Top 10 topics to write for organic traffic

Would you like to know how to get organic traffic to your content or article? Puzzled on no or less traffic to your posts? Wanted to increase traffic to publishing or published content? If yes, please find the tips and ten topics to write for natural traffic to your article.

There are many writers or bloggers who keeps on writing in a different niche articles often and few only out of many articles' gets reasonable organic traffic or poor traffic and the rest articles are not fetching even less than ten page views daily etc.

There are many scenarios like this on the published content. You can edit and tune it better (SEO) for the published one, or write the following topic content to get better traffic.

Topic to write for organic traffic

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There are different types of content and search results, as below;

Evergreen content and its traffic though it slightly fluctuates on search result for few days but regular traffic would be there in a whole year.

Seasonal content, like old published Republic Day article might fetch the traffic for few days before the Republic Day to come and then no more traffic for a year, again.

Short term content and search results, it is like School's or College's exam, time-table, results and admission etc. and these would get traffic for couple of days only.

Poor or No traffic to content from search results, due to various reasons. Like, mismatching domain, irrelevant title and summary, less words, no image, no reference, no video (when needed), and no search for the topic etc.

In general, you can earn money online only if your article gets enough organic traffic. We will give you tips on how to increase traffic to your article? Read the detail below.

Ten topics to write for search result and increasing traffic:

The below mentioned ten topic articles' writing and publishing would help you to increase traffic until and unless the article has enough words, matching domain, better title and summary, references, relevant image or video, points, volume of online search and on-time publishing etc.

  1. Automotive
  2. Education
  3. Entertainment
  4. Fashion, Lifestyle and Food
  5. Finance
  6. Health
  7. Sports
  8. Technology
  9. Telecom
  10. Travel

This topic would help to people who are searching online on the latest Automotive and related updates. It is related to technology and commercial thus it helps consumer to get the latest information on this topic online. The better presentation on-time the better search result thus traffic to your article.

This is not an evergreen content but it gives enough value and traffic frequently. It has an additional benefit in case the writer keeps on writing and publishing the latest updates of the each post on this topic.

The topic would helps many including Pre-School, School, College, University's students, parents and teachers etc. to get the latest updates on the current education topic whether it could be of Admission, fee, time table, exam schedule, results and on.

There are two types of articles can be observed over here. One is short term traffic for the educational content and one is evergreen for sure. You can write and publish both the types to get enough traffic.

Weekend and Holidays' entertainment topic content or article would help to get reasonable traffic. Event or Film / Movie or Amusement topic etc. would help the people to get the information from online source. In case if you write about the topic on-time for a particular entertainment or event then there is possibility that your article might fetch enough traffic.

This might be a short-time traffic and you can write many short-time or entertainment article regularly to get traffic to your posts.

Fashion, Lifestyle and Food:
There are three keywords on this but all of them are associated closely. You can write about these keywords and publish on-time to get the traffic. People are looking for the latest Fashion, Lifestyle and Food (festival) etc. and your article on these topic would help them to get the on-time info thus your article would fetch traffic.

This is one of the evergreen topic. I again reiterate that, domain matching is very important for any topic, mismatching domain content can be ignored by the search engine even in case if you have a good title, summary, reference, better presentation etc.

Finance topic and its latest updates article would help many visitors online. It is better to research on this topic and write it often including Investment, Startup, Funds, Capital, Share market, Business, Economy and on. The more you write about the Finance associated topic the more chances of getting huge traffic to your articles or posts. So, share your knowledge on this including tips, tricks and saving method etc.

This one also one of the evergreen topic. One has to keep on writing about the latest Health, associated technology, updates, guide, basic healthcare question and answers and on.

Writing about different Specialization on health would help the visitors or people. It is better to write with image and video references beside more than seven hundred words on Healthcare or Medical keywords. Adding Health education, last technology, research, Medical Transcription, Pills, FAQ, first aid and one would help the visitors.

This is short-term traffic but huge visitors might come to the article. However, if you cover different sports activities and publish the article regularly then you would win on the race. As it has less competitors but main points are very important to put forward.

There are few media and news channels are there to publish on-time about the Sports but still one can write different and publish to help the sport's fans. It would be better if the website or domain matching Sports keyword for better SERP.

There are two types of traffic for the topic, one is short-term and the other one is long-term and that depend on the content and updates one publishes like initial information on a tech product vs review later for the same.

The topic has huge competitors but one can win in the race if they try to write in a unique way and publish the tech detail on-time. You can publish the xyz tech articles in different posts. Like, xyz info, xyz review, xyz pros and cons etc.

This is commercial one and people wants to know the latest updates on this topic. The Telecom industry would always face the changes often due to Technology upgrade. Thus people or visitors are also wanted to know the latest different features and cost etc.

So, writing about the different Telecom topic in a different way would help visitors to get the latest information in a Telecom industry, including latest gadgets, how it works, features, launches and cost etc.

This is one of the ever-green topic. You can write about the Travel, tips, itinerary, how to reach, what to see and on about each places across the globe. You can even write about the travel source, train, bus, cab and flight etc. Also, you can write about the hotels, food, discount, nearest place and on.

The more you write differently and the new places or less known places the more chances of people or tourist is eager to know about it to plan. So, your article on the latest info with the new places might help them thus your article would get traffic.

Please note, promoting these topic articles on social media would also increase the traffic but few sources says that it won't be considered as natural traffic but social traffic. So, I prefer to get (search engine) organic traffic for my articles than personally promoting them.

Article by Hafeezur Rahman
Hafeezur Rahman has joined ISC in 2009 and he is a Job Editor at ISC since 2010, he also a Blogger. Hafeez continue to contribute in various sections of ISC and its sister sites like Techulator, NewRecruitments & Goaspider etc. He is a renowned feature writer & social enthusiast. He loves to write in a simple manner and share his visionary write-ups with the readers on the topics related to his field of interests and different niche. All his write-ups have been popularly read & shared by global readers.

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Guest Author: Fernando C30 Nov 2019

A great piece of info. I posted many articles on my website but they were not as effective as it is supposed to be. The sixth paragraph of this article, besides other valuable inputs, answered my queries. I would consider this point and update myself on writing and publishing.

Author: Umesh24 Dec 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

The author has posed good guidance and useful tips in this article and definitely we can focus on some of these areas to increase the traffic to our blog or site.

I have to mention that a creative piece of writing about any subject has mainly three parts. First is the type of content and its quality, second is its relevance in modern times and third is the writing style and language. So, a good combination of these three ingredients will generally produce a matter which many of us will like to read and also take away some useful information from there. A half-hearted narration with incomplete details will not attract the people as sometimes elaboration is the key to attract people for finer points. I have read some articles which are so elaborate that the reader goes on reading in the hope that his query related to that area might be coming in the next paragraphs. So, writing is an art and to write to attract people and increase traffic is still a bigger art.

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