5 reasons why Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy failed in Hindi markets

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, latest Telugu blockbuster, was expected to perform reasonably well in Hindi markets seeing how Saaho had set the box office on fire just a month prior. However, the Chiranjeevi starrer turned out to be a damp squib in North and West India. This article gives 5 reasons behind the utter debacle of Sye Raa in Hindi belt

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy was being touted as the next blockbuster from Tollywood. The period actioner inspired from a real-life personality was a big-budget, star-studded movie driven by Chiranjeevi, a legendary star of Telugu cinema. The movie, as expected, broke records in its native states. However, its shocking performance in the Hindi belt sent a shockwave across the industry. Even after a tepid critical reception and short legs, the Hindi version of Saaho had raked in more than 145 crores at the box office. With much better reviews, Sye Raa was expected to do reasonably well. But the movie turned out to be a disaster and was not able to earn even half of Saaho's first day collections in the entire week. Even with the presence of mega Bollywood star like Amitabh Bachhan, Sye Raa failed big time. So what led to the movie's failure? We look at the top 5 reasons why Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy failed in Hindi market.

Lack of novelty in the movies based on the freedom struggle against British Empire

On paper it might seem a brilliant idea, but frankly how many movies based on armed freedom struggle against the British have seen success lately. From movies on Bhagat Singh in early 2000s to Thugs of Hindostan last year, the audience has unanimously rejected period patriotic films that had nothing novel to offer in terms of story and characters. Sye Raa, even with impressive visuals, looked to be from the same mould of filmmaking. As a result, the audience was not very enthusiastic about the movie especially considering that they had burnt their hands last year only with TOH.

Chiranjeevi is a not a saleable face in North

Megastar is a force to reckon with in his home territory. However the same can't be said about other areas, especially markets dominated by Hindi films. Thanks to the dubbed content on television and internet, many of the young Telugu stars have become household names in North India. The movies starring Allu Arjun, Mahesh and NTR Jr. do very well on satellite television. Chiranjeevi missed out on this bandwagon as he had taken a hiatus from the movie industry way back in the early 2000s. There was a reason why Saaho took an opening of 25 crores in its Hindi version alone. Post Baahubali, Prabhas has a big fan base in North India which helped movie open this big. Since Chiranjeevi is hardly a known face for most of the youngsters driving action movies, Sye Raa always had to rely on other factors for succeeding.

Lack of prominent Bollywood actors in the movie

There is a reason why Shankar decided to rope Akshay Kumar in when he thought of making a bigger, more expensive sequel of Robot. Even with crazy stardom in South, Rajnikanth's highest-grossing film in Hindi sans inflation was the 2010 sci-fi actioner that had topped out at around 30 crores. 2.0 needed a much better return in the North to justify its cost and deliver profitability as South alone couldn't have delivered the goods. The presence of Akshay ensured big bucks in Hindi markets and with the star power of both Rajni and Kumar, 2.0 ended up becoming one of the biggest hits of all time. Even Saaho had Shraddha Kapoor and other well-known supporting actors from Bollywood. Sye Raa had only Amitabh in a cameo. The movie needed much more than that in terms of recognisable faces to work in Bollywood dominated areas.

Lacklustre marketing campaign by the makers

Now, this was almost a cardinal sin committed by the makers. Even with palpable anticipation in North India, Saaho makers made a very aggressive promotion. Prabhas himself got involved in marketing the movie in the events, TV shows and press meets. The promotion blitz took the excitement for Saaho to another level and that translated into the opening of 25 crores on day one itself. Neither makers of Sye Raa nor their partners in Bollywood took any interest in planning promotional activities. A movie like KGF with a totally unknown Kannada star in lead was promoted so extensively that it ended up grossing in excess of 30 crores even with a Shahrukh movie in the direct competition. In today's world, nothing works as wonderfully as a well-crafted marketing strategy. Sye Raa failed miserably in this department.

Direct competition with War

Even with all the above factors, Sye Raa could have done better as the overall reports were good. However, the movie ran into a juggernaut like War in its opening week. The highly anticipated Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff actioner was the first big-budget action movie in Bollywood this year and so it was always expected to open big. What went against Sye Raa eventually was that War sustained at the box office unlike few recent big-budgeted films like Race 3 and TOH. As a result, the goodwill generated didn't translate into collections for Sye Raa as War continued to be the no. 1 choice for the moviegoers across North, East and West India even after the extended first weekend. So the writing on the wall was already there even before the end of the first week for Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao16 Oct 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

There is a very good response for this movie in Telugu. But it is a failure in other languages. Saaho, the other film starred by Prabhas has made good collections in the other languages. The main reason I feel for this is the difference in the technical aspects of the movies. Saaho is very rich in technical values. Music is very good especially the background music.

Chiranjeevi is having a full fan following in the Telugu States and his fans believe that whatever he does is the best action. But in other states, it is not the case. When we see the movie, clearly there is a difference in the face of Chiranjeevi. He is appearing a little older. But Telugus will not view that seriously. Chiranjeevi is a mass hero in AP and Telangana.

Amitabh acted very well. But his role is small and probably the people from the North is not able to digest this fact also. They might be feeling that Amitabh should have dominated all other characters in the film. But it is not so in this movie.

The lady actors are also not having enough role to show their talent and a star-like Nayanatara is also having a limited scope.

Author: K Mohan19 Aug 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Normally a Telugu film cannot convince the Indian audience in general and Hindi audience in particular because the character, the dialogue delivery, the content is not understandable to the Hindi audience. Moreover the movies should have the sub titles so that the Hindi audience can take through the film. Most of the South Indian actors are fame only in four states and their every movie gets hit in those states. But Hindi audience want familiar faces who can deliver to their understanding level. Even the jokes cannot be enjoyed as the content was made to suit the Telugu audience and it cannot connect the Hindi audience. That is the reason being so Sye Raa movie was the failure in Hindi heartland.

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