How to participate in CIDCO online e-auction for Navi Mumbai railway station offices

Are you looking for office space units in railway station complexes in Navi Mumbai? This article provides details of an exciting opportunity to bid for commercial office space in Navi Mumbai railway complexes located at Nerul, Belapur, and Sanpada. You will get complete information about the area of the office unit, the base rate, the EMD to be paid, the guidelines on the registration for the two-bid system, etc.

CIDCO is conducting a sale of offices in various railway station complexes in Navi Mumbai through an E-tender-cum-E-auction process under the scheme MM-11/2019-2020/Railway Station Complexes/2. The offices are located in the Belapur, Nerul, and Sanpada railway station complexes. The process is a two-bid system, first with a submission of a closed bid (e-tender), and second the participation in the e-auction/online bidding process. Note that NRI account holders cannot participate in this scheme.

CIDCO E-Auction of Navi Mumbai railway station offices
[Image source: Hindustan Times advt., Mumbai edition, 27th November 2019.]

Who can bid in the CIDCO railway stations E-auction

The following are eligible to participate in the e-auction process -
  1. An individual who is competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act.

  2. A Company which is incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

  3. A Partnership firm which is registered under the Society Registration Act, 1932.

  4. A Public Trust registered under the Public Trust Act, 1950 and is also registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860.

  5. A Co-operative Society registered under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960.

Other than the above, the participating bidder must fulfil all the other terms and conditions as prescribed in the E-auction Scheme booklet which is available at the official website (see the end of this article).

E-auction railway station complex offices, area, rates and EMD

At Belapur railway station complex

Office No.H-210 is located on the 2nd floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.60,80800/-. The EMD is Rs.6,08,080/-.

At Nerul railway station complex

Office No.H-111 is located on the 1st floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.1,56,49,200/-. The EMD is Rs. 15,64,920/-.

Office No.H-111 is located on the 1st floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.1,56,49,200/-. The EMD is Rs. 15,64,920/-.

Office No.A-201 is located on the 2ndt floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.1,03,93,500/-. The EMD is Rs. 10,39,350/-.

Office No.B-217 is located on the 2nd floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.81,37,900/-. The EMD is Rs. 8,13,790/-.

Office No.C-201 is located on the 2nd floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.81,37,900/-. The EMD is Rs. 8,13,790/-.

At Sanpada railway station complex

Office No.A-006 is located on the ground floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.57,62,600 /-. The EMD is Rs. 5,76,260/-.

Office No.D-110 is located on the 1st floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.85,62,400/-. The EMD is Rs. 8,56,240/-.

Office No.B-202 is located on the 2nd floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.3,67,07,800/-. The EMD is Rs. 36,70,780/-.

Office No. A-301 is located on the 3rd floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs. 9,08,40,300/-. The EMD is Rs. 90,84,030/-.

Office No.B-301 is located on the 3rd floor with a carpet area of The base rate is Rs.4,88,85,700/-. The EMD is Rs. 48,88,570/-.

Additional note: The base rate will have other miscellaneous charges and GST will also be applicable.

EMD and processing fees: The EMD and the processing fee of Rs.1,180/- (this includes the fee of Rs.1,000+Rs.180 GST) have to be paid online. These have to be paid separately for every bid. The processing fee is non-refundable.

Procedure for CIDCO e-tender for railway station office units

You have to first register through the 'Bidder Registration' link at the CIDCO e-tender website ( For this, you have to enter your full name and address with the pin code, provide your contact mobile number and email ID, and enter your PAN card number. You will also be required to enter your Bank Account number and IFSC number (you need to upload a cancelled cheque for this purpose). Once you do so, you will receive an OTP at your email ID as well as on your mobile phone. You have to enter this OTP to log in.

Next, select 'Live Tender' from the Dashboard page and proceed to pay the processing fee and EMD. An option to print the receipt will be available on the screen. Following this, you can upload the required documents as per the type of bidder -
(i) For the individual applicant: Same as what is mentioned above in the registration process.
(ii) For a company: authority letter, incorporation certificate, TAN.
(iii) For a partnership firm: authority letter, partnership deed, registration certificate.
(iv) For a co-operative society: authority letter, registration certificate.
(v) For a public trust: authority letter, registration certificate, Deed of trust.
Note: unregistered companies, partnership firms, co-operative societies, and public trusts cannot bid as individual applicants.

The next step is to mandatorily submit a closed bid (e-tender). If this is not done, then you cannot participate in the bidding process. By this is meant submitting the best price or an offer amount and which will not be known to the other bidders. In case you, as the bidder, do not then wish to participate in the e-auction, then the closed e-bid will be considered as the final offer.

As per the time schedule, you can then participate in the e-auction through log-in and can bid in multiples of Rs.50,000/- only. The approval for participation in the e-auction will be given by CIDCO. There will then be a scrutiny of the bidder's application and the closed e-bid and the eligibility of the bidder will be determined by the documents uploaded. The price Bid of approved bidders will then be opened.

What happens after the CIDCO e-auction

Once the entire e-tender-cum-e-auction process is completed for specific office space, the highest e-auction bid will be compared with the highest closed bid amount submitted (that is, the e-tender) and the successful bid result will be displayed. Subsequently, the EMD amount received from the bidders other than the highest bidder will be returned via online mode in the Bank account which was provided at the time of registration.

An allotment letter will be issued to the successful bidder after approval by the Vice Chairman and Managing Director. The agreed amount of the sale price of the office, after adjusting the EMD, will be required to be paid in three equal instalments as per what is prescribed in the allotment letter and within the prescribed time limit for the payment to be done. The possession of the office unit will be given only on receipt of the payments in full.

Important dates of the CIDCO e-tender-cum-e-auction

  1. E-tender process starts: 27th November 2019.

  2. E-tender process ends: 26th December 2019.

  3. E-auction process starts: 30th December 2019 at 11.00hrs.

  4. E-auction process ends: 31st December 2019 at 11.00hrs.

  5. Declaration of successful applicants: 2nd January 2020 at 11.00hrs.

Contact information

Office of the Manager Marketing (II), Raigad Bhavan, 3rd floor, CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai-400614. Ph: 67121080/1091.
CIDCO website:
E-tender website where scheme booklet is available: Contact Ph: 9824960061.

[Endnote: Bidders are requested to carefully go through the scheme booklet to know all the details of the office units, price, EMD, etc and follow the instructions for the e-tender-cum-e-auction process.]

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