Understanding why Focus is important in life at all times

Focus is extremely important in our life. Unless we have fire in our bellies and do everything with our total dedication and commitment, we cannot excel in today's conditions. Focus is one quality that differentiates the winners from the also-rans. Some dimensions of the concept of focus are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.


Focus is that one quality that requires total dedication to purpose and to the big goals of life at any stage of our lives. An example is the different goals at schools and college stages of our lives. The focus will be on maximizing knowledge and skills pertinent to a career at the college level. The focus at the school level will be on mastering the basics. Thereafter the focus would shift to settling down in life and achievement in whatever one does. This is the essence of life itself.

Be that as it may, the focus can be discussed with specific reference to a) Focus at school and college b) Focus in careers c) Focus on marriage and social relationships d) Focus on acquiring life skills and e) Focus on adding life to years to life and not years to life.

Focus at school and college

Focus on studies, on developing good friendships with others, being able to understand concepts far beyond the syllabus and developing an aptitude to know everything that happens in the local and national or international environments, should be the focus after standard eight. It should never happen that the boy or girl develops a taste for romance. This is indeed a dangerous trend.

It is indeed sad that the urge "to experiment" is so pronounced even from the seventh standard and the reports of romance at a very young age are now doing the rounds like never before. All this should stop and stop immediately. The role of parents is vital too. It is obvious that if there is too much freedom given to children and parents do not have a check on their social media activities, several dangers are waiting to happen. It is becoming a fashion to have boyfriends or girlfriends. This becomes all the more dangerous when the focus on studies is totally lost. We often hear so many horror stories from our own neighborhood. It is rather unwise to indulge in romance either at school or at college. The parents need to have a big focus on the activities of the children and they should properly advise the children in every possible way.

Similarly, on choosing careers and developing an interest in a particular field, it is becoming very important to be focused on learning and perfecting skill-sets that lead to perfection. The world is becoming one of the professionals in every field and these are the people who excel in any field of endeavor and add value to any person or organization that would engage their services in a formal organization or act as professionals.

Focus on careers

Career choices are aplenty today. However, here again, one needs focus of a tall order. One should never jump into any career for the sake of doing something new or untested. For example, though interior design is picking up, the field has still not matured at all. The dream of a good HR career and job does make thousands to pursue a career in HR by taking the MSW degree with a specialization in HR. However, this field is yet to acquire a status of its own as HR deals with human beings and human behavior is very difficult to predict or understand at any point in time.

Focus on career hence means making the best choice and then going the full mile to make a success of it. For instance, there is always a possibility that those who are good in debates or compering and the like will find the B.Sc( Visual communication) course from the prestigious Loyola College, Chennai, or from any of the other leading colleges in the city highly useful and meaningful. Similarly, those with a natural flair for music should do a graduate course in music and fine arts. The scope for specialization is worldwide and it does happen that Hindustani or Carnatic music experts get to showcase their skills in any part of the world. The kind of churning that goes on in the capital markets is not only exciting but also lucrative. Those who specialize in it and occupy good positions in the best of mutual funds through the hard knock of experience will undoubtedly grow to the biggest of positions. There are specialized courses available only in Mumbai.

Another important aspect is to give one's heart and soul to learn a range of skill-sets and these skill-sets should extend far beyond the narrow confines of eight-hour job input. For example, in FMCG companies those who provide market intelligence inputs on the moves of competitors will be appreciated by any Management. The simple ground rule is to understand what all it takes to succeed and then go in for the best of skill-sets that fit those kinds of roles. Learning the basics of concepts such as emotional intelligence is also essential when one becomes experienced. It is also essential to learn advanced Strategic Management concepts and their practical application. The Executive MBA and this is an asset indeed. The advantage is that the classes are conducted only on weekends and hence the problem of time is also solved.

Focus on marriage and social relationships

Irrespective of whether one is rich or poor or young or old, the mutual understanding and willingness to understand each other is far more important in today's conditions. For example, the lack of good domestic servants is a big problem in most metro cities. The availability of specialized professionals like electricians, plumbers, and AC mechanics is another problem. Solving such problems means the joint action of the husband and the wife. Once there is increased communication between life partners, solving such problems will become much easier.

Similarly, while it is essential that we have meaningful and cordial relationships with others in the neighborhood and friends, we also need a reality check from time to time on the quality of such relationships. Even among those living in the same apartment complex, we get to see politics as and even back-biting. All such relationships are best avoided. And in the family, isolating and making children understand the harmful effects of interacting with undesirable elements is as important as developing good relationships with those who can be trusted and with good values.

Focus on acquiring life skills

Do we know how to set the right basic hardware problems in our laptop and computers? Do we know the nuances of the basic electrical problems? Do we know how to detect the problems in a mixie or a washing machine? If the answer is yes, we would have passed the litmus test of being okay in life skills. One should also be trained in first aid and the intricacies of first aid as well. For example, it is fine to pour water on the affected parts of any person affected by the fire. We end up being miserable failures since we neglect these simple life skills and never get trained in them. We need to be most careful and acquire such skills.

Focus on adding life to years to life and not years to life

This action plan covers all the points mentioned above. We need to become good time managers and also teach our children the value of time right from a very young age. We will be able to understand what it takes to add life to years rather than years to life. The time that we spend on watching television serials is precious and be easily saved. We need firm action and this cannot happen without focus.

It is essential that we consult with those who are successful to check and understand what it takes to succeed in a complex world. Those who live in Mumbai, for example, are experts in minimizing space for various things. The innovations in space management make their living happy and enjoyable. They add meaning to their lives effortlessly. Their zest for life is easily seen.

They are men and women on the go. They are people with a big fire in their bellies. They are people who go all out in understanding what it takes to survive and grow in a complex environment where running is a way of life. The "spirit of Mumbai" as it is often called can teach many lessons to anyone. It is fine to even spend a few years of one's career in Mumbai. Bank employees who are unmarried can even opt to work in Mumbai. Once he or she lands in Mumbai, he or she would have learned so many good things in a span of just sixty months. Adding life to years is a way of living in such a metro.


Some ideas pertaining to focus on certain parameters of life are explained above. It does not mean that there are no other parameters. However, being prepared to take on the challenges of life will broadly include everything that has been discussed in the aforesaid paragraphs.

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Author: Wilson K. Mathew31 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Those who struggle to connect both ends of their lives are focused on certain things. They prepare programs based on their current economic conditions to acquire some of the materials they need. Sometimes it is to provide higher education to their children, sometimes to improve their living conditions, sometimes to move away from a rented house into their own home, etc. For this purpose, they might have transferred a portion of the daily wages to savings such as Chits etc and reached their desired level after 10 or 20 years. In the meantime, they may have had to starve after feeding their children. A fire is burning in their hearts that they will get what they wish.
Life cannot go on without any of those things in mind. They cannot get through without focusing on those things.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao13 Nov 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

True. Focus is always the key to your success. We say there multitaskers. But they should focus at one at a time. They should have compartments and when they are working on an issue they should close the doors of the other compartment. When they are executing a work they should concentrate on that issue only. If you are working on an issue and your mind is in the movie you saw yesterday, it will never give you good results.

Many of us will be handling more than one task at a time. But we will be focusing on one work presently what is there on our hand. Then only we will get the results positively.

The author explained the importance of focus. This is a very good article for the people who are just starting their career and they can understand how they can go up by focusing on their job.

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