How to save Mother Earth - it is the necessity of the day

Earth is the only planet known to mankind where human beings are existing. The earth is giving us the required natural resources which are essential for our living. Once the earth is not having those resources, mankind cannot live here. So it is our responsibility to protect the earth. Various issues we should take care of to protect this planet are discussed in this article.


If we protect earth, it will protect us. If we destroy the earth, it will destroy us. The natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones and tsunamis are due to the abuse of the earth by mankind. Whatever we give to the earth, it will reciprocate. Human beings can live on this planet as it is providing all the necessities. We are getting air to breathe in. We are getting water to drink. We are getting food to eat. These are the natural resources available to us and the availability of these resources only made us sustain here. In the absence of any of the above, there is no chance for us to live here.

So we must see that earth will be protected and maintained without spoiling the atmosphere. But the human beings, in the name of civilization, are spoiling the earth and abusing her the way they like. This is going to be a serious issue and a day will come when no human being can survive here. We are not supposed to adopt ways and means which will spoil the earth. If we are not amending our methods, the earth will become a desert and there will not be any chance for us to survive here. Let me list out some of the issues which are to be strictly followed to protect this planet.

Never cut trees

Oxygen is the element making life possible here. This oxygen is being given to us free of cost by the trees on the earth. If one has to make oxygen and supply, the cost will be so high that nobody can afford it. We exhaust carbon gases from our body which is not good for the atmosphere. Trees are helping us by taking the carbon gases we are leaving and in return, they are giving us the oxygen. So if we cut a tree we are losing a source that is providing oxygen. So we all should pledge that we will never cut a tree.

Plant Trees

We have many positives from plants. They give fruits, vegetables, flowers, and some plants will be useful for us as medicines to upkeep our health. No component of the tree is a waste. Every part of the tree is useful to us in one form or the other. The human population on the earth is increasing and the requirements for them will automatically increase every day. To compensate for the requirements we have to encourage planting trees. Any chance of planting a new tree should not be left without doing that. We should encourage our fellow human beings to plant trees. When we are celebrating any occasion in the house we will be inviting many guests. Let us give at least one plant to one guest as a return gift and see that they will plant that and nurture that. This will have many positive effects on the atmosphere.

Don't waste water

Next to air, water is another item which is essential for living on this planet. No water here means there is no chance for survival. The water resources are very limited and we should not waste the same. The requirement of water is increasing and proportionately the resources are not increasing. So everyone should see that there is no wastage of water. One should treat water like money and where we have to spend one drop of water we should not spend two drops. This habit is to be inculcated by one and all. We can understand the importance of water only when it is not available for us to drink when we are feeling thirsty.

Please see that groundwater levels are maintained. Never close water ponds and lakes for any reason. See that rainwater will never get wasted. Rainwater harvesting is very important. Wherever possible one should try to recycle the water. The wastewater generated in our domestic reverse osmosis plants can be used for dishwashing, hand cleaning and floor wiping. The wastewater obtained from cloth washing can be used for toilets.

Never pollute air and water

Leaving carbon gases into the atmosphere is the biggest problem we are all facing these days. We use vehicles for our commuting. Many of us smoke. We cut trees for building houses. All these are the reasons for polluting the air and water. We use many electrical items like ACs for our comforts. These are all the actions that are causing pollution. We make many chemicals and use them for various purposes. The industries making these items will also create a lot of air pollution as well as water pollution. Some of the industries leave effluents into water ponds which will spoil the entire water. Some industries will never treat the effluents the way they are to be treated before leaving into the atmosphere. These will cause heavy losses to natural resources. We should see that water or air will not be polluted.

There are many actions which are required for avoiding this pollution. A few are mentioned below-
  • Minimize the usage of petroleum products for your vehicles. Go for electrical vehicles. Try to use public transport rather than private transport

  • Minimize smoking. The smoke we are leaving into the atmosphere is very dangerous. It will pollute the air. It will spoil your health. It will also spoil your neighbour's health. So smoking is very injurious and one should stop that

  • Develop green technologies for the manufacture of various products and slowly replace old technologies with green technologies

  • The industrial waste should be treated properly before it is let into the atmosphere. The organisation should see that they adopt good manufacturing practices and the wastes developed by them should be treated properly before they are let out. The authorities should see that no organisation will violate the norms and organisations violating the rules should be severely punished

  • Conclusion

    Saving the mother earth and protecting the environment should be given topmost importance. Our forefathers gave us a beautiful place to live and hence it is our responsibility to see that we will maintain the same and handover the same to our next generations at least the same way we have received if not improved.

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    Author: Umesh24 Oct 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

    A useful and thought-provoking article by the author. If we do not protect the environment we will also be not protected in future and will become extinct in the aftermath.

    Environmental awareness is an important thing today as there is a big threat to the existence of human beings on this beautiful Earth if the environment continues to degrade like this. The first and foremost thing which comes to our mind is that we must inculcate this awareness in the minds of our children and no one other than the parents can do it better. Today's children are the citizens of the future and if we do not teach them about this important and crucial issue they will also neglect and ignore it. Even in the schools and colleges environment protection should be on priority and the students should be regularly taken for nature tours and jungle visits to awaken their minds to the mother nature and also inculcate in them as to how to preserve this great gift to us.

    Other thing which I want to suggest and in fact we are practising in our area is that the senior citizens who have retired from their active service life and have some spare time in hand can also contribute in teaching the people in society the importance of conservation of the natural resources and help the nature to keep alive in its primitive form. The sustainability of nature is the most wanted thing today on the Earth as without this the flora and fauna will soon disappear from the horizon and Earth will become a barren place where the scorching sun will be the only guest in the daytime. The nights will be more dreadful. It is fearful to think such a future for this beautiful and resourceful Earth but if we do not wake up on time such things are definitely possible.

    Author: Wilson K. Mathew25 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 9

    It is a long time since man has realized that the beautiful earth is on the verge of death. The cause of the cracks in the ozone layer has also been identified. It has been decided at the international level that carbon emission must be halted or drastically reduced in order to prevent that rift.

    But consciously or unconsciously we are still carrying out carbon-emitting activities. Carbon emissions are a major cause of air pollution. It is not too late before we would be reaching a point where people need to buy oxygen to breathe. Oxygen parlors have already begun in large cities. This is just the beginning.

    Water pollution also affects life on the earth or the earth itself. Chemicals and petroleum products are used without any restrictions for some additional income. Such uses should be restricted to standardised uses only with elimination or strict inspection. Regulated usage is as important as pollution in water. Unnecessary usage of drinking water for other purposes should be strictly discouraged. Freshwater pipes burst causes for losing large quantities of potable water and pollutants contaminates the drinking water sources.

    Plastic is another accused. Plastic destroys the earth's surface soil. It damages the organic nature. Therefore, the use of non-recyclable plastics has to be banned at the state level. Waste management also has a good role to play in this matter. The large batteries used in electrical vehicles can also cause damages to the earth. The batteries need to be replaced over the years. Such batteries create toxic waste. These toxic wastes cannot be re-cycled and their discharge is hazardous.

    All this, however, requires a radical change in the slogan of our past, "acquire as much as we can." Who will provide for the next generation or how will that generation live if the demand is maximized today?

    So we have to get used to being moderate in everything. What we can do?
    .Keep maximum distance from plastic-made materials.
    .Make maximum use of public vehicles. Encourage and practice bicycle travel to lesser distant workplaces.
    .Try to re-cycle maximum waste at the house itself.
    .Avoid chemical fertilizer in agriculture.

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