Tips to Prepare For the Board Exam and JEE Simultaneously

Here are some tips that help students to prepare for the board exam and JEE simultaneously.

Preparing for the board exam on one hand, while skimming through Jee books, on the other hand, is no simple task. Students slog for two years but still aren't able to give their best performance in both the exams at one go. They either end up compromising with their board exams or their Jee exams.
There are usually two options available to students if they wish to get admitted in the top engineering institutes of the country. They can either prepare for the board exam and jee simultaneously or take a drop for jee to do justice to both the exams. If you are planning to go with the first option, you need to give your best in both the exams in the very first attempts. This choice can be scary but is not something you can't achieve with diligence and perseverance. Many JEE coaching centres offer effective classes that help students to achieve this dream.
Wondering how to manage board exams and jee together? Here are some tips to prepare for the Board exam and JEE simultaneously.

How to Prepare For the Board Exam and JEE Simultaneously

Know the Exam Pattern

Before you begin with the preparation of either of the exams, you must know the exam pattern. You wonder why is it so? It's because once you are well-versed with the pattern, you will know how to strategize your preparation. Most of the time, students dive headlong into the preparation for exams without understanding the pattern. Once you are acquainted with the pattern, you will know what either of the exams expects from you.

Make a Strategy

Have you heard the age-old adage- if you are failing to prepare, then you are preparing to fail? If yes, this adage tells you that you need to have a plan in mind while preparing for something. That plan should be foolproof without any scope of blindspots. You need to prepare a plan on similar lines. Once you get familiar with the pattern of both the exams, you know what you are getting yourself into. So, you should make a chart where you can divide your time into each subject accordingly.

Focus on the Nuances

Everyone is aware that board exams are more theoretical based while jee exams are tilted towards checking your reasoning, aptitude, and understanding of different concepts. If you sit down to preparing for both the exams in either numerical or theoretical manner, you will lead yourself to doom. It's because both papers ask very different things from you. Hence, here you need to understand the nuances of the syllabus and exam pattern and pick out a portion that will help you in covering the syllabus.

Revise Thoroughly

It's not possible to remember each formula despite having read it more than ten times. There are innumerable equations and formulas you need to have on the tip of your tongue. But how do you remember each of them? It's simple, the more that you practice, the more you will get a hold over the subject. Consistency in solving the questions will help you in remembering different formulas. Once you get good at recalling them, you will not lose a single minute in your exam racking your brain cells. No matter how many different concepts you learn every day, ensure that you end up revising them by the end of the week and end of the month. Keep a track of all the new equations, formulas and definitions you keep coming across.

Practice Questions Papers

Solving a set of questions is one thing and solving a set of question papers is another. Once you get a grasp over all three subjects, you need to start solving the past year question papers. When you sit down to solve the papers, allocate yourself the time limit and try completing the paper within the set limit. This will allow you to get familiar with writing the paper and on the d-day, you will not be a bundle of nerves.

Analyze your Answer Sheet

Once you are done writing the paper, the next thing you should do it checking it. Award yourself marks accordingly. Analyzing your paper will give you the advantage of assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know your weak spots, you can focus more attention on them and brush up these areas. Also, do not forget to look for the silly mistakes that you might be making here and there.
Keep a track of scores- Solving past year papers will not bear any fruit if you do not keep a track of scores. Keeping a track of scores will allow you to know whether you are making any progress or not. If you end up with low scores consistently, do not shy away from visiting your teachers and asking them for help.

Do not Compare

What's the worst that you can do to yourself? It's comparing your preparation progress with that of your friends. Everyone has a different pace of learning and getting through. So, you should not compare your journey with others. It so may happen that your friend may end up taking things for granted at the end and you end up passing both the exams with flying colours.

Take Help from your Teachers

One thing that most students dread and avoid is taking help from their teachers, be it school or coaching. This stops them from growing and identifying some commonly overlooked mistakes. Whenever you get stuck with a question or feel hopeless during the preparation, it would be better to reach out either to your school faculties or teachers at their entrance coaching centers. He/she can show you the way and also help you in chalking out a plan to get you through the preparation phase.

The board exams and JEE is not easy for everyone. There will be moments of hope and despair. You need to be diligent and consistent with your preparation. No exam is difficult if you prepare well for it. Have faith in yourself and within no time if you will yourself on the other side of the bridge. Follow these tips religiously and you will be good to go.


Author: Umesh27 Nov 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

In earlier times it was very common to prepare for the board exams and some competitive exams simultaneously and it was seen that the good and scoring candidates made it in the first attempt and those who failed could not get selected even after 2-3 attempts. That trend remained there for some time but as the competition rose rapidly and became cutthroat, the situation started changing and many top-class coaching classes came in existence to help the students to achieve their objectives. The scenario changed so much that it appeared that it was not possible to do two things at a time that is to clear the board exam and as well qualify in the competitive exam. This led to mushrooming of competitive zones in our country where the students did only studies all round the clock in a secluded environment in order to reach their goals. Anyway, that was the need of the hour and still continuing.

The tips given in this article are definitely useful for strategic planning by the student to achieve the two objectives in one go but it ultimately boils down to working harder.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha01 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

In order to succeed in both the examinations simultaneously ie the Board Examination and the dream project IIT, aspirants must have the thorough concepts of the patterns in each of the examinations. They need not be confused to go here and there to look for the study materials, but instead, they would do much better if the basics of chapters are clearly understood. The starting point in this direction should be their own textbooks prescribed for CBSE and for the preparation of the science stream for the Board examination, these three textbooks namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics should be treated as their Bibles and each word appearing in the chapters should be clearly understood so as to have the clear concept of each chapter. They should take up plenty of questions already set in IIT tests to assess their potentials in the concerned subjects. With the sound concepts of the subjects, innovativeness will improve and this alone would lead to success in the JEE examination. For the Board examination, CBSE books are enough to fetch impressive marks. The aspirants should stick to their planning once contemplated for achieving success in JEE.
The author has provided numerous tips which could prove to be helpful in the course of their preparations.

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