How to protect yourself from emotional manipulation

Are you an over-emotional person? Do you easily melt when someone gets emotional in front of you? If is it so then refer to this article where it is mentioned how to protect yourself from emotional manipulations.


All emotions whether negative or positive serve a purpose in our life but we should be careful from the people who use emotion as a weapon to manipulate us. There are people who easily identify people and easily manipulate them easily. It's essential that we should protect ourselves from such people. Here are a few tips we can do to protect ourself from being a victim of emotional manipulation.

Don't let yourself fall in their trap

People who get pleasure in playing with the emotions of others will use any sort of tactics, such as confusion, blame, and interrogation, in order to get your faith in themselves. If you have to deal with such people more often at the workplace then it's better to neglect them. Emotional manipulators always try to win your faith so make sure they you don't give them what they want. Once they fail after several attempts, they may leave you alone.

Don't let yourself attached with them emotionally

It's not easy to identify such people because they don't show their true colours immediately they come in contact with you. Pay attention to the first sign of theirs and then slowly back away from the relationship, and make sure to let them know your limits. Emotional manipulators easily find their next victim but it is easier once you don't allow them to begin a relationship with you. Maintain a cordial relationship with them but don't let it go any further.

Start noting down what do they say during conversations

This may seem a little awkward but emotional manipulators have a habit of making you look like the bad guy and manipulate their words to change situations as per them and you might also start believing sometimes that you have done something wrong, whereas, in reality, you have fallen the victim of their strategy. To ensure what they have said in the prior conversations it's essential to write down so which they may not change later on to justify their behaviour. They will try to convince you that they never said it, but you can actually prove them wrong when you have noted down the things.

Leave harmful relationships

If you notice such type of behaviour in your boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone then you should leave such a relationship for your own well being. You cannot change the nature of a person forcefully but you can leave him/him as it's in your hand. You deserve a person who may nurture and balance your emotions, not someone who uses you for his/her own enjoyment.

Interrupt them on their behaviour

These people have never been confronted for their behaviour because they may have dominated others for so long. You should stand up for yourself and should let them know that you felt uncomfortable because of their behaviour. Even if they still have such behaviour towards you then you should stand up to the truth and defend yourself. Maybe they will begin to change their tune if you struck a nerve with them, maybe once they know that they won't be able to boss up any more then they won't have anyone to manipulate anymore.

Always be clear wherever possible

Of course, avoiding emotional manipulators will eliminate your chances of getting taken advantage of by them. To do this try to read the person at the first meeting and if you don't get a positive vibe while with him/her then simply trusting your gut feeling ignore such a person. At the workplace, it is difficult to do so but in that case, try to limit your interactions with such people as much as you can. That will save you lots of energy.

Develop a strong mentality

Don't ever let their insults enter your mind, laugh at them on their thoughts without agreeing with them or just ignore whatever they say. If you know what kind of person you are and have a strong sense of self-respect, nothing will affect you whatever they say.

Meditate to relax your mind

In order to have positive energy you should meditate to keep your mind relaxed. It will help you to deal with emotional manipulators because you will have the inner peace of mind no matter how much chaos unfolds around you. Once you have a relaxed mind you may not be able to get affected by such people.

Always be in a positive mood

An emotional manipulator can completely spoil your mood, so make sure you restore yourself with uplifting thoughts during the day. They thrive on seeing your mood, so when they see you are unaffected by their remarks, they won't have a reason to affect you any longer.

Final words

We face such people at every stage of life and will affect our life so it's our skill how do we deal with them. Those who are skilled enough to identify them at the early stage remain unaffected whereas the others remain stressed. So it's better to learn how to deal with them anywhere.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Nov 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A good article from the author. He has narrated the points which are to be practised when we are dealing with people who like to take advantage of you by manipulating your emotions.

Some people try to please you by telling something bad about somebody else and if you are very happy in hearing such words and if you add a point, the same people will go and tell the other person that you are talking bad about him. It will create a problem between people. One should be very careful with such people. We should hear what they say but we should never add a single point and we have to behave as if we have no interest in hearing such issues.

Human Psychology is a vast subject and it is not easy to understand the real personality of the other person unless otherwise, you interact with him sufficiently. So we should be very careful when we are talking with new people and people who have the habit of carrying the words from one place to the other place.

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