your Essay Stronger

There are several aspects that can make your essay stronger:
  • Include basic characteristics of the Canadian nation and country that identify its development (bicultural nature, social structure, geographical situation, etc.)
  • Discuss participation of Canada in World War II (around 66,000 dead and 172,000 wounded people)
  • Emphasize the post-war period (1945-1960) when the crisis of Canadian identity took place
  • Make a particular emphasis on the impact of the USA on the development of Canada as an independent country (you can describe similarities and differences between Canadian citizens and Americans)

Develop a strong thesis for your future essay. This will help to make a skeleton of your essay and interlace your narration into the main idea.

Make a List of Topics

It would be great if you can develop several topics of interest and then choose one to disclose your chosen issue. Browse the internet to find topics or create your own based on the facts about history and identity of Canada.

Here we suggest several topics to help you overcome the difficulty of finding interesting topics:
  • Impact of Canadian Writers on Formation of National Identity
  • Impact of Indigenous Traditions on the Current Preferences in Food
  • Unique Features of Canada and Canadians
  • Current Social Issues in Canada and Their Roots
  • Multiculturalism and Its Roots in Canada

You can use one of these topics as the basis for writing your own essay. Pay attention to the materials you gather depending on your topic. Adapt the information you collected to fully disclose it. Use compare and contrast essay format if it suits your purpose.

General Essay Writing Tips

As we briefly described main aspects of Canadian history, it's worth mentioning several writing tips that can help complete a powerful essay:
  • Determine the goal of your paper (essay type, main ideas, argument, etc.)
  • Identify main concepts
  • Make a writing plan
  • Use the checklist to highlight important parts in your essay
  • Pay attention to technical requirements (they are usually outlined in paper brief)
  • Observe formatting and style
  • Use a clear structure (introduction, subheadings, conclusion)
  • Re-read the final draft several times and re-write the parts you don't like
  • Always support your claims
  • Use a clear argument
  • Clarify abbreviations or complex notions
  • Consult your instructor if you need any clarifications

These tips will give you an idea of how to write a powerful essay on a complex topic of Canadian history and identity. You may develop your own tips in the process of writing, as all students are different, and they use different writing patterns.


Your work on the essay about Canadian history and identity will be interesting despite this isn't an easy task. If this is your first essay in a college, you will never forget this experience. You should collect background information and analyze it to deliver a powerful essay. This will help you not only write this essay but get insights on Canada as an independent country, which is the dream for many people on the Earth. Writing essays can be tricky, and you need to make preparations. Remember that the success of your essay, as well as overall academic performance, depends on you.

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Excellent article by the author helping the people interested to write a power essay on Canada. When we want to write a detailed essay on any country what is mainly required is the culture and traditions of that country through which today it has emerged as what it is. The progress made by the people of that country and their convictions is one of the important elements to be taken of care while making our essay. In addition to the modernisation and scientific developments, what are those inbuilt disciplinary and nationalistic attitudes which had helped the country to reach the present height are also the important points to be incorporated into the essay. The country's policy to outsiders and job seekers is also an important thrust area which has to be brought out in our description. One thing which is also worth mentioning is the natural resources of the country and its dependence on the domestic products vis-a-vis the imports. Once these aspects are covered the essay becomes a small piece of a thesis which people can use for their respective purposes.

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