Important things to remember before purchasing the items of your choice

Are you always influenced by the advertisements before purchasing any item? Do you get confused about which products to invest? This article highlights a few important points that will help you to make the right choice. Read on this article before you place the order online.


We all purchase things almost on a regular basis. While we purchase essential items like food and beverages on a regular basis, there are many items which we purchase after due consideration to keep our life in order. Purchasing furniture or an appliance is one such item where we put some time and effort to choose them. While it is always important to purchase things that we require, we purchase many things also because we wish to keep them in our homes. It is always important to keep a few points in mind while purchasing things so that the money you are spending to purchase an item is not wasted.

Don't be influenced by the advertisement

We are influenced by the advertisements a lot. It highlights a few aspects of any product and if they use some catchy words or phrases along with the colourful images and videos we easily get attracted to them. The purpose of the advertisement is to highlight those things that will influence you in some way to decide. While it is always important to judge the quality of the products before purchasing, sometimes we become confused to find the correct way to know the details of any product. Nowadays, every kind of information is available on the internet and almost all the companies that advertise their brands have their website. Therefore, before making a decision to purchase something new, ask your friends or other family members about the reviews of the product and also search their website to find credible information about the product.

Be wise while making the decision

If it's a showpiece you can always purchase it to enhance the aesthetics of your home but if the product has usability you must find it out whether it will be of any use to you or you are just purchasing it because your friend or neighbour has the same model. You will get the value for money only when you fully utilize the product. For example, purchasing a large refrigerator is of no use when you know that most of the space inside it will remain empty. Similarly, purchasing a very large pressure cooker for only two people can be a wastage.

Think of the durability

You are purchasing the item for some purpose and investing in it. So, naturally, the longevity of the product is also a concern. The price of the same type of products varies from vendor to vendor and one of the important factors is the durability. The smart mobile device that you are using may be a very costly one, and I am sure you do not wish to use the same device for 5 long years. After 5 years there will be a lot of improvement in terms of technology and hardware and moreover, after a couple of years, the device that you are using now may not be repairable because of want of spares. Every product has a lifespan and if it lasts that long you can say that you have made a very good investment. For example, many refrigerator companies give a warranty of 2 to 5 years for their products which may be extended according to certain terms and conditions. I am sure you expect your refrigerator to last longer than the smart mobile device you are using now. Similarly, the same thing is applicable to a light bulb or fan. Before purchasing any item just give it a thought about how long you wish to use the item. Spending a lot on an item that you will use for hardly a few months may not be the wisest decision.

Check the efficiency

I am sure you will feel terrible to work with a laptop or a smart mobile device that takes a lot of time to operate and you are eager to go for the newly launched device. Along with the processor speed, check the primary memory (i.e. RAM) because that is the primary one the processor will access to execute operations. The product you are using must be efficient enough to produce the highest possible output. While electrical appliances have a star rating to indicate their efficiency, you must remain aware of many unbranded companies selling appliances that do not adhere to the proper power ratings. You must cross-check the power consumption of those products with the branded ones and avoid using them if found otherwise. The products with the highest efficiency will always add values to your investment and you should go for them instead of looking for the cheap alternatives.

Look for products with less maintenance cost and time

Anything that you are using needs a bit of maintenance. Whether it is the house in which you are staying or the laptop you are using regularly, you need to know the tips to maintain them. While most of the gadgets come with a user manual where the tips of do's & don'ts are mentioned you will not get the user manual for the house. The developer may give you a brochure highlighting the facilities and the rules and regulations, you need to apply your wits to maintain your house. The type of paints to use for exterior and interior is one such thing and time to time repairing is also an important task.

Are you aware of the lead-acid batteries used widely earlier where you need to refill the distilled water from time to time? They are still used at many places but people look for maintenance-free batteries because by using them the anxiousness of checking the water level constantly goes away. So, look for products that are easy to maintain.


Whether it's a simple ball pen or the high-end cars, you are purchasing it for a purpose. Even a showpiece itself will add value to the place. While we toil day and night to earn money, at times we all make some unwise decisions. A few simple tips will help you to choose the correct items you need. While it is always important to save money, it is equally important to spend it wisely. Give a little thought before purchasing any item and in most of the cases, you will make the good decision. Your motto should be to use the item efficiently during its lifetime and then you can say you have made a good choice.

Article by Sankalan Bhattacharya
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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao02 Nov 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good article by the author. We should be well aware of the performance of a product before we purchase them. Certain items we buy once in a while but we may have to use it for a longer time. When we want to purchase such items we should never go by the advertisements given by the dealers or manufacturers. Generally, I take the opinion of the users of that product. Once they give a good report and they say they are satisfied, I will go for that product if I am happy with the looks also.

Another way we can follow is going by the reviews on the internet. But sometimes they may also be misleading. So we can't decide by simply seeing one or two reviews. You should refer as many as possible and if at least 80% of the reviews are favourable, then only you should go for that product.

Another way is to go by the sales figure. If the sales are good and many people are going for it, then also we can prefer that product.

Author: Wilson K. Mathew03 Nov 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The first thing is not to insist on having something in our home just because it is in the nearer home or in the home of any of our relatives.

Some ads and rebates influence our minds when we decide to buy something. We should not make a decision right away according to that. In some cases, no matter how low the quality, great advertising is just a strategy to increase sales. Therefore, you should only buy the item after viewing the quality, asking the users for it or finding out its market share and is finally satisfied with the reviews.

Author: K Mohan29 Jun 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Good article from the author that makes the submission that we should not hurry to purchase the things of our choice and must evaluate the product information, compare the same with other products and decide. For example the other day we went to purchase a Fridge and wanted to get rid of the old one. Our target was to get a good price for the old one and choose the power-saver fridge. After comparing many fridges that were available in three showrooms, we decided to buy the Whirlpool 210 liters which the shop owner quoted at Rs.17000 but gave for Rs.15000 by taking our old fridge and we found the offer was good when compared to other shops who would not give a discount.

Author: K Mohan17 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

We do sometimes get tempted to buy those items which may not be required at all after seeing the advertisements. Inferior quality products are also sometimes sold and we should not get fooled with such offers and see for the durability of the product and then decide. Some products need concurrent maintenance about which we are not aware and so such products need to be avoided as they only escalate the cost of retaining the same.

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