Everything you should know about fog lights

Read this article to know why fog lights can be a very important safety measure for your vehicle. Know how it helps you drive in fog and smog situations by increasing your field of vision and from where you can get it installed.

Driving on a foggy day can be a big problem. If you live in a city where fog and smog are a big problem like Delhi or other Northern states in India, taking precautions while driving in smoggy weather is an intelligent idea. This precaution is best taken in the form of a fog indicator which you can use on vehicles like cars, bikes, and any other vehicle which moves at a fast speed and already has lights for driving at night. These lights help you see a greater distance, therefore, reducing the chance of an accident.

Fog lights

You can buy fog lights at boodmo.com, they are amongst one of the best auto parts dealers which can help you safeguard your car with quality accessories. Fog Lights are equipped at the front and backside of the vehicle and are used on foggy weather days. These have a high beam; which shows better reflection as compared to ordinary bulbs. However, if you are not aware of these then can refer to the below-given information in detail.

What are fog lights?

These automotive headlights emit radiance which helps in showing direction. They need to be installed by a professional since they have to be aligned in a proper direction so that they can perform the task they are made of. These are installed at an angle that emits light towards the ground and helps you identify objects in the foggy weather easily.

The fog lights throw a beam from a particular angle towards the road surface and help in expanding the vision. It allows illumination of a very wide range of roads. Fog lights are yellow coloured light, which is clearer and provides clear visual quality.

How they are different from other lights?

In the automobile industry fog lights are different from other indicators. So there is no need to confuse between the fog as well as driving lights. The usage of both of them is different from one other and also need different orientation to place them. However, the differences between both of them are mentioned below:

Driving lights

  • Driving lights are installed in the front and rear side of the vehicle.
  • These can give signal to other vehicles during night hours.
  • These lights are used at night for better vision and to provide signals to other drivers.
  • There are several designs and sizes which you can install at the front and rear sides of the vehicle.
  • This light offers a better vision to the individual while driving but aren't sufficient in foggy weather.
  • However, these are also as important as fog lights to be installed in automobiles. But the main purpose of these indicators is to lighten up the road in nighttime and they work best in clear weather only.

Fog lights

  • These are used in cars and other vehicles for providing direction.
  • These are placed internally and are also placed in different places other than automobiles.
  • These are directly attached to the front and back sides of the vehicle.
  • The yellow bulbs and yellow lenses which show better vision.
  • The longer wavelengths penetrate sharply in the atmosphere.
  • These lights are best to increase vision for the drivers even in the foggy weather and secondly to give signals to other vehicles so that they can identify your vehicle in foggy weather.

How and when to turn on fog lights?

These indicators cannot be turned on in every situation; there are circumstances when you need to turn on the fog lights and use it to help with your driving. Like in the case when the visibility drops below 100m then it is important to turn on the fog lights especially the front one. In case if you are not able to identify anything then you can also turn on rear fog lights which are best in such situations.

Both front and rear fog indicators can be turned on with the help of a wing that is attached to the front side of the steering. You need to push the button near the dashboard which will turn on the fog lights.

Fog light 2

Which type of fog lights is best to buy for your vehicle?

If the vehicle in your home is not equipped with fog lights that are already manufactured by the factory then it is best to install the best fog radiant that works best for your vehicles. There are several kinds of indicators that are available in the market and installed extra in your vehicle. You may have to pay extra charges to install additional fog lights for your vehicle. It is best to opt for universal fog lights on your vehicles that are within your budget. These are affordable and can be used in every vehicle which is at your home. These are installed at the beam angle and offer a high wavelength. In case of any problem, these are one of the best fog lights as they can be replaced easily without any hassle.

Are you looking for the installation of fog lights in your cars and other vehicles that can be it from boodmo which offers the best automobile parts for every type of vehicle? The company offers the best parts to install in your vehicle and helps in easy installation. There are several things which you need to know about and require a lot of handling about it.


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