Cryopreservation - Will humans be reborn by defeating death?

Ever heard of a fictional character - a scientist named Frankenstein? In the novel, the scientist made a human-like creature by gathering the corpses of the dead. What if, in these times, experiments were being conducted to bring the dead back to life?


Even if you die, you can return to life. It is unbelievable. But the growth of the scientific world is in such a state that the event takes place within a decade. Hundreds of people around the world have kept their bodies. There are special teams that are tasked with this. This is not new news. These frozen bodies will be ready for life in ten years. Those who believe that these dead bodies can be given life by preserving the bodies in freezing cold depending on the technology named Cryogenics. Within a few minutes of death, the body is transferred to a special cold bed/freezer.


Mainly three companies operate for this from the US, Russia, and Portugal. More than 350 bodies are currently preserved. The founder of the Michigan-based Cryonics Institute has just released this shocking news. According to Dennis Kowalski, one of their dead bodies will be given life within ten years."A hundred years ago, no one would have thought of such a method. But science is growing day by day. We were sure that the dead could be brought to life. However, research into stem cells is now a long way off. If this is the case, it is certain that within ten years, a dead man in his freezer can be brought to life." says Kowalski. Nearly 2,000 people have paid to be resuscitated in the Cryonics Institute alone. The institution's headquarters currently houses one hundred and sixty dead bodies. It costs up to $ 200,000 per person.

How it's done

This technique, also known as cryonics, cryogenics, and cryo-preservation, must be done carefully. The bodies were stored in a special tank containing nitrogen. The body is stored in minus one hundred and ninety-six degrees Celsius. The death of the deceased should be declared officially, then only the procedures can start. It should start within 2 minutes after the heartbeat has stopped. And the first phase should be done within the first 15 minutes. The first step is to turn the dead body into an ice-filled bag. The bag is then transferred to the lab after the injection of chemicals to keep the blood clot free. The temperature in the lab will be set to high. The next step is the process of draining all the blood from the body. Then a special type of fluid is inserted to protect the internal organs from damage. It also fills a liquid that prevents the formation of ice crystals in cells and organs. After that, the body is cooled down to minus one hundred and thirty degrees. It is only after all these processes that the bodies are transferred to the liquid nitrogen-filled tanks.


People who oppose this say that no matter how much they process, internal organs such as the heart or liver cannot be stored in the freezer for a long time without damage. This method can cause much damage even to the brain. Yet there is only one hope for those who believe in it. If ever man can defeat death, they hope that they will be prioritized in that regard. That's why they are spending their whole money to be in the freezer after death.

Reference: - Website of National Center for Biotechnology Information (US)


Author: Umesh13 Dec 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 9

Very interesting article. Keeping the dead bodies at low temperature and then wait for an opportune time to bring them back to life. Scientists have futuristic ideas of technology and this particular project is one of the offshoots of that thinking. Anyway only the future will tell whether such a thing is possible or not.

Scientifically speaking the human body or to that extent, any animal body is a biochemical machine which has a particular life form and the process of the so-called life which is established by the heartbeats and working of the brain in complete collusion. When this stops due to any reason the death occurs and the body parts start deteriorating fast. Even storing them in the low temperature does not guarantee their revival. The more difficult question which arises is will it be feasible to bring back the life in the dead body after a gap of the time as there will be a significant change in the body especially the brain cells. What will be those miracle chemicals which will be required to inject in the dead body to bring it to life at that futuristic time? These are the questions which are haunting the minds of the scientist and researchers in this area.

We must also remember that science has so far not able to create life from the dead chemicals and other dead materials so the riddle of converting chemicals and materials to life is still to be unravelled. Till that happens, the bringing back of dead to life will also remain an impossibility.

Author: K Mohan21 Oct 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The idea shared by the author may not happen in reality but it could be made as a feature film. Many have been trying the method of keeping the dead body without cremation with the last hope that some mystery would happen. Nevertheless, there are records of some people getting back to life when the pyre was about to be lit but that is only in rarest of the rare cases.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao21 Oct 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A very well written article. Anything can happen. We hear stories where it was mentioned dead persons were given birth again. We read such stories in many Hindu mythological stories. If we read Shirdi Sai's life history, it was mentioned that Sai left his body inactive for 3 days and after 3 days the body came back to life. Many may not believe the same. But if scientifically something is done, people will start believing the same.
We never thought a person can land on the moon. But it happened. Like this man is doing many miracles. With his scientific knowledge and quest for new inventions, a human being is trying hard to extend human life and let us see whether something in that direction may happen.

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